In the last decade, China has risen up as one of the most popular markets for sourcing products from. Chinese goods are known all over the world, and now most Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woocomerce, Magento sellers import products from China and supply and sell them on these platforms, thus earning a good profit. When you think of starting a business by using source product from China it is very important to have a solid chalked out plan to achieve success, else it is pretty hard to establish yourself in this daily growing market.

Selling Chinese goods is not easy. You need to have a certain plan to start your journey, and here are few steps that you must follow to see the face of profit.

Step 1: Researching the Market and find your Niche – The first and foremost thing that one needs to do is, research the market and understand it well. Getting to know the market and what sells is important. Go to any portal like Amazon or eBay and search for the top 1000 products. We all have something in our mind while searching ain’t we? So if your product is not on the 1000 list then for sure it is something that is not going to sell, so better change the product and shift to something that is on the list. Once you have made your mind select some 3-4 items that you want to deal with and start creating marketing ideas. See hot to find the best dropshipping sites here .

Step 2: Finding a Chinese Manufacturer – The best and the surest way is always to travel to China and meet with the manufacturers, but when looked at it practically it is always not possible to do so. So finding and contacting manufacturers online is the best solution. So when you have settled with your items find well established Chinese source agents and contact them.

Step 3: Correct Negotiation – Negotiation plays a great role in making your mark. It is true as well as understandable that no one wants to order products in bulk at the very first trial and just wants to try out the products to test them. Therefore though you are calling for samples, it is always advisable not to mention the word “sample” because it makes the manufacturers lose interest in you. Instead, it is better to call the testing samples as initial orders to check the products.

Step 4: Ordering Samples – Here begins the game of patience. Once you have got the quotes from the manufacturers, choose the company with the most decent price range and send them your initial orders and pay through some trusted source like PayPal or something and then wait for the goods to arrive. Once the goods arrive check at least 10pieces of each product to be assured that the products are not defected and are as you want. You can always talk your problems out with the manufacturers or shift to a different manufacturer altogether.

Step 5: Going Online and list your products – When you have stricken a good deal with the manufacturer and are ready for the business to start, go online, i.e. start posting ads. Upload the details of your product in portals where you want to sell like Amazon, eBay etc. and wait for people to get attracted and buy it.

Step 6: Analyzing the Sales – You do not need to be a business tycoon to understand this sale. Once you have invested and posted about your products just wait and keep a tab on whether it is selling fast, slow or not at all. Just keeping a track of it will help you in gauging whether to continue or not.

Step 7: Reordering or Cancelling – Once you are done with your sales analysis you are ready either to re-order it and get into the business full fledgedly or to pivot it and put a full stop to your products.

Once you know and follow these steps thoroughly you are ready to start your own business. Among the above mention steps, the first three are the most important, and today we would be talking about the second step, i.e. Finding a Chinese Manufacturer, how important it is, how careful you should be, what are the things that one needs to keep in mind, and why should one always opt for Chinese source agents than direct manufacturers.

To begin with when you are thinking of importing products from China, you can get really confused, overwhelmed and at times can even get cheated while purchasing the products, for China is a huge country with so many manufacturers developing the same products at different price range that it can become a really tough job to do all directly and singlehandedly. That is one of the major reasons that entrepreneurs deciding on selling Chinese goods are advised to buy source products from China through Chinese source agents like etc.

Why use a sourcing agent?

Using a source agent is not only hassle free but at the same time makes your work a lot easier, but then it costs a bit more than what it costs in dealing with the manufacturers directly. But then there is a list of pros and cons of both the ways and after reading them you yourself can decide which way you want to choose

Problems that sellers face while buying products directly from manufacturers ?

Buying products from China might sound easy, but in reality, it is really painful. There are so many factors involved, that you get tired of them and even might feel like giving up. The major pains are the

These are the top 3 problems that a seller has to face when he deals with the manufacturer directly, and these are not the only ones, there are many more such problems that surface between the order being placed and the arrival of the products.

The problems that a seller has to face while directly buying from the markets or manufacturers of China-

These are all the problems, pains that the small sellers of Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento have to face on a daily basis. So what is the solution to these problems? A very easy solution is to partner up with and become a successful and stressless importer.

Why choose NicheSources as your sourcing agent? is one of the leading sourcing agents in China, which helps the small e-commerce brands in buying products from China and in getting them easily delivered to their doorsteps. The main aim of is to help the small sellers to establish their business in a better way and to make their purchasing and delivering easy. is known for their sourcing, purchasing, drop shipping ,quality inspection and then without causing any inconvenience to the clients shipping and delivering it to them as quickly as possible.

What makes NicheSources better than Alibaba?

Alibaba is one of the most renowned sourcing agents, but when it comes to China, it is not so trustworthy. There are several reports of fraud and fake transactions related to Alibaba and source products from China. It is strictly a No to order something from a normal seller in Alibaba as the chances of being the seller fake is a lot more than the seller is genuine. Even there are reports of “gold suppliers” being fraud when Chinese market is considered. But in case of NicheSources, you do not need to worry about such problems, as the NicheSources team checks the authenticity and inspects the suppliers properly, as their main aim is to make the clients happy and satisfy with the products they are buying.

Also, surfing through Alibaba for finding the right manufacturer consumes a lot of your time and energy, which should be saved and utilized in marketing, because it is the most important job of the seller to keep a tab on the market and know what’s trending and what is going to sell. The NicheSources team through their excellent processing will save your time and would themselves inspect and check the products before shipping them. Only when the products match the client’s criteria and are perfect, then only they will be shipped to the clients. Also, the NicheSources team will take care of the timely delivery. There won’t be any delays, thus saving you from the headache of going out of stock. The products will be delivered bang on time and based on the time you have till the delivery, the products will be shipped from China through the regular post, the courier, the air freight or the sea freight.

In short, since NicheSources is a local team, they understand both the customer and the manufacturer. They can differentiate between the real and fake and provide you with the best products. Not only that they also have no extra or hidden charges, they simply put forward the supplier’s pricing and allows the client to decide whether to take the deal or not. When it comes to, everything is transparent, what you see is what you get.