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Product quality is our priority. With Niche, you’ll always have the best swimsuit wholesale supplier at your disposal. Our years of experience sourcing products in various niches have allowed us to establish a reliable network of suppliers that can help you scale. 

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Niche is a one-stop service provider that handles all of your backend needs, including product sourcing, warehousing, order fulfillment, and worldwide shipping. This allows you to streamline your operations and work with just one party instead of juggling multiple vendors.

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After placing an order, we will pair you with a dedicated support agent who will be available to answer any questions. They will guide you through the process and enhance your overall experience working with us.

Trending Wholesale Swimsuits to Sell

Looking for the perfect fit bathing suits wholesale from China? We’ve got you! Take a look at our trending wholesale bikinis and choose the ones that match your brand image. Don’t see what you need? Show us the product you want, and we can find the best swimsuit wholesale supplier for your needs!


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Our product sourcing service is 100% free of charge, with no hidden costs or obligations to place an order. This is our way of offering you a glimpse of our capabilities and allowing you to see what we can do before asking for any payment. Transparency is a top priority for us!

If you decide to move forward with an order, our service fee will be anywhere from 5% to 10% of your total order value. This fee includes everything from sourcing to delivery to your desired location.

We understand that small businesses and startups may have limited cash flow and be unable to pay large upfront sums. With this in mind, our payment terms are as follows:

  • For smaller orders under $1000: you cover the service fee at the time of placing the order;
  • For larger orders over $1000 or custom orders: a 30% deposit is required at the time of placing the order, with the rest of the balance due only after the order has been finalized;

Here is our typical order turnaround time:

  • For orders in stock at the supplier: we will ship them within 3 to 7 days;
  • For out-of-stock or custom orders: the turnaround time will depend on the lead time, the production capacity of the manufacturer, and the size and complexity of the order;

Your dedicated support agent will always keep you informed of the expected delivery date.

Yes! We have warehouses in China and the USA, allowing you to choose the most convenient location for your customer base. So, you can store your wholesale beachwear in either location, depending on your business needs.

Yes, we can assist with global dropshipping from our warehouses in China. However, if most of your customers are located in the USA, it may be more convenient to store your wholesale swimsuits in our US warehouse. This will enable us to provide faster delivery times to your US customers, boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Here’s a full list of all the services we offer to our clients:

  • Product sourcing
  • Product development
  • Product branding
  • Inventory storage
  • Order fulfillment
  • OEM and ODM services
  • Private labeling
  • White labeling
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Dropshipping services
  • Branded packaging

To get started, you can test our sourcing service for free by clicking on the button below and requesting a quote. Simply provide us with a link to your desired product or give us an idea of what you are looking for. 

We will get back to you shortly with a quote, and you can decide if it meets your expectations. If you like the product, place your first order and join us! We are excited to see your business grow. If not, there is no obligation to proceed and no upfront costs.

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Learn more about wholesale swimsuits

Why sell swimsuits?

Selling swimsuits can be a good business idea for several reasons:

  • High demand;
  • Many types and styles to choose from;
  • A broad niche, allowing you to find many narrow sub-niches within;
  • Low startup costs and price per unit;
  • A great variety of swimsuit vendors wholesale to choose from;
  • Many opportunities for growth and expansion;

Note that swimsuits are often a seasonal product in certain geographical areas. So, adjust your offers accordingly.

Who is the target market for swimsuits?

The ideal target market for swimsuits can vary depending on the specific types of swimsuits being sold and the niche audience. Some potential target markets for swimsuits could include:

  • Vacationers and beachgoers;
  • Swimmers or other water sports enthusiasts;
  • Baby or children swimsuits;
  • Maternity swimsuits;
  • Plus-size swimsuits;

As you can see, swimsuits allow for many diverse sub-niches within. This is great since it means you can choose a narrower niche with less competition yet still a high demand. 

What time of year do swimsuits go on sale?

The sales season for swimsuits can vary across different locations and brands. However, typically, swimsuits are most likely to be on sale at the end of the swim season, which is at the end of summer or early fall. That’s when retailers are trying to clear out their inventory of swimsuits and make room for the next season’s styles.

