This is an era of a highly competitive economic situation. Each and every company is trying to have an edge over its competitors. Under such a circumstance one needs to strategize their business procurement policy. To source goods from China or to choose direct China import will be a significant strategy that they can initiate. Chinese goods have gained good recognition the world over because the import cost from China is low and within just a few decades, China has turned into an immensely popular market for sourcing products from. Leading online sellers are finding good merit in trading such goods and has opened better scope for sellers in exploring more options.

Below are 9 reasons why US Amazon Seller needs to source product from China:

  1. Better profits

First and foremost, why US Amazon Seller needs to source product from China is because most of  China product is available at a cheaper cost. If you source your product from a distributor or wholesaler in the USA ,you are like to pay at least 2 or 3 time higher prices than sourcing from China ,The labor cost in China is extremely low that offers astounding cost benefits for manufacturing. The cost savings that is achieved via molds and tooling, packaging, unit costs and other engineering functions and design can be substantial which can make or sharp your products and business’s competitiveness. These cost savings should be taken into consideration with shipping, time to market, quality and the cost of ownership in its entirety.


  1. Specialization and highly concentrated in Production and Greater Choice of Producers

China is known as a manufacturing hub and is also called “the world factory” for its vast talent base, business ecosystem, huge labor pool and low production costs.Numerous industrial clusters are a distinctive feature of the Chinese economy, such as Humen Women’s Wear, Nantong Home Textiles, Wenzhou Shoes, Baoding Bags, Wuxi Tea Sets, Yiwu Small Commodities ,and Shenzhen Digital. As a result of focusing on production-oriented upstream and downstream companies in production facilities, raw materials, surface materials, design, and freight transportation within a specific area, a close economic and technological cooperation circle has been established to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency. Manufacture a private label product or a private label logo here has witnessed an exponential growth in the last three decades. From a  small-scale player, China by 2010 had already turned into the largest manufacturer. The top products that they export include mobile phones, vehicles, jewelry ,pets products ,home and decoration,toys,all kind of bags ,plastic goods, shoes, clothing and furniture.

China has a long list of producers, thereby leaving you spoilt for choice. You have the flexibility to choose a producer whom you think is best and as per your preference. Importing a private label product or a private label logo will be the shortcut to success.

  1. A More Streamlined Process of Exporting

When it comes to exporting goods, China follows a very streamlined process. When manufacturing or sourcing from India, the problems that arise are labor issues and logistics that hamper the delivery of goods on time. This is due to poor infrastructure as well as power. But when goods are sourced from China there is a plus point. China has invested heavily both in power and the state of the art infrastructure and has the most advanced ports and factories.

  1. Quality of Products

When it comes to the quality of any China product people always have doubts. But this should not be the case. China ,as the factory of the world have been gathered rich experiences on manufacturing,and more and more china manufacture have quality and brand awareness,The manufacturers use quality control measures to assure that the product reaches the customer on time and also in perfect order. Inspection of goods, fast response time and competitive prices are a part of their quality control. There is no dearth in the availability of skilled and perfectly capable factories in China, which can meet the top quality product specifications.


  1. Less Time in Production

Another good reason to source goods from China is that it needs less time in production. And why not, the productivity of their workforce is commendable, they have excellent logistics and infrastructure and they are also technologically advanced.


6.Possibility of Enhancing the Amount to Be Exported

The way in which China exports its products is just out of the box. They devote a good amount of attention and time to acquire good results. So there is a high possibility that you will increase the amount of goods to be exported from China. More so because the import cost from China is low.

7.Assurance of Quality

China follows strict standards and regulations when it comes to quality and this includes the quality of every equipment, structures, materials and components. The quality control and quality assurance services that they adopt will help you in ensuring compliance with every contractual specification, quality standards and mandatory regulation. With the expertise and state of the art resources and an exclusive global network, they can offer QC/QA in every part of the world which means they can assure quality all through your complete supply chain.

8.Less Time in Delivery

China is a highly advanced country that has superb infrastructure and logistics. As everything is so systematized in this country, this automatically reduces the delivery time of any private label product, private label logo or any other China product

9.Compete with the local Chinese amazon sellers

No matter you realize it or not ,there are an increasing number of China Amazon sellers on most of the popular marketplaces ,you need to compete with them,a better source is very important for the winning ,especially when you are working with a professional sourcing agent.

These are the 9 good reasons why US Amazon Seller needs to source product from China as soon as possible. China will help them lead their business towards success chiefly because the import cost from China is low. This country has proved its credential of being the biggest existing manufacturer. China in the last two years has been acknowledged as being a highly powerful manufacturing country. Its economy is faster compared to almost all other major economies and to invest in sourcing products from this country will prove worthwhile for US Amazon Seller. When they source products from here, a well managed and organized sourcing process will help them to reduce the potential risk at the time of sourcing, including undue profits, untimely deliveries and the risks of fraud and help them make the most of the direct China import. China over the years has set up innumerable factories to manufacture all kinds of products. In fact, this one-stop sourcing will be a great benefit for buyers who are making efforts to make the most effective use of time and find all that they require on a single platform.