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We can help you source and customize bulk pocket knives at wholesale pricing. Niche is an all-around service provider for your business – everything you need to launch a brand. Get a free quote and see why our clients love working with us. 

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On-demand and customized pocket knives for your business

Niche offers services tailored to all businesses – wholesalers, retailers, dropshippers, and DTC brands. 

A full range of services

We’re an all-around service provider and offer everything you need to build, launch, and scale a brand – sourcing, branding, customizing, inventory storage, order fulfillment, and worldwide shipping. All in one place. 

No upfront expenses

Working with us comes with zero upfront costs and zero obligations. Just ask for a free quote, show us the product you need, and relax. We’ll source for free and send you a quote. See if you like it with no obligations to place an order. 

Sell your branded products

Building a brand comes easy with us. You can customize the product according to your liking – white label or private label it. Branded packaging? Absolutely no problem! We have everything a brand might need. 

Inventory storage

Our goal is to make you and your customers happy. That’s why we’ll bring your stock closer to your customers so that they enjoy shorter delivery times. With Niche, you can store your bulk order in China or our US warehouses. 

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The simplest way to buy wholesale pocket knives from China

Our clients always come first. We’re flexible and adjust to your every need. All to help you grow and scale. 

Dedicated customer service

When you start working with us, you get a personal support agent dedicated to answering every question you have. We want you to enjoy one-on-one support (Skype, WhatsApp, or email), and a contact person you can easily reach. 

In-depth quality control

Every single item that arrives is carefully examined by our quality control crew. With Niche, you’ll never get inferior products. We know how important it is for a brand to retain the same product quality consistently. 

Affordable shipping methods

We offer a wide range of shipping solutions, from budget-friendly sea freight to express delivery. It’s all up to your needs and budget. With Niche, you have many options to keep your customers happy and loyal. 

They found the same products for a cheaper price at the same time have a good relationship with them in which they were very transparent with us… They have transformed the way we do business.

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Can you make money selling pocket knives online?

Absolutely! Pocket knives are attractive to many different audiences, from outdoor and camping lovers and survivalist enthusiasts to people that simply want them for protection and safety. 

Many pocket knives have seat belt cutters and glass cutters that can help in case of a vehicle accident. All in all, you can make a real brand out of pocket knives, so we’re definitely up for it! 

What to look for when you buy wholesale pocket knives?

When you’re buying wholesale pocket knives, there are several things to consider:

Blade steel

Typically, pocket knives have stainless steel blades or carbon steel. Some could be made of tool steel or another alloy. Stainless steel knives are typically the best choice because they’re corrosion-resistant and not as brittle as carbon steel ones. 

Handle material

You can choose between metals like aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel. Alternatively, you can choose man-made materials or organic handles made of wood or bone. 

Blade edge

Here, you can choose between a serrated or a plain edge. A serrated blade works better for slicing, while a plain edge knife is better for “pushing” cuts. 

Size and weight

Obviously, some pocket knives are larger and heavier while others are lighter and more compact. The size is up to your liking, while the weight depends on the handle and blade material that was used to manufacture it. 

Lock type

Here, you can choose between a liner lock knife, frame lock, compression locks, button locks, collar locks, lock-back mechanisms, etc. 

Where to buy pocket knives in bulk for resale?

China is the best place to find pocket knives in bulk. To find suppliers, you have three options:

  • Google “wholesale pocket knives” or “bulk pocket knife manufacturers”
  • Search B2B wholesale websites like Alibaba 
  • Get in touch with us and we’ll send you your quote for free

Is it worth buying bulk pocket knives from China?

In our experience, yes. China has some of the best knife manufacturers you can find. On top of that, here you can find some of the best wholesale prices for your products. 

Sourcing wholesale pocket knives from China also has its drawbacks, such as finding the right supplier on a huge market with a language barrier. But, with Niche, you don’t have to worry about all that. We’re local and we speak the language. 

Can Niche help me source wholesale pocket knives for sale?

Yes, we can! We’ve been sourcing pocket knives in bulk for hundreds of clients, and we can also do it for you. With our help, you can customize your pocket knives according to your branding and get everything you need to start and grow. 

Find the right supplier for your next best seller

With years of experience in sourcing for our customers, we have built a strong network of credible knife manufacturers in Yangjiang and Longquan, the major knife manufacturing hubs in China. No matter what types of knives you are looking for, we can find or customize them for you.

Mini keychain pocket knife
Mini keychain pocket knife
Automatic pocket knives
Automatic pocket knives
Assisted opening tactical pocket knife
Assisted opening tactical pocket knife


Buy in bulk or customize in 3 steps

Step 1

Send us a product link or your product designs to buy or custom your own.

Step 2

Get a sample to hold and feel for assessment and improvement.

Step 3

Place your first order when you feel confident to start your project.

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Our product sourcing service is completely free. Tell us what product you need, and we’ll give you a quote. 

If you like the quote, you can place your first order. If not, you’ll have no costs and no obligations. 

We’ve already discussed how you can get free quotes from us.

If you agree with our price, we’ll start working on your order. In this case, we typically charge 5% to 10% of the total value, depending on the complexity of your order and its size.

If your order doesn’t exceed $1000, you typically make full payment when you place the order. 

If your order is over $1000 in value or needs customization, we ask for just 30% at the time of placing the order, and the rest once the entire order is ready. 

If the wholesale distributor has the knives in bulk on stock, we will ship the order within 3 to 7 days. 

However, if you order wholesale pocket knives that need customization, the turnaround time will depend on various factors – the complexity of your order, size, the production capacity of the manufacturer, and similar. 

But, nothing to worry about! Our customer service agent will inform you about the order turnaround time in advance – before you even place the order. 

Yes! We’re a full-service sourcing and dropshipping agent operating in China. We can help you source, brand, and customize a product. Then, we help you store it, fulfill the order, and ship it to your end customer. 

If the majority of your customers are in the USA, we recommend bringing your stock closer to them by storing it in our US warehouses. This will greatly shorten the delivery times and increase your customer satisfaction. 

On the other hand, if you have customers worldwide, you can store your bulk order in one of our warehouses in China. 

We’re a one-stop-shop for eCommerce business owners and retailers:

  • Product development
  • Product sourcing
  • Product branding
  • Dropshipping services
  • Inventory storage
  • Private labeling
  • White labeling
  • Order fulfillment
  • Worldwide shipping

We began working as a dropshipping and sourcing agent in China years ago. In time, we discovered all the fine details of the China marketplace and all the first-rate ways to assist our clients to source and dropship. 

Since then, we’re constantly upgrading and refining our offerings. All to offer a more streamlined experience for our clients. Our effort resulted in a long list of supplier and manufacturer partnerships, and countless satisfied customers! 

Here are some facts about us:

  • We offer all-around services
  • Dropship-, DTC-, and wholesale-friendly
  • China-based
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Thorough quality control processes
  • Warehouses in China and the USA
  • Branding and customization possibilities
  • Thousands of satisfied customer reviews

Start by clicking on the Free Quote button below. Then, give us your product link and tell us what’s the best way to reach you (Skype, WhatsApp, email). Submit your request and wait to hear back. 

We’ll send you the quote offer soon for you to look over. If you like it, place your first order. If you don’t, there are no obligations or costs. 

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