Where Are Coach Bags Made? Seller’s Guide to Finding Suppliers

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Where are Coach bags made? This question is crucial for sellers looking to source high-end handbags. Coach, a luxury brand synonymous with style and quality, has a global manufacturing network that spans several countries. While Coach’s headquarters are in New York, the company partners with skilled artisans and suppliers in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, and the Philippines to craft their iconic bags.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into Coach’s supply chain strategy, revealing key manufacturers and exploring how sourcing agents can help your business access global craftsmanship and build a strong reputation in the luxury handbag market.

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Where Are Coach Bags Made

The History of Coach Bags Manufacturing Locations

Coach’s Humble Beginnings in New York City

Coach was born in a Manhattan loft in 1941. It started as a small, family-run workshop on 34th Street.

Initially, the company focused on crafting leather goods like wallets and billfolds.

The Rise of Coach Handbags

In the 1950s, Coach began producing high-quality leather handbags.

This development was led by Miles Cahn, who became the company’s leader. 

Cahn created a process to make the leather stronger, softer, and more flexible. He drew inspiration from the leather used in baseball gloves.

Transitioning to Overseas Manufacturing

In the mid-1970s, Coach made a significant change to its production strategy.

The company ended its handbag production in New York City. Instead, Coach moved its manufacturing operations to China.

This shift was necessary to meet increasing demand while maintaining cost efficiency.

Despite the move, Coach continued to design all its products in the United States.

Expanding Production to Southeast Asia

As global demand for Coach products continued to grow, the company expanded further.

In the 2000s, Coach began manufacturing in other Southeast Asian countries.

These countries included Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. They became significant production hubs for Coach bags.

Maintaining a Connection to American Craftsmanship

While most Coach bags are produced in China and Southeast Asia, there are exceptions.

Limited edition runs and special custom creations are still made in Coach’s headquarters workshop.

By maintaining some production in the U.S., Coach stays connected to its heritage of American craftsmanship.

Where Are Coach Bags Really Made? Unveiling the Brand’s Key Manufacturers

Coach Bags Manufacturers

While the company maintains certain privacy regarding its specific suppliers, our research has uncovered some key manufacturers and locations that may contribute to creating Coach bags,  purses, and other products:

Fullin Plastic 

Vietnam Fullin Plastic, the largest PVC synthetic leather manufacturer from Taiwan operating in Vietnam, plays a crucial role in supplying about 50% of the synthetic leather used by Coach. With multiple factories in Vietnam, Fullin Plastic ensures a consistent quality and reliable supply chain for Coach’s production needs.

Guangzhou Shimen Handbags

Located in Guangzhou, China, this manufacturer specializes in producing and exporting a wide range of handbags for brands like Coach. Known for their use of high-quality leathers and fabrics, Guangzhou Shimen Handbags ensures the durability and aesthetic appeal of Coach bags.

Key Products Offered: 

  • Women’s handbag
  • Men’s handbags
  • Travel bag
  • Backpack
  • Other custom handbags

Jiangsu Changshu Mediyang

China Another significant contributor to Coach’s production is Jiangsu Changshu Mediyang, based in Changshu, China. This professional manufacturer and exporter of handbags, luggage, and leather goods utilizes premium genuine leather and synthetic materials to create Coach’s trendy and fashionable designs.

Key Products Offered: 

  • Women’s handbag
  • Men’s handbags
  • Travel bag
  • Backpack
  • Wallet
  • Briefcase
  • Other custom leather goods

Additional Manufacturers

Coach also partners with other factories and vendors in countries such as India, the Philippines, and Cambodia to produce their iconic bags. This diverse manufacturing network allows the brand to access a wide range of materials and craftsmanship expertise while optimizing production costs.

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In 2022, China was the top exporter of handbags, with 786,114 shipments, followed by India with 462,048 and Vietnam with 417,091.

Outsourcing your production to China streamlines costs and secures product quality.

