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What is product sourcing?

Product sourcing refers to the entire process of finding products to sell. It involves researching, vetting suppliers, and negotiating with them. The goal is to get the best deals and the quality that meets your standards. Working with a product sourcing agent is one way to make this process more effective.


We source. You grow.

1. Analysis

We start by understanding your needs. Once receiving your request for quote, we start learning about your business, your goals, your desired products, and your expectation of quality and price. We learn about the past issues you were faced with and how we can make improvements for you.

2. Research

Finding a good supplier in your niche is not easy. Our sourcing team searches the internet and our database to shortlist qualified suppliers. Then we select the best option by comparing their prices, MOQs, turnaround times, quality, and experience. It usually takes 2 business days for us to identify the right supplier for you. It will be quicker if we already have a suitable factory within our network.

3. Purchasing

Once you approve of the quote, we place orders with the suppliers on your behalf. We also help with product branding and product development if you want to make changes to a generic product on the market or make a new product from scratch. 

4. Quality inspection

We care about your brand reputation as much as you do. When we receive your products from the factory, we inspect every item to ensure no defective or inferior product slips in.

5. Shipping

We partner with reputable freight forwarders and shipping carriers to offer you flexible shipping solutions. You get access to air, sea, and rail freight as well as express services. For any specific shipping needs, be it cost, delivery time, destination, special products like knives, we have options for you.


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Frequently asked questions

Are there any upfront costs to use your sourcing service?

We do product sourcing for you free of charge. You pay nothing if you are not satisfied with the quote we offer.

Can you customize my packaging and brand my product?

Sure thing! We offer a wide range of white label and private label solutions to help you make a statement with a unique unboxing experience. Check out our product branding service for more details.

Can you help me develop a new product?

Yes. We’ll match you with the right factory to manufacture your product. We’ll work closely with the manufacturer and oversee the entire production process to make sure you get exactly what you want. Check out our product development service for more details.

I want to work with you! How do I start?

You can start by requesting a free quote. Our agent will get in touch shortly via your preferred method of contact. Your dedicated agent will be there to give support on all your sourcing needs, the entire way through.

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