As we all known that private label is very important for amazon seller ,as an professional private label sourcing agent in china ,we wrote an article on how to add private label on your products when you are sourcing from china,

Being in the manufacturing and sourcing industry for more than 10 years we had been helped many businesses to private label their products, and throughout the way, we gained a lot of experience. So, with that experience, we had been able to prepare a run-down of the list of how to private label your products in this article.

But, before dragging directly to the solution, we might want to take a little grasp of ‘what is private label’?

What is Private Label ?

For any product, private label is the one which has been manufactured and developed by any their party contractor or manufacturer and sold under your brand’s name. You would be the one to print and showcase every detail of the product including ingredients, benefits, label etc. Or, we can say you do hold the complete right to pricing, manufacturing/production, branding or profitability.

So, we can clearly see how important it is to private label your products:

And so forth.

That is, you will be the sole proprietor of the product, you would be the one to decide the margin, and certainly, you would be the one print and design your label, your brand label on the product.

Having your own impeccable designed product will always ensure much more profit than working as a supplier for a national brand.

Now, since we do know ‘what is private label’, and why it is utterly important, right? So, let’s dive now into the possible solutions to private label your products and get all the benefits of it.

There could be two possible ways to add a private label to your products:

Adding private label or logo directly on your product implies that the solution is applied only to product manufactured using different materials.


1. Screen printing

Screen printing is the most basic and common solution to add your private label on the product. And, as we did see, the solution is to add private label directly on the product, so it can be utilized in cases of plastic toys, water-bottles, glasses, or any such items which are made of different material so that the logo can be easily printed upon the product.

Also, the solution is most feasible in cases of a bulk order, like when you are dealing with 500 or 100 units of the product. And, since we are based out of China, we do have a complete idea of the charges of screen printing in there. In case of a bulk order to the manufacturer, they will charge your 50-60$ for the logo printing and 0.02$ for logo printing/label.

Screen printing is easy, but there is just one drawback, that happens in the case of a multicolored product or any product with so many color design because this way, your logo won’t be much visible and there could be the case of thermal transfer.


 2.Thermal transfer

The 2nd way to add our private label is  thermal transfer solution,and this is also quite similar to Screen printing, but this is achieved at a very high temperature ranging from 140-180 degree Celsius.

The drawback we did see in the case of Screen printing is multiple color patterns or designs, right? But it is resolved here, and thermal transfer can be best suited for fancy products with multiple colors.

 3.Laser printing

The most appealing and utmost type of logo printing is Later printing private label. Also, known as laser engraving, it utilizes a laser to leave a mark on the product. For example, you would see many normal or even fancy products on the market labeled with laser printing.

The cost is also comparatively low, since there are no cases of plate making, and for the bulk order, it may cost you anywhere between 0.01-0.15$ per unit which varies based on the size of the logo or product label.


You do know what molding is, right? The manufacturing of product using a mold that shapes a liquid type material into the desired shape.This is 4th way of private label your products

So, molding is another great and impeccable solution for adding a private label to your product, but the only problem could be the cost. However, cost should not be a problem in case you are going for huge units because what happens is those factories do not charge much for printing logo, the major charge is for creating a mold of your logo.

However, ‘creating a mold’ cost can be considered when you are going for larger units printing.

 5.Embroidery (Machine)

Embroidery private label is simply the art of creating impeccable design through sewing machines in order to decorate fabrics or other cloth-based items.

So, it is quite simple that this solution to add a private label to your product can be applied only in the case of fabrics or clothes like bags, wearables and so forth.

But, if we will consider cost, it is little more in case of this technique as compared to screen printing or laser printing. Further they are of two type; One possible way is to print directly on the fabric, but it may be inconvenience in case you do not want to meddle your product design with logo design, and another way is to create a separate patch in any shape of square, or rectangle and design your logo in the patch itself.

6.Woven label

Quite similar to embroidery, woven private label is again utilized in case of fabrics and clothes like jeans, shorts, shirts, Trousers, Track-pants and so forth. Or, it can also be used in shoes, caps or bags.

For example, if you would buy any show or jeans of a brand like Levis or Nike, you can see they do add a small woven label near pockets (in case of jeans) or (near shoelaces (in case of shoes).

They are much small, simple and clean to utilize.

Now, since here we did see a solution to add product label directly to your products, right? But, that won’t be always possible, for example, in case of stationary items, or even in clothes, or beer bottles, they do need an extra layer of packaging for mentioning and adding the product label.

So, now we will see the second type of solutions to add product label to your products:

 7.Sticker label

Sticker label is one of the most commonly utilizes way of private labeling, you can see in most of the grocery products like sauces, ketchup, Horlicks, or even is beer bottles. The simple concept is to utilize a separate piece of sticker designed with the product label and all the details of the product, which stick to the product.

8.    Hang Tag

Hang tag is another pretty but simple form of product labeling. The better way to understand the concept behind it is to take the example of clothes that comes labeled with many hang tag. Certainly, the brand cannot print every detail of the product on the cloth, right? Neither can they utilize sticker, so they simply used a hang tag that comes knotted with a small thread or something for extra details of the product or the brand,

Hang tag can also be of many types depending upon the materials used to make them. They can be either of plastic or cardboard or metal material depending upon the product.

9.    Printed poly bag

Printed poly bag private label was basically a form of packaging to pack few certain type of product like chips, chocolates, and other eatables. But they were modified then to become a sophisticated way to labeling too.

In fact, the printed poly bag is cheaper as compared to other labeling solutions and can act as a solution to private label your product as well as packaging.

10.    Customized labeled box

The last way to private label your product is Customized labeled box,After printed poly bag which comes in the form of packaging customized with labeled designs and logo customized labeled box is another solution to private label your products.

The concept utilized here is to design your custom label on to a cardboard which will be further shaped in the form of a box, this way you will get a packaging solution that will come designed with your private label or logo.

So, these were the totally 10 solutions to add a private label to your products, in case you are seeking for any such services, please do let us know via our web link at,and we will be more than happy to deliver some value through our sourcing services.