Amazon Bullet Points 101: How to Create and Optimize Them for Maximum Gains

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Creating a winning product listing is a vital part of becoming a successful Amazon seller. It, however, requires some tact as you need to provide adequate product information but keep it short and sweet enough for shoppers to easily read through.

Bullet points are renowned as a handy tool for making chunk-sized information easier to read. So, Amazon took the cue and created the Amazon bullet points feature to make it easier for sellers to create shopper-friendly product listings. 

Not sure how the feature works? Then this is just the blog for you. Cozy up and read on as we share all you need to know about how Amazon bullet points work, as well as, how and when to use them.

What Are Amazon Bullet Points?

What Are Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon bullet points are short descriptive sentences that outline key product features for potential buyers. Like book blurbs, they allow your customers to get a quick overview of the product and hopefully get enticed to read more about it and then buy it. 

Amazon typically allows sellers to add up to 5 bullet points while vendors get 10 bullet points per product. They appear alongside the product image on the detail page that comes up when a shopper clicks on your product listing.

Why Are Amazon Bullet Points Important?

Amazon bullet points can feel like just another complex feature that you need to master as an Amazon seller. However, they can indeed have a positive effect on your sales and are thus worth the effort. Here is why.

Winning Over Customers

Winning Over Customers

Shoppers on Amazon have thousands of options to choose from. So, it is important to make it easy for them to assess your products and pick out their benefits at a glance. Ergo the need for bullet points.

Additionally, most customers go through multiple listings before identifying a favorite pick. Bullet points are thus an effective way to beat your Amazon competitors because you can use them to highlight your products’ unique features early on. 

Ranking and Visibility

The Amazon algorithm indexes bullet points using the keywords you include in them. Therefore, if you draft your bullet points right (more on this below), it can go a long way in ensuring that your listings rank well among Amazon search results.

In turn, your listings would be more visible to shoppers and you would stand a higher chance of making more sales. 

How to Add Bullet Points to Amazon Listings

You can add bullet points to a product listing when you first create the listing or by modifying the listing later on. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Log into your Amazon seller account
  • Go to the ‘Fix Your Products’ page 
  • Identify the listing that you would like to add bullet points to
  • Select the ‘Edit Draft’ option at the far right of the listing
  • Click on ‘Description Tab’
  • Select ‘Key Product Features’
  • Enter your bullet points in the 5 key features fields that come up

The process is not much different if you would like to add bullet points when you first create a listing. You only need to follow the last 3 steps we have outlined above.

Best Practice for Amazon Bullet Points

As we have learned above, it is fairly easy to create Amazon bullet points. However, the most challenging part for most sellers lies in drafting bullet points that meet Amazon’s requirements.

Let’s discuss some key Amazon bullet point guidelines, shall we?

One Idea per Point

One Idea Per Point

Amazon recommends that you highlight one feature per bullet point. It helps make the highlights more succinct for shoppers and allows for easier indexing.

No Ads

Your bullet point content should not contain any marketing phrases that turn the bullet point into an ad.

Focus on the Product

Bullet points should not contain any pricing, discount offers, shipping details or highlight any information about your business.

Adhere to the Limits

Adhere to the Limits

You can only add 5 bullet points as an Amazon seller or 10 if you are a vendor.

Amazon also provides a limit of 500 characters per bullet point for sellers and 250 to 255 characters per bullet point for vendors. This may vary from one category to the next but you can not exceed your indicated limit. 

Provide Accurate Information 

Aim to create bullet points that provide shoppers with useful product information. Highlight features that you reckon would catch their attention but refrain from using exaggerated or misleading details.


Amazon stipulates that you should start every bullet point with a capital letter.

Use Standard Text

Amazon recommends that you stick to normal text when creating bullet points. Using coding approaches, unusual symbols, or HTML is unlikely to make your bullet points more effective.

How Can You Optimize Amazon Bullet Points?

Amazon bullet point guidelines only provide a basic framework that you can use to structure your bullet points correctly. Nevertheless, it is equally important that your bullet points are effective. 

So, now that we know what Amazon expects, let’s look into how to create bullet point content that will help you make better sales. 

