Convey your brand personality to the world with product branding

Found it challenging to get yourself noticed in today’s market where everyone is selling similar products? We are here to help you differentiate your product from the crowd.

What is product branding?

Product branding is the process of assigning an identity to your product to make it recognizable and set you apart from the competition. Packaging and the product itself are essential elements to flesh out your brand image. 


of customers form a brand impression solely by its packaging


of customers admit they’re willing to pay more if they like the packaging


of shoppers will recommend a product if it has a gift-like or branded packaging


of shoppers have bought a product again due to the aesthetics of its packaging


How to brand your product with Niche

Want to do white label — repackage a generic product that you want to sell? Or go beyond that, to private label a product — get your logo seen on the product, make slight changes to the product’s specifications, including shape, color, material, and more? Either way, our process can work for you.

1. Design

Our process starts by listening to you. Provide us with your design file and let us know your needs: the style, quantity, sizes, and any more context you’d like to share with us. With a deep understanding of what you need, we’ll give you a quote that caters to your project.

2. Sampling

We’ll create a digital mockup for custom packagings like shipping boxes or bags, thank you cards, and stickers for your confirmation before production. For more complex projects, such as altering the looks of your product or making product boxes of special shapes, we’ll produce a sample of your branded product, ensuring your ideas are not misrepresented. Once done, we’ll send you photos, videos, or the physical sample by express for approval.

3. Printing and production

We’ll follow up on the manufacturing process to ensure the final product is consistent with the sample. We’ll keep you updated with the progress, bringing you confidence and control over the production.

4. Quality inspection

A stunning look can impress customers but can’t win their hearts over without the matching quality. We conduct quality checks on your branded packaging and products, ensuring the quality is up to your standard.

5. Packing and logistics

We’ll facilitate all your packing and logistics needs. Following your instructions, we’ll put your inserts along with your products, pack products with your custom packaging, handle the shipping and delivery. With our global logistics network, your products will safely reach any place in the world.


Customization to all degrees in all styles

Canvas tote bag

Drawstring pouch

Drawstring bag

Shopping bag

Shopping bag

Custom hangtag


Mailer box

Product box

Custom sticker

Frequently asked questions

Why does product branding matter for business success?

Product branding matters because it does more than create a memorable impression on customers; it also allows your customers to associate your brand with a certain experience. If they like the experience, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Do you help with graphic design, or do I need to provide the design file myself?

It’s recommended that you provide us with your design file, and we send it to the factory for review. They can help fix any technical concerns, such as bleeds. Please note that they don’t check for typos or grammar errors.

What’s the turnaround time for making my custom packaging/custom branded products?

Typically it takes 7 to 15 business days to get a custom order ready for shipment. Each project is unique, so the lead time is variable. To give a more accurate time frame, we need to know your detailed requirements, including size, quantity, design, and material. Send us an email or request a quote.

What’s the MOQ for your product branding services?

Depending on the type of customization, the MOQ can vary from a tiny minimum to 2000 or more. Contact us and get a quote that is customized to your needs.

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