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Your business is unique. So we tailor our services to suit your needs.


All-in-one dropshipping solution — from sourcing to last-mile delivery. Free yourself from the daily tasks of order fulfillment using the power of automation.

DTC brands & retailers

Be the solution for your customers and let them remember you by who you are. We find the right suppliers to develop and brand your products. Together we bring your ambitions to life.

Importers & wholesalers

Buy in bulk at factory prices with no risk of getting scammed. Count on us to verify suppliers, work closely with factories, conduct quality checks and arrange shipments.


You have a product in mind. Now what?

sales grow

Submit sourcing request

Tell us what you want. The more we know about your business and expectations, the more likely we’ll get the right result for you.

Receive quote

Receive a quote in 2 business days. For free. We might require more time to find the right suppliers that match your special needs.

Confirm your order

Pay only if you are pleased with what we offer. You are always in the know about your order status while we’re buying or making your products.

Orders arrive

We ship your products wherever you want them, to your customer’s door, your FBA, or 3PL warehouses.

Achieve your business goal with us

Looking to delight your customers with quality products, fast delivery, and unique brand identity? We’ve got your back.

Get the right prices

We get you competitive prices without compromising quality. Fewer complaints and more happy customers. Sit back and watch the sales keep rolling in. 

sales grow
stand out from the crowd

Let customers see you

How to stand out when competition heats up? Custom packaging should be a standard. Make unboxing a wow experience. Impress your customers by showing them that you went the extra mile.

Turn your ideas into reality

Make or improve a product to serve your customers better so they’ll flock to you in droves. We know the ins and outs of manufacturing a product in China. Let’s make that happen.

turn your ideas into reality
free you from the tiring tasks of fulfillment

Achieve more by doing less

Leave your fulfillment to our professionals. We integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store. You get down to growing sales and we handle the complexities of the supply chain.

Ship internationally with confidence

International shipping doesn’t have to be complicated and risky. We stand behind every order you make with us so you have a worry-free shipping experience. And so do your customers.

Ship worldwide

Why NicheSources as your China sourcing agent?

risk-free kickstart

Getting started is risk-free

Not sure if we are right for you? Just tell us what you want and get a free quote in 2 business days. No pitfalls. No hidden costs. Just the good service you deserve.

Whatever niche you are in, we can source

Finding a good supplier in your niche is not easy. That’s where we come in. We’ll match you up with the right suppliers, making sure you get exactly what you asked for, in time and within budget.

china sourcing agent
customer support

Customer-centric support along the way

Get friendly expertise when you need it. Your dedicated support agent is your best workmate in China. Our service-minded team will walk you through every step of your business.

We grow your business to grow ours

Putting your success first shapes our company DNA. For the past few years, we’ve helped many startups launch with $500 and grow into a solid brand. In turn, we’ve seen our own growth.

Growth rocket high

I’d say what seperates NicheSources from other companies is just the level of integrity. They understand that by helping you succeed as a business owner, in turn, it will help them succeed as well.

Matt D.
Amazon seller


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Frequently asked questions

What is a sourcing agent?

A sourcing agent can be an individual or a company that works on your behalf to source and buy products that you need from other countries. They are physically present in the same country where the suppliers are located.

If you want to buy from China, hiring a China sourcing agent and leveraging their network and expertise to screen suppliers, follow up production, inspect quality and arrange shipment can save you a lot of time and potential risk.

Do I need a sourcing agent?

Suppose you have no experience importing from China or multiple products to source from different suppliers. In that case, a good sourcing agent will make the process far easier and more efficient. 

A sourcing agent will help you find reliable suppliers, get the best prices, bridge the cultural and language gaps, improve efficiency, and reduce risk at every stage.

What services do you provide?

We assist in every step involved in buying from China for any business that needs professional help with sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping. 

We specialize in product sourcing, custom packaging and private labeling, product development and manufacturing, fulfillment, and logistics

We work with fast-growing and established B2C, D2C and B2B brands like yours to help them grow and scale by optimizing their supply chains.

How can you help with my business?

By working with us, you’ll get what you need to grow your business and stay competitive — time, money, and brand identity.

We’ll help you — 

  • Save time and headaches. We find the right suppliers and take care of all follow-up steps to ensure your desired products get to you in time.
  • Save more and earn more. We negotiate the best price and leave you with all the savings. We monitor the quality during production and conduct quality checks before shipment. So you can delight your customers with high quality products and increase the likelihood that they will buy from you again.
  • Improve brand identity. We provide product branding and development solutions, helping you private label or create a product that will differentiate you from your competitiors.

What products can you help source from China?

We specialize in sourcing low-cost consumer goods. Such product categories include but are not limited to clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, small electronics, and kitchenware. We don’t source food, beverages, and counterfeit goods.

How much do you charge?

Our product sourcing service is 100% free. You don’t need to pay until you are satisfied and decide to place an order with us. We charge 5-10% of the total order value as a service fee. This helps us to be accountable for each order we ship for you. 

How do you find suppliers?

We source reliable and suitable suppliers via B2B platforms such as Alibaba and 1688, and by tapping into our local network. Our goal is to achieve the best results for your business.

What if I already have a supplier?

You can have your current suppliers ship your products to our warehouses. We’ll handle the inventory management and order fulfillment for you. In this case, we only charge the fulfillment fee.

Now you have a better way of product sourcing

Ready to have the world’s factory at your fingertips? Try us and level up your business now.