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Why do you need us as your Good Sourcing Agent?

Some of our customer say that Why NicheSources have a higer price than other sourcing agent ? What makes us a higher price and at the same time make us different is because: 1.we are transparent to our customers,we don’t alway tell them what customer like,but we reflect what it is,because we know customer rely us to make decisions.  2.we don’t charge back from factories.In the sourcing industry,there are agent they not only charge customer commissions but also charge a certain of fees from factory, which will make the price even high or make the poor quality. 3.We know customer pays us to work for them, This is the differences between us and others. You will see some of our customer who used our service and 100% happy with us, I think you won’t regret to use our services. Spread the word Facebook Twitter Google-plus Linkedin Snapchat

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Imported plush toys from China

Need Help On Plush Toy Importing From China? Niche Recommend The Best Plush Toy Supplier For You Niche is a leading freight forwarder in China and knows most plush toy factories in China Niche has a very good relationship with plush toy manufacturer in China Niche knows very well on Chinese plush toy market Niche can help plush toy factories to ship their container from China Niche has been in the logistics industry for over 10 years. Let Niche Recommend Best Plush Toy Factory For You What can we help you import from China about stuffed toys? We have close and cooperative partnerships between China and many plush toy factories. Please tell us your needs and we will help you Importing Soft Plush Toy from China There are a lot of soft plush toy supplier in China. Niche will help you find a reliable soft plush toys manufacturer in China which can help you grow your plush toy business. Most soft toy manufacturer can be found in Nanjing, Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Recommend excellent suppliers Ask Shipping Rate Previous Next Importing Soft Plush Toy from China There are a lot of soft plush toy supplier in China. Niche will

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