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If you’re looking to buy luxury silk pajamas wholesale from China, you’re on the right page. We believe there’s something magical about a quality set of silk pajamas – they make a great product for branding! So, let us find reliable wholesale silk pajama vendors and help you grow. 

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We want to ensure you’re always confident in the product you choose. That’s why we start with a free sourcing quote, allowing you to see exactly the type of product you’re getting. If you don’t love it, there are no costs or obligations to place an order. 

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The times when you had to juggle five different service providers are over! With Niche, you get it all in one place. From product sourcing and development to packaging, storage, and worldwide shipping – we do it all. This saves you a ton of time and money! 

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Trending Silk Pajamas to Sell

Browse through our bestselling wholesale silk PJs and wholesale silk sleepwear and pick your bestsellers. With Niche, you can private label, add your brand, or customize any of the products below. Can’t find what you need? No worries! We have the network and experience to develop any type of custom silk pajamas in bulk.


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Yes! Our product sourcing service is 100% free of charge, with zero hidden costs, upfront charges, or obligations to place an order. We work transparently and want our clients to see exactly what they’re getting! 

If you decide to place an order, our service fee is 5% to 10% of your total order value. This fee covers everything from sourcing your product to delivering it to your desired storage location. 

Our payment dynamics are as follows:

  • For smaller orders under $1000: you pay the service fee at the time of placing an order;
  • For larger orders over $1000 or custom orders: you pay 30% at the time of placing an order, and the rest only after your order has been finalized;

Our average order turnaround time is as follows:

  • For orders in stock at your supplier: we will send the order within 3 to 7 days;
  • For orders out of stock or custom orders: the turnaround time may vary according to your supplier’s production capacity, and the size and complexity of your order;

Of course! We have warehouses in China and the USA. So, you can store your bulk silk pajamas wherever it’s most convenient for your business and customers. 

Yes, we can! We offer dropshipping services and worldwide shipping from China to all our clients. On the other hand, if your customers are in the USA, you could store your wholesale silk PJ sets in our US warehouses and offer shorter delivery times. 

Niche has been working with over 3,000 brands, helping them source, launch, and scale at their own pace. We offer all-in-one tailored solutions for DTC brands, eCommerce stores, retailers, wholesalers, and brick-and-mortar. Here are all of our services:

  • Product sourcing
  • Product development
  • Product branding
  • OEM and ODM services
  • White labeling
  • Private labeling
  • Branded packaging
  • Inventory storage
  • Order fulfillment
  • Dropshipping services
  • Worldwide shipping

To start working with us, all you have to do is click the button below and ask for a free quote. We will need:

  • A link to your product
  • The quantity you want to purchase
  • A way to reach you (WhatsApp, Skype, email)

We will send you our best offer shortly and you just need to see if it matches your expectations, and place your first order. Welcome aboard! 

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Learn more about wholesale silk pajamas

Why sell silk pajamas?

Selling silk pajamas can be a good business opportunity for those looking to offer their customers high-quality, comfortable, and stylish sleepwear and loungewear.

Silk is a natural fiber that is smooth and soft to the touch. It’s also a breathable material, which helps regulate body temperature and keep you cool while you sleep. Lastly, silk has hypoallergenic properties, making it beneficial for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Why choose silk pajamas over cotton or flannel?

There are many good reasons why some people prefer silk pajamas over materials like cotton or flannel:

  • Silk is great for sensitive skin; it keeps it moisturized and wrinkle-free;
  • Silk is a natural fiber that’s breathable and regulates body temperature;
  • Silk pajamas can be more comfortable than cotton or flannel pajamas because they don’t retain heat and moisture as much as other fabrics;
  • Silk is resistant to wrinkling, which makes it a great choice for people who don’t enjoy ironing their sleepwear;
  • Silk looks more luxurious and high-end than cotton or flannel pajamas;

Which is better silk or satin pajamas?

Both silk and satin pajamas can be comfortable and luxurious, but there are some differences between the two materials.

Silk is a natural fiber that is soft, smooth, and hypoallergenic. It is also a good insulator, so it can help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, silk can be more expensive than other materials and may require more delicate care.

