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Let us source the perfect wholesale bralette styles to match your brand! With Niche’s help, you can buy bralettes in bulk and build your new business from the ground up hassle-free, leaving you time to focus on sales. And, the best part? You can start for free!

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High-quality products

Whether you need cheap wholesale bralettes or high-end bra sets, we assure you that you’ll always get what you paid for. Consistent quality, timely deliveries, and top-notch bralette suppliers – all you need to launch and scale your lingerie brand!

All-in-one service

Tired of losing nerves, time, and money jugging ten different service providers? Stop that! Niche is the more brilliant solution. With us, you get it all in one place – from sourcing and branding to storage, packing, and shipping. Focus on sales and leave the rest to us!

Outstanding customer support

We assign a personal support agent to all our clients, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one support model, allowing you to rely on someone at all times and have them answer all your questions or concerns. 

Trending Wholesale Bralettes to Sell

No matter if you need cheap wholesale bralettes or more high-end products, we have it all. Check out some of our bestselling wholesale bralette styles and pick your winner! Don’t worry if you cannot find what you’re looking for here. Just let us know, and we’ll find it and send you a free quote. 


Buy in bulk or customize in 3 steps

Step 1

Tell us what you need and we’ll buy or custom the products you want.

Step 2

Get a sample to hold and feel for assessment or improvement.

Step 3

Place your first order when you feel confident to start your project.

They give very fast solutions, high-quality products, the best customer service that you can get!!! Products are being delivered to the USA very fast. Warehouses in different countries. If you want to take your business to the next level, this is the company you want to work with!


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Yes, that’s right! Our product sourcing service is 100% free of charge, with zero hidden costs or strings attached. We want you to see the product you’re buying before asking you to pay blindly! Transparency is one of our highest values. 

If you decide to place an order, our service fee is from 5% to 10% of your total order value. This fee allows us to cover everything from sourcing your desired bralettes to shipping your bulk order to a location agreed upon in advance. 

Here’s our payment dynamic:

  • For smaller orders under $1000: the service fee is covered at the time of placing your order;
  • For larger orders over $1000 and custom orders: you cover just 30% upfront, and the rest only after your order is finalized;

Here’s our average turnaround time:

  • For orders in stock at your supplier – we send your order in just 3 to 7 days;
  • For out-of-stock orders and custom orders the turnaround time might vary according to your order’s size, complexity, and the production capacity of your supplier;

Yes! We have warehouses in China and the USA. This gives you two different locations to store your bulk orders, depending on your customer base and business needs. 

Of course! If you store your bulk bralette order in our China warehouses, we can ship to your customers globally. 

However, if most of your customers are in the USA, we recommend storing your bulk products in our US warehouses. By doing this, you can offer much shorter delivery times to your US customers, thus boosting repeat purchases and brand loyalty. 

Here are all the services Niche offers to clients:

  • Product sourcing
  • Product development
  • Product branding
  • Branded packaging
  • ODM and OEM services
  • Private labeling
  • White labeling
  • Inventory storage
  • Order fulfillment
  • Dropshipping services
  • Worldwide shipping

To start working with Niche as your sourcing agent, simply click on the button below and get your first free quote. Send us the product link and quantity you need, and give us a way to reach you (Skype, email, or WhatsApp). That’s it! 

We will do our job the best we can and send you a custom offer shortly. If you love it, place your first order, and let’s skyrocket your brand!

The simplest way to find wholesale bralette designs that fit your brand

Lean on our reliable network of bralette wholesale suppliers and get your first free quote today. 

Learn more about wholesale bralettes

Why sell bralettes?

We believe selling bralettes can be a really great business model, and here’s why:

  • The niche is gaining in popularity;
  • More comfortable than bras;
  • Less saturated niche when compared to bras;
  • Lots of designs and models to choose from;
  • Evergreen product (no seasonal changes in demand);
  • A large choice of suppliers to choose from;
  • The possibility for high profits with the right branding;
  • Suitable for everyday use and special occasions as part of a lingerie set;

What types of bralettes sell best?

