Have you ever been buying from Alibaba ?

Do you feel hard to find the right suppliers with good price & quality, when facing 1,000+ suppliers for same product on Alibaba ?

Have you ever received good sample,however get a different bulk production ?

Have you ever missed the best selling season just because supplier fail to delivery your good on time ?

… …

Leave all these headaches to NicheSources.

We offers our customer free sourcing service for small business and medium importers with $1,000 MOQ .

Customers only pay as low as 5% service fee, and you will get extra one Step free service from Sourcing , purchasing , Quality Inspection, Warehousing , Shipping and worldwide fulfillment,etc.

As a local Chinese team, we have rich resources and we know suppliers better, thus we always offer our clients much better price than most Alibaba suppliers,with our quality and efficient service, our clients will save time and money..

We focus on products sourcing and supply chain management ,so you will be free to focus on better marketing and better profit .