Satin is a synthetic material made from polyester or nylon. It’s also smooth and shiny, but it’s generally less expensive than silk and easier to care for. On the flip side, it’s not as breathable as silk and has a less luxurious feel. 

Can you machine wash silk PJs?

Yes, but only on the “Delicate Wash” cycle (or the appropriate alternative). Otherwise, it’s generally not recommended to machine-wash silk pajamas. Silk is a delicate fabric that can easily become damaged in the washing machine, especially if it is not washed correctly:

  • Silk doesn’t tolerate hot water;
  • Use silk-friendly detergents;
  • Avoid softeners;
  • Place your silk pajamas in a mesh bag before washing;
  • Do not bleach or pre-soak your silk sleepwear;
  • Use the appropriate machine program or hand wash;

How can you tell if the pajamas are 100% silk?

There are several ways to determine if a garment is made of 100% silk:

  • Check the smoothness: real silk is extremely smooth; it even feels like wax on your hands;
  • Check the label: the label should say 100% silk;
  • Check with fire: we don’t recommend doing this, but when burned, real silk will smell like burnt hair, not like burnt plastic;
  • Check the price point: real silk will always be more expensive than satin or other artificial materials;

Are mulberry silk pajamas real silk?

Yes, mulberry silk pajamas are made from real silk. Silk is a natural protein fiber produced by some insects, such as silkworms. Mulberry silk is produced by the silkworms of the mulberry silk moth. These silkworms feed exclusively on the leaves of mulberry trees, where they get their name. 

Mulberry silk is known for its softness, shine, and strength, making it a popular choice for different types of clothing including pajamas.

What colors of silk pajama pants sell best?

According to recent data, here are the silk pajama pant colors that sell the best (in declining order, from most to least searched):

  • pink silk pajamas 
  • black silk pajamas 
  • red silk pajamas 
  • white silk pajamas 
  • green silk pajamas 
  • blue silk pajamas 
  • purple silk pajamas 
  • brown silk pajamas 
  • orange silk pajamas 
  • yellow silk pajamas 
  • gold silk pajamas

What to consider when choosing silk pajamas to sell?

When choosing silk pajamas to sell, you should consider these factors:

  • Quality: look for pajamas that are made of 100% pure silk, as this will ensure that the pajamas are soft, luxurious, and comfortable to wear;
  • Comfort: consider factors such as the fit of the pajamas, the weight of the fabric, and the overall design of the pajamas;
  • Style: fashionable silk pajamas will be more appealing to customers;
  • Size and fit: offer a range of sizes to suit different body types, and consider offering both standard and plus sizes;
  • Price: consider the price point of the silk pajamas you’re selling, as this will impact their appeal to customers and your profit margins as well;
  • Supplier availability: make sure you can find the right supplier who can provide what you need and can follow you as you scale;

Can I make money selling silk pajamas?

Of course! There are different approaches you can take to sell silk pajamas:

  • An online store: you can create an online store to sell your silk pajamas directly to consumers;
  • Wholesale selling: you can also sell your silk pajamas to retailers or other businesses that want to resell them;
  • Brick-and-mortar or pop-up shops: If you want to sell your silk pajamas in person, you can set up a pop-up shop or start a brick-and-mortar business. This can be a good option if you want to build a local following;

Regardless of your approach, you should first do market and product research to understand what types of silk pajamas are in demand and price your products competitively. 

Is it worth sourcing silk pajamas from China?

Absolutely! China is known for producing a wide range of products, including clothing, at relatively low prices due to lower labor and production costs. This makes sourcing silk pajamas from China cost-effective, especially if you want to purchase a large quantity.

Additionally, China has a reputation for producing high-quality silk, and many companies in the country have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that their products meet the necessary standards.

What can Niche do to help my pajama business?

To start with, we can source any type of sleepwear and silk pajama sets in bulk and customize them with your branding. Additionally, we can help you store your ready products in our warehouses, fulfill orders, and deliver worldwide to end customers.

With Niche, you have the world’s greatest factory at your fingertips – all you need to launch and scale a brand! 

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