To answer this question accurately, we looked at Google search and Amazon purchase data. Here are the best-selling types of bralettes in a declining order (from most to least sold):

  • supportive bralette 
  • lace bralette 
  • triangle bralette
  • push up bralette 
  • nursing bralette 
  • padded bralette
  • mesh bralette
  • seamless bralette 
  • plus size bralette 
  • cotton bralette 
  • satin bralette 
  • strapless bralette
  • ribbed bralette 
  • racerback bralette 
  • silk bralette
  • sheer bralette 
  • halter bralette 
  • strappy bralette 
  • longline bralette

What colors of bralettes sell best?

You cannot go wrong with black, red, and white bralette colors. But, let’s look at them all. According to purchase volume from Amazon, here are the best-selling bralette colors in declining order:

  • black bralette
  • red bralette 
  • white bralette 
  • purple bralette 
  • nude bralette 
  • green bralette 
  • blue bralette 
  • yellow bralette 
  • pink bralette
  • orange bralette 
  • gold bralette
  • brown bralette 
  • silver bralette 
  • tan bralette

What fabric is used for bralettes?

Typically, bralettes are made of stretchy materials. For example:

  • Knit fabrics
  • Stretch lace (all-over lace or galloon lace)
  • Scuba
  • Stretch mesh
  • Stretch tulle
  • Power net
  • Cotton spandex

Are bralettes for daily use?

Yes! Bralettes can be used daily, or only on special occasions. It’s completely up to the person who wears them. If a bralette provides enough support, there’s no reason why it can’t be worn daily. 

What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?

The main difference between a bra and a bralette is the padding that bras have and bralettes don’t. As such, bras typically provide more support than bralettes. 

Additionally, bralettes are more natural and less structured, while bras offer more structure and shape.

Are bralettes healthier than bras?

This common misconception probably stems from the fact that bralettes are much more comfortable than bras. However, no scientific proof points to bralettes being healthier to wear. So, if comfort is what you’re after, go for bralettes.

What to consider when choosing bralettes to sell?

Here are some important considerations when choosing the right bralettes to sell:

  • Size – first, make sure that you have the right sizes according to your niche and target market;
  • Type – then, decide what type of bralettes you want to sell (plus-size, lace, strapless, etc.);
  • Material – the next thing you should decide is the type of material your bralettes should be made of;
  • Quality – make sure that you order a sample first to check the quality of the product you’re about to sell;
  • Quantity – decide on the quantity that you’re prepared to buy (note that bulk prices are always much better);
  • Sub-niche – next, think of how you can narrow down your niche to weed out the competition;
  • Pricing and profit – at this point, you should think of your profit margins by calculating the wholesale price vs. sale price;
  • Supplier availability – lastly, you want to make sure that you can find a reliable bralette wholesale distributor for your needs;

Can I make money selling bralettes?

Yes! We believe selling bralettes could be much more profitable than regular bras, due to the market being less saturated. Additionally, bralettes have a great wholesale price when bought in bulk from China, resulting in excellent profit margins later on. 

Is it worth sourcing bralettes from China?

Of course! Most lingerie brands source from China or have manufacturing operations in China due to the incredible price vs. quality ratio you get here. 

And, if we add to this the vast choice of suppliers and designs you can find here, it becomes easy to understand why China is the best place to source bralettes in bulk.

What can Niche do to help my lingerie business?

We can help you find the best bralette wholesale distributor for the type of product you need and the best quality products that fit everyone’s budget. 

In addition, we can partner with a manufacturer to help you develop a brand-new product or design a private-label product. 

And, if that’s not enough, we can also overtake other backend operations such as warehousing, dropshipping, packaging, order fulfillment, and shipping. 

With Niche’s help, you can easily launch and scale your new bralette brand.

Now you have a better way of product sourcing

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