Nowadays ,import from china is a smart choice for amazon sellers, because import from china will definitely have a better margin than buy from domestic market.When import from china,Shipping products can be quite confusing, the reason is the different method to ship  your products, and the variation in the services and cost among them.

Also, the variation in the cost and type of shipping method you do prefer will depend upon the amount and size of your goods. In case you do not have much experience in shipping and transportation, we intend to give you a complete guide, so when you import your product from China, you can choose the most suitable and convenient way.

Now, lets’ dive into the different shipping ways when you are importing  from China:

1.International express

International express can be the best option in case you want to send some expensive or valuable product like electronics, jewelry, or any items of weight less than 200 kg when you import from China. But at most of the time, they do charge for the express fee which may not always be affordable in case of small weight loads.

Few of the courier companies providing International shipping services are FedEx, DHL, UPS,TNT and certainly they are very well-suited for expensive and valuable products.

However, while making the shipping via International express, there is one very important thing to consider that is the parameter of charges. In case of International express, costs are calculated using both the dimension and weight of the load. And, the dimension will always matter more, for example, if you are shipping a product of weight 100 g, and it is larger in dimension than their standard dimension/weight ratio, then they will recalculate the weight using the dimension weight ratio. And, the dimension weight will estimate your final shipping cost.



But, for large cargo, International express is always preferred over both price and service for import from China.

2.Air Freight

Similar to International express, Air Freight can also be a fast and instant shipping freight service when import from China, the only difference is that it is considered only for a cargo of weight greater than 500 Kg, or else it would be reasonable to consider International express.

Again, it calculates the price according to dimension by weight, but It is quite cheap as compared to International express. The formula, Air freight uses to calculate the dimensional weight is l*h*b/6000, which was l*b*h/5000 in International express.

The shipping procedure is only from one airport to another airport, which implies that the receiver or supplier will have to make his own arrangement like cargo to get the product delivered from the airport and also manage all the custom export process. Sometime, managing custom exports and domestic forwarding of the cargo from the airport may cost a substantial amount.

3.LCL sea shipping

LCL (Less than container load) is a sea shipping arrangement from seaport to port, so again you will need to pick up the export from the port and manage the custom and export process.

Also, since it is port to port, there will be some additional cost like forwarding cost, including the cost to carry the export form port to your place or stock house.

It can be most reasonable shipping way, in case your cargo’s weight is more than 3 CBM (calculate by multiplying), but for weight less than that, China post can be the most economical and feasible way for all of your shipping needs. Because, the lesser the weight would be, the more expensive it will be, the reason being the export fees, and fixed fees like import fees.

There are few exclusive LCL companies who do accept cargo with weight as less as 0.1CBM, and ensures to handle all the customs import based fees and get the shipping exported at their warehouse; all you need to do is to collect the same from their warehouse. They can very economical and super convenient for small as well as large shipping.


4.Full container load

It is again a sea shipping based method, and accept much larger cargo like of something in between 50-100 CBM at once, and that’s why it is called ‘Full container load’.

It can be the most economical and cheapest way for shipping, but only with the given condition of larger shipping. The basic cargo size for full container load comes at 20GP (26 CBM), 40GP (54 CBM), and 40HQ (68 CBM).


5.Railway shipping from/to China – Full container

No wonder, sea, and air are not the only shipping ways, Railways were and will be, another way of shipping, like sea or air. A special railway line was inaugurated in the month of Nov 2014 in China, and the special thing about this railway like so-called Yixinou railway; connects China with many other countries in the Europe . Few of the countries connected through this railway line include Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Madrid, Poland and so forth.

If we take a gander of the prices, no doubt it may be costlier than that of sea freight, but it can be 5-10 times cheaper as compared to air freight, and also it does accept only full container loads for shipping.



So, these were the 5 ways to ship products when import from China, in case if you do need any further assistance, please do let us know in the comments section below, and we will be more than happy to assist you  (if we can).We are an sourcing agent located in Yiwu China ,we offer our customer one Step service from Product Sourcing ,Quality inspection ,private labeling and shipping to Amazon warehouses .