Our Mission

Helping small business and e-commerce brands source great products from china.

About the Founder

NicheSources.com was founded by Stanley and Stone with the vision to Help small business source great products from china. Stanley hold a Master Degree of Business Administration and Economy & Trade English.

He has established a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and well respected voice  in Yiwu local manufacturer & trade community,he works to connect great people with the goal of Helping small business to source great products from china.

About NicheSources.com

What separates NicheSources from others sourcing agency is our local presence and influences in China . NicheSources.com was formed by a group of bilingual and high-trained team who well understand the needs of our customers,we know deeply about our customer and there needs .

Do not worry about the language barriers or cultural awkwardness ,We source products and handle your orders in China and coordinate your work with our rich resources around the market on your behalf.

Our major customers 

Our major customers are small & medium size importers,chain market distributors, and E-business sellers like Amazon,Ebay and Shopify sellers ,we take good care of customer’s supply chain management(products sourcing, order processing,quality inspection and shipping,etc),so our customer can focus on marketing and better profit.