Product sourcing

We offer One step service for importers from product sourcing to shipping,we are aiming to make it easier when you are importing products from china ,find our amazing products sourcing services .


Free Quotation

You’ll be assigned a professional customer representative after Your Request for Free quotation is submitted ,You are expected to receiving  the free quote within 48 Hours.


Arrange Production

We offer complete packaging solutions to customize your product once order  is placed. We work on your behalf to coordinate between you and the supplier to make sure that your products are produced in the right way .


Quality Inspection​

We inspect all of your products before shipping. If there are any quality issues, we negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, We will work with factory to  fix problems before the products leave China.


Arrange Shippment

After product inspection, we will  arrange shipping from China to your destination.We will contact forwarder or express company,we ship your goods by air or by sea depending your requirements.

How it works

Step 1

Submit your Request For Quotation, and we will Start working on your request.It is totally FREE.

Step 2

You are expected to receive quotation from us within 48 Hours.

Step 3

If you are happy with the price ,we will contact supplier send you the sample to check the quality.If you are not happy with the price ,we will continue source .

Step 4

Confirm the order if you are happy with both price and quality.

Step 5

When order is placed ,We will arrange order Check quality,and arrange shipment.

Step 6

Pay us the Service fee,and sell your products and make more money .