Behind the Scenes: Coach bags’ Manufacturing Process

Leather Tanning

Coach bags' Manufacturing Process

Leather tanning is a very important part of making Coach bags. 

To begin, the hides (animal skins) are cleaned to remove dirt, blood, salt, and hair. Following this, the hides go through many stages to turn them into leather. These stages include soaking, liming, de-liming, bating, pickling, and tanning. As a result, tanning makes the hides strong and long-lasting. 

Moreover, it also makes them resistant to chemicals, moisture, and tiny organisms. There are different ways to tan leather, such as using vegetables, chrome, or zeolite.

Quality Assurance and Repairs

Coach use different methods to train their team and make sure everyone understands the quality standards. 

This includes giving regular feedback, hands-on training, and setting clear rules for quality. 

In addition to quality assurance, they also offer a repair service for their bags. They have a special workshop called the Coach Repair Workshop. 

Expert craftspeople work there and can fix things like stitching and replace hardware (like zippers and buckles). 

Ultimately, this repair service is part of Coach’s effort to be sustainable. They want to keep bags from ending up in landfills and reduce their impact on the environment.

Environmental Practices in Supply Chain

Coach has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact across material sourcing, production, and packaging:

The company has a Restricted Substances List (RSL) that bans the use of toxic and hazardous substances like solvents and heavy metals.

Coach only works with manufacturers that provide safe workplace conditions and adhere to the highest labor standards.

They also use environmentally friendly packaging. For example, DMFu has been removed from silica gel packs in response to European regulations.

The Role of Sourcing Agents in Global Manufacturing

The Role of Sourcing Agents in Global Manufacturing

Coach’s triumph in China proves the immense potential of partnering with global manufacturers. 

By collaborating with Chinese suppliers like Guangzhou Shimen Handbags and Jiangsu Changshu Mediyang, Coach has optimized costs while maintaining quality and craftsmanship.

However, navigating the global sourcing landscape can be daunting. 

For sellers looking to replicate Coach’s success, the importance of sourcing agents in facilitating seamless international manufacturing cannot be overstated.

Sourcing agents like Nichesources bridge the gap between companies and global manufacturers. We simplify the process of finding reliable suppliers and high-quality materials globally.

We offer comprehensive support and guidance to startups and small enterprises, enabling them to:

  • Procure high-quality raw materials at cost-effective prices and establish long-term relationships with reliable suppliers
  • Create distinctive proprietary brand products through private labeling and customization services
  • Offer customized packaging to bring your eco-friendly packaging ideas to life.
  • Streamline the procurement process, enhance efficiency, and effectively manage risks
  • Achieve rapid expansion with flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs) and convenient logistics solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to source bags similar to Coach, which countries should I consider?

If you’re looking to source high-quality bags similar to Coach, consider working with manufacturers in China, Vietnam, or Cambodia. These countries have the necessary expertise and resources to create bags that meet international standards and can compete with well-known brands like Coach.

How can I ensure the quality of bags sourced from these countries?

To ensure the quality of your sourced bags, partner with a reputable sourcing agent like NicheSources.com. We have extensive experience working with reliable manufacturers in China and can help you navigate the sourcing process to achieve the best results, including quality control and compliance with international standards.

What are the advantages of sourcing bags from the same countries as Coach?

Sourcing bags from countries where Coach manufactures, such as China, offers several advantages. These include access to skilled artisans, cost-effective production, and the ability to create bags that rival the quality of well-known brands. By leveraging these benefits, you can compete effectively in the market.

Are all Coach bags made in the United States?

No, not all Coach bags are made in the United States. While Coach is an American brand, they have a global manufacturing network that includes countries such as China, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Cambodia. This allows them to access a wide range of materials and craftsmanship while optimizing production costs.

Does Coach manufacture its bags in China?

Yes, Coach does manufacture some of its bags in China. Two notable manufacturers that contribute to Coach’s production in China are Guangzhou Shimen Handbags and Jiangsu Changshu Mediyang. These manufacturers specialize in producing high-quality handbags using premium leather and fabrics.

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