Invest in Keyword Research

Invest in Keyword Research

The Amazon algorithm scans for keywords when indexing bullet points. It is thus advisable to include the right keywords in a few of your bullet points. 

That said, this approach can only be useful to you if you know which keywords to use. So, start by researching keywords related to your product before you begin drafting your bullet points.  

You can find keywords by going through the listings of products that share your ASIN or looking up listings of other sellers that offer similar products. Alternatively, it may be easier and quicker to find prime keywords using a suitable Amazon seller tool

Use Keywords Effectively

Some Amazon sellers use lots of keywords throughout their bullet points with the hope that it will favor them during indexing. This is known as keyword stuffing and it, unfortunately, does not work. If anything, it may even work against you.

Instead, use only a few top keywords in your bullet points. Strive to also phrase them organically so that they do not diminish the readability of your descriptions. 

Prioritize Your Bullet Points

When most people read bullet points or lists, the first few points make a huge difference. They may:

  • Pique or dampen the shopper’s interest
  • Determine whether the shopper will read through the rest of the bullet points or even consider the product at all

Subsequently, it is best to arrange your bullet points starting with those that are most likely to make an impression on buyers down to the more run-of-the-mill ones.

Choose Your Key Features Carefully

Most products have multiple key features but you can only pick 5 to meet the bullet point limits set by Amazon. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to think like a shopper. For example, if you are shopping for sneakers what factors would you like to see a sneakers supplier highlight for you? Comfort? Durability? Recommended use perhaps? 

You can also go a step further and look up sneaker listings on Amazon. Check out what well-ranked or best-seller vendors list as their top bullet points and create a shortlist. 

Finally, combine both ideas and decide what key features to include.

Use a Headline

Use a Headline

A headline can be one or two descriptive words that draw the customer’s attention to the bullet point. You can highlight it by writing it in all caps and keeping the rest of the bullet point normal.

For example, if you are listing a backpack, you could use a bullet point headline like ‘Adequate Storage’. You can then use the rest of the bullet point characters to tell the shopper how many pockets the backpack has. 

Grammar and Readability

Read through all your bullet points and confirm that the grammar is flawless. Each point should also be concise and easy to understand.

Mention Dimensions and Usage

Mention Dimensions and Usage

It is not uncommon for online shoppers to order items like tables or mats only to find out that they bought play sets or decorative pieces when their orders arrive. 

Many others also order products like wireless keyboards, phone holders, or charger cables only to find out that they are incompatible with their intended uses. 

It is, therefore, best to highlight your product’s intended use and dimensions where necessary. Buyers now look out for such details and appreciate not having to read through multiple paragraphs to get it. 

Keep It Short

Amazon sets limits for the number of characters you can use per bullet point. On the flip side, it also recommends that sellers use 200 characters per bullet point. 

This is only a suggestion but Amazon discloses that keeping your bullet points that short optimizes them for indexing. 

FAQs about Amazon Bullet Points

How Do I Bold Amazon Bullet Points?

You can bold parts or an entire bullet point using HTML.

Nevertheless, while it is possible, Amazon discourages it. This is why the holding option is no longer available in the key feature fields that you use to input Amazon bullet points. 

What Is the Difference between Amazon Bullet Points and Amazon Product Descriptions?

Bullet points offer customers a brief overview of a product’s features. They should, ideally, help customers decide whether or not a product suits their needs and also entice them to buy.

In comparison, a product description is a more in-depth layout of information about a product. It may include product photos, usage instructions, a video, and even a prime display of the brand’s name. It also has a much higher limit of 2000 characters.

How Do I Add More Than 5 Bullet Points on Amazon?

Only vendors can add more than 5 bullet points to their listings. They can do this by:

  • Logging into Amazon Seller Central
  • Identifying the listing
  • Selecting the ‘Edit Detail’ option

This will display your current bullet points and an option to add more.

In Conclusion

Amazon bullet points is arguably a free and simple marketing tool. Granted, Amazon does not allow you to use any marketing language but drafting effective bullet points allows you to connect with shoppers and help them see why they need your products. 

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