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Niche is a one-stop shop for brands. We offer everything from sourcing, product development, and branding, to warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping – we offer it all. Our clients choose us to save time and money, and focus on what’s most important – scaling the business!

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We work with private label, OEM, and ODM brands on a regular basis and we’re able to offer you a large network of manufacturers and top-notch product suppliers. With Niche, developing the gym clothing you’ve always imagined has never been so easy!

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As soon as you place your first order, you’ll have the undivided attention of your personal support agent who will be there to answer every question you have and guide you through the whole process!

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Browse some popular wholesale fitness clothing our clients often choose. We can private label any wholesale gym clothes according to your design. Our wholesale fitness apparel suppliers are reliable and sell merchandise with consistent quality. And, if you don’t see the product you need, let us know and we can source it for you.


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Yes! Our sourcing service is free and with zero obligations. We want you to test our services before paying blindly. That’s how we form trusting and long-lasting partnerships with our clients. 

Depending on the complexity of your order, our service fee is anywhere from 5% to 10% of your total order value. However, we don’t charge anything for our sourcing services, so feel free to test what we can do for free!

For orders below $1000, we will ask for full payment of the service fee in advance, at the time of placing your order. 

For large orders over $1000 or custom orders, we will ask for just a 30% upfront payment for insurance purposes, and the rest only after the order is finalized.

For wholesale workout clothes in stock at your supplier’s warehouse, the order will get dispatched in just 3 to 7 days.

However, for custom orders that need time for manufacturing or personalization, the turnaround time may vary depending on your supplier’s capacities and the order complexity. 

In both cases, your personal support agent will be there to give you an estimated delivery date before you place an order in the first place.

Yes. Niche has warehouses in China and the USA. We can store your bulk workout clothes at any of these two locations, depending on your convenience and the location of your customers. 

Yes. We can help you ship globally from our fulfillment center in China. Or, we can store your bulk fitness clothing in our US warehouses and ship locally for shorter deliveries.

Here’s a full list of our services:

  • Product sourcing
  • Product development
  • Product branding
  • Order fulfillment
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Inventory storage
  • Dropshipping services
  • Private labeling
  • White labeling
  • OEM and ODM services
  • Branded packaging

Working with us is easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Ask for a free quote

First, click on the button below to ask for a free quote. Let us know what you need by sending us a link to the product. 

2: Tell us how to reach you

Then, tell us your preferred way of communication – Skype, WhatsApp, or email. We will reach out to you shortly with a quote. 

3: Place an order if you like the quote

Look at the sourcing quote you received. You have zero costs or obligations at this point. If you like what you see, place an order and welcome aboard. If not, you don’t owe us anything!

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Learn more about wholesale fitness clothing

Why sell fitness clothing?

Buying wholesale workout apparel and selling it for a profit can be a great business idea if you add something useful or improve the product in a way that makes you unique. 

For this to be successful, you need to find the right fitness clothing manufacturer or supplier that will be able to produce exactly what you need. We say an apparel manufacturer because it’s important to note that this is a saturated niche where private labeling will give you the best chances of success. 

Trying to sell generic fitness clothing without narrowing down your niche or developing a private-label product is unlikely to be profitable. 

What are the different types of fitness apparel?

There are tons of athletic clothing and fitness wear varieties to choose from:

  • Sports bras
  • Tennis skirts
  • Compression socks
  • Compression shorts
  • Running shorts
  • Gym shorts
  • Joggers
  • Track pants
  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweatshorts
  • Workout leggings
  • Workout tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Sleeveless T-shirts
  • Racerbacks

What kinds of workout clothing sell best?

Here are some types of fitness clothing and apparel that sells well in a declining order (according to data from Google search and Amazon):

  • Sports bras
  • Compression socks
  • Tennis skirt
  • Compression shorts men
  • Football socks
  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirt
  • Gym shorts
  • Running shorts
  • Workout leggings
  • Joggers
  • Compression shirt
  • Workout tank tops

What are the differences between sweatpants, joggers, and track pants?

Sweatpants are those thicker leisure or house pants with an elastic waist. They usually go with hoodies or sweaters and are also used for sports activities during cold weather.

Joggers are typically made of pleasant materials like cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, and they’re baggier at the waist and tighter as you go down the leg. Joggers typically have an elastic cuff at the bottom instead of falling loosely like sweatpants. 

Lastly, track pants are similar to joggers, but made of polyester, nylon, or other smooth synthetic materials that don’t wrinkle. 

What are the differences between compression shorts and running shorts?

Running shorts are traditionally loose and short, allowing for flexibility and a great range of motion. However, more and more runners are using compression shorts instead. 

Compression shorts are longer and stick tightly to the body, similar to leggings. The main benefit runners have seen with compression shorts is the prevention of chafing – something that’s a common issue with running shorts. 

Other than that, compression shorts might be better for circulation and provide more warmth in winter or colder conditions. 

What to consider when choosing a sports bra to sell?

Here are some of the most important characteristics of sports bras you might want to consider:

  • Support – sports bras differentiate firstly by the level of support they provide (whether they fit a large cup size or a smaller one);
  • Fit and size – the next feature is the actual fit and size of the sports bra (how tight and snug it should stay on different body types to provide the right support);
  • Style – the next thing you can choose is the style of the sports bra (color, pattern, branding, etc.);
  • Material – if we’re talking about private label fitness clothing, you could choose custom materials for your sports bras to be made out of;
  • Price range – next, you should consider the wholesale price vs. the end sales price (to calculate your profit margin);
  • Target audience – lastly, you might want to find a sub-niche if you see that the competition around sports bras is high;

Can I make money selling fitness clothes?

Yes! Buying in bulk from fitness wholesale vendors in China and private labeling or branding your products will give you the best chances of success. 

But, before you start searching for a workout clothes supplier, we recommend that you find a niche since fitness clothing is a pretty broad category with high competition. 

Finding a sub-niche will allow you to isolate your audience more precisely and make your marketing efforts more targeted. In other words, you won’t shoot in the dark. 

Is it worth sourcing workout clothes from China?

Absolutely! China has many workout clothes vendors selling wholesale fitness clothes and wholesale activewear. Depending on your product needs, we can either choose a manufacturer on an apparel distributor. 

All in all, sourcing wholesale clothing from China is definitely a good idea if you’re looking for a profitable business model.

What can Niche do to help my fitness clothing business?

Niche is an experienced sourcing agent on the Chinese market that can help you find athletic clothing vendors who are reliable and trustworthy and can support you and adjust to your needs as you grow.

Additionally, we can isolate the best fitness apparel manufacturers if you need product development or private label services. 

Lastly, we’re here to take care of your backend business from A to Z, from sourcing and branding to storage, inventory, and fulfillment – we’ve got your back! 

With us, all you need to do is market, sell, and scale. We take care of the rest. 

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