What are the different types of swimsuits?

Considering that we can divide them into categories like one-piece, two-piece, bottoms, and tops, there are virtually countless types of swimsuits out there. Here are some common ones:

  • One-piece swimsuits
  • Two-piece swimsuits
  • Bikinis
  • Tankinis
  • Monokinis
  • Skirt bottoms
  • Board shorts
  • Swimdresses
  • Thong bikini bottoms
  • High-waist bottoms
  • Trunks
  • Wet suits

What kinds of swimsuits sell best?

According to recent Amazon purchase volume data we analyzed, these are some of the best-sold types of swimsuits in declining order (from most to least sales):

  • two-piece swimsuit for women
  • maternity swimsuit
  • high waisted bikini 
  • tummy control swimsuits for women 
  • one piece swimsuit 
  • bathing suit tops for women
  • swim skirt 
  • string bikini 
  • matching family swimsuits
  • 3 piece swimsuits for women

What is the current trend for bathing suits?

Trends in swimwear tend to change from year to year and can vary depending on cultural, geographical, and personal factors. Some current trends in swimsuits include:

  • High-waisted swimsuits;
  • Retro-inspired swimsuits (1950s or 60s);
  • Sustainable swimsuits (made from recycled materials, such as recycled polyester);
  • Athletic swimsuits designed for surfing or water sports;
  • Cut-out swimsuits;
  • Floral prints;
  • String sets;
  • Lace details;

Note that trends are always evolving, so do diligent research before launching a product to realize the current market situation.

What is the difference between a swimsuit and swimwear?

The terms swimsuit and swimwear are often used interchangeably to refer to clothing worn for swimming or other water-based activities. However, the terms can have slightly different connotations.

A swimsuit is a specific type of swimwear designed to be worn in the water, while swimwear refers to any clothing suitable for wearing while participating in water-based activities.

What to consider when choosing swimsuits to sell?

We believe these are some of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the type of swimsuits to sell:

  • Sub-niche and target market: swimsuits are a broad niche, so start by narrowing down and isolating a low-competition, high=demand niche;
  • Type and style: now, decide on the type of swimsuits your target audience would buy and think of their style;
  • Product quality: your next consideration should be the quality of the material and structure of your swimsuits;
  • Size and fit: for a product such as swimsuits, the right size and fit plays a huge role, so ensure you get it right;
  • Pricing and profits: next, you’ll want to consider your wholesale price, projected sale price, and other related expenses to come up with your projected profit margins;
  • Branding or private labeling: your next job will be thinking if you wish to sell generic products or private label products and sell them under your brand;
  • Seasonality: note that swimsuits could be a seasonal product and adjust your geographical target location accordingly;
  • Supplier availability: lastly, ensure you can find the right suppliers and backup suppliers to support you as you grow and scale;

Can I make money selling swimsuits?

Selling swimsuits can be a profitable business venture, as swimsuits are a popular item many people purchase for vacations, beach trips, and pool days. 

Here are a few tips to help you make more money selling swimsuits:

  • Offer a range of sizes, fits, and styles;
  • Find a narrow under-served sub-niche to target;
  • Choose high-quality products that fit their price;
  • Invest in branding and marketing;
  • Collaborate with reliable suppliers who respect the agreed quality and delivery times;

Is it worth sourcing swimsuits from China?

In our experience, it’s absolutely worth it! Sourcing from Chinese suppliers can be challenging due to the language barrier and distance. 

But, on the other hand, Chinese suppliers offer the best balance in terms of price vs. quality. This is especially true when placing bulk orders such as wholesale swimsuits. 

To help overcome these challenges and ensure a smooth sourcing process, you may want to consider working with a product sourcing agent in China like Niche.

What can Niche do to help my swimsuit business?

In addition to sourcing best-selling swimsuits for your brand, Niche can also help you develop new products or private label products with your branding. 

Furthermore, Niche can assist with storing your wholesale swimsuits, packing and fulfilling orders, and shipping products to customers worldwide. As you can see, we’re an all-around comprehensive business solution. 

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