Where Are Brunt Boots Made? Uncovering the Supplier Location

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Brunt Boots, a rapidly growing workwear brand, has made significant strides since its launch in September 2020. During Black Friday 2023, Brunt sold merchandise worth one million dollars. But where exactly are these popular boots made? The answer may surprise you – Brunt Boots are manufactured in Jinjiang, China, rather than in the United States.

This raises several questions: Why China? How does Brunt ensure their quality? And what sets Brunt Boots apart from other workwear brands?

In this article, we’ll delve into these questions, providing you with a comprehensive look at the manufacturing process behind Brunt Boots.

Where Are Brunt Boots Made

The Brunt Boots Brand Story

This young American brand has already made a big impact, with $25 million in revenue for 2021 and a successful Series B funding round in early 2022.

Their secret?

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Brunt has carved out a niche by going deep into the shoes’ end-use.

Brunt’s success comes from focusing on blue-collar workers, a market often overlooked by big brands. They craft trade-specific shoes addressing each profession’s unique challenges.

For example:

  • Carpenters need toe protection for heavy lifting
  • Electricians and welders require lightweight, shock-resistant shoes
  • Sewer workers prioritize slip-resistant and oil-resistant features

Workers are more likely to invest in boots designed just for them, as they see these shoes as essential tools for their safety and productivity on the job.

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Why Brunt Boots are Made in China?

Well, it’s pretty simple – the technology they need to make high-quality boots isn’t available in the US yet.

Jinjiang, a manufacturing hub for the up-and-coming Brunt boots brand, showcases that Chinese-made products can have excellent quality. This city has built a solid reputation for its skilled shoemaking abilities.

Plus, by working with partners in China, they can offer you a better price without sacrificing quality.

Brunt Boots Manufacturing Location: Jinjiang

Rich History of Shoemaking

Jinjiang has been known as the “Shoe Capital” of China since the 1980s, cultivating a highly skilled workforce of shoemakers and technicians.

Advanced Technology

Shoe factories in Jinjiang have worked with renowned brands like Nike and Adidas, mastering advanced production techniques. For example, Jinjiang shoe factories excel in cement construction, which Brunt Boots uses.

Significant Price Advantage

Labor costs in China’s shoe industry are about one-tenth of those in the US, allowing Brunt Boots to offer their boots at a reasonable price point under $150.

Successful Local Brands with Global Recognition

Jinjiang is the birthplace of successful Chinese footwear brands like Anta and Xtep, which have achieved global acclaim.

Comprehensive industry chain and convenient supply

Jinjiang boasts a well-developed shoe industry chain, providing manufacturers with easy access to raw materials and equipment.

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