All-in-one and a la carte order fulfillment services

Flexible and scalable order fulfillment solutions that are designed for your growth.

What is order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment refers to all steps between the receipt of a new order and its delivery to the customer. It involves receiving the inventory, picking and packing the product, and shipping it to the customer.


The Niche order fulfillment process

Your orders are in safe hands.

Set up your account

Connect your store, create a new SKU, and select a warehouse. Your dedicated agent will set you up for success along the way.

Store your inventory

We count and inspect your products, and store them in your picked fulfillment center.

Pick & pack

Once we receive an order from your store, we pick all the items in the order and pack them safely.


The shipping carrier you designated picks up your order. Order is on the way to your customer and you receive tracking updates.

Order fulfillment services that can meet and exceed your expectations

USA fulfillment centers

Scale your business with confidence. Get closer to your customers. Minimize processing time. No more fear of delays.

Robust integrations and automation

Integrate seamlessly with your Shopify and WooCommerce store. Manage and edit your orders, keep track of your inventory levels, monitor your order status and tracking, all in one place.

Quality control

We prioritize quality to protect your reputation. Quality checks are conducted twice, one on inbound inventory and the other on orders before shipment. 

Smart and custom packaging

Well-trained workers select the best way to pack your products for safe transit. You also get the chance to enhance the unboxing experience with custom packaging.


Product bundling is supported for your marketing needs. Your agent can create a separate SKU for the bundled products in your store. So you can fulfill your orders easily and accurately.

One-on-one support

Get access to best-in-class support from a team of problem solvers. You get personal attention from the same person who is familiar with your business and understands your unique needs.


Time savings in order fulfillment


Of orders shipped on time


Fulfillment centers in China and the USA


Fulfillment accuracy rate

Frequently asked questions

How do you charge for your fulfillment service?

For products sourced through us, there is no extra cost to use our fulfillment service. For products bought from other suppliers, we’ll charge an additional service fee, warehousing fee, and a shipping fee for the transit from our China warehouse to the USA warehouse if applicable. Get a custom quote here.

How long can you store my products for free?

Inventory storage is free for the first 90 days. After that, your products will be charged a warehousing fee per CBM.

Are there any conditions I need to meet to use your USA warehouse?

To ship to our USA warehouses for the fulfillment, you need at least 100 pieces for a single SKU with at least 10 pieces for each variant.

Will you put invoices or receipts in the package?

No, we won’t put anything into the package unless you ask us to.

Now you have a better way of product sourcing

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