Top 20 Wholesale Leggings Manufacturers in China

by Stanley Nieh


Leggings are outfits that have been in vogue since their inception. They have become so popular that they are an essential part of every fitness wear and sportswear. 

In addition to that, they are not only fashionable but have become more of a habit. Women like to wear leggings in their routine life. That makes the leggings business lucrative and profitable for retailers.

This article presents the top 20 wholesale leggings China manufacturers to help you source leggings efficiently. 

Let’s jump straight into the list. 

1. China Leggings

China Leggings, aka China Rocawear, is one of the finest manufacturers of leggings in China. They are located in Yiwu city and have been manufacturing leggings since 2011. 

China Leggings

Although they established their factory for leggings in 2011, they claim to have been in the manufacturing business for over 30 years. 

They clearly mention that they offer leggings at wholesale prices. 

They also claim to focus heavily on their R&D for manufacturing cotton leggings with the latest designs and techniques. 

They offer the following types of leggings on their official website. 

  • Jeans leggings
  • Yoga pants 
  • Winter leggings
  • Children leggings
  • Maternity leggings
  • Slit leggings
  • Seamless leggings

The best part of this website is that they offer to make custom leggings according to your choice. So, you can also explore private labeling your leggings business. 

2. HC Sportswear

HC Sportswear, aka Hucai Sportswear, is another promising company that manufactures leggings along with other sports-related products. They have been in this business since 1998 and are located in Guangdong, China.

HC Sports Wear

The tagline of their website says that they are a private label gym clothes manufacturer. It means that you can use this factory to run your own brand of leggings. 

They have a mixed variety of leggings products on their website. Most of them are related to sports. The website hosts over 100 different leggings that you can source for your business. 

The prices are not mentioned on the website. The MOQ for leggings is 200 pieces per order to qualify for wholesale rates. 

They also take special care of their quality. That is why you will find a lot of quality certifications on their website. 

3. Passion Clothing

Quanzhou Passion Clothing is another great option to source high-quality leggings at affordable prices. They are located in Quanzhou, China. 

Passion Clothing

They manufacture a mix of products, most of which are related to sports. That is why they have mentioned broader categories on their website. 

You can easily find the leggings on their website by using the search bar. 

You will have to contact them to inquire about the pricing and delivery times, etc. 

They have collaborated with some of the reputed international brands like Jeep and Sportful. 

4. Crownway Apparel

Crownway Apparel is another manufacturing company located in Haicang, China. They have been producing sportswear since 2005. 


As they are a sportswear company, they have mentioned different product categories on their website. So, the best way is to find the leggings by using their search menu. 

You will see on the product pages that they have certifications that authenticate their quality. 

Each product has sufficient details along with a “send inquiry” button for you to discuss wholesale options with them. 

5. ZJ Sungnan

Yiwu Songnan import and Export Co. Ltd, aka, ZJ Sungnan is another sportswear manufacturing company in China that also makes leggings. They are located in the famous Yiwu market and have been in this business for over 15 years. 

ZJ Sungnan

They make fully customizable products. So, you can utilize this option to get your custom leggings made with your own logo, printing, and packaging. 

You can also receive a sample after having a detailed discussion with them regarding your requirements. 

They have displayed the pictures of their factory to win your confidence that you are working directly with a factory and not a middleman. 

They offer wholesale prices but you need to contact them to discuss your business options. 

6. Hengmai Group 

Hengmai Group, aka Hi Grace, is a company where you will find the latest and exotic designs of leggings. If you want to attract women with appealing leggings, Hengmai Group is the company you should consider to source leggings from. 

Hengmai Group

They are located in Zhejiang, China. They have two factories in China. One is meant for the production of sportswear and the other is for fashion wear. You will find their leggings in the sportswear category. 

Although they manufacture different types of clothes, leggings seem to be included in their preferred products. 

You can find a lot of leggings with colorful options and attractive designs. 

A little disadvantage of their website is that it does not include much product information. But you can always contact them to discuss the wholesale options, pricing, and other product details. 

7. Tonton Sportswear

Tonton Sportswear is another great manufacturer in China. They have been in this business since 2003 and have gained a decent reputation in this field. 

Tonton Sportswear

They have a dedicated category for leggings on their website. So, you will have no problem locating the leggings while you check out their website.

The product pages have the necessary information about the leggings and you can contact them for further discussions. 

The best part about this company is that they offer very low MOQs. You can start working with them by ordering as low as 10 pieces per product. 

They have partnered with some of the most reputed companies in the world like Reebok and Gamegear. 

8. Ingor Sports

Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co. Ltd, aka Ingor Sports, is a professional manufacturer in China that also produces leggings. Although they were established in 2009, they have gained reasonable popularity in a limited time. 

Ingor Sports

They have many categories on their website and leggings are one of their main categories. That shows that leggings are their important products. 

They are also present on B2B e-commerce websites like Alibaba and Made-in-China. 

They have been working with leading global sportswear companies like Adidas. So, if they can pass the strict audit of a company like Adidas, it means that you can also trust their quality. 

Their product pages contain decent information regarding leggings but you have to place at least 100 pieces of one design as MOQ if you want to avail the wholesale deal. 

The good part is that you can pay for your orders conveniently via PayPal. 

9. Longhai Sportswear 

Nanchang Longhai Clothing Co. Ltd, aka Longhai Sportswear, is another manufacturer of leggings located in Jiangxi, China. They have been manufacturing sportswear since 2012. 

Longhai Sportswear

They accept customized orders. So, this is a great option for you to start your own brand of leggings using this company. 

They claim to have very strict principles of quality to deliver products that meet their customers’ demands. 

Leggings are one of their main categories. It means that they are focused on manufacturing and selling leggings as one of their core products. 

They seem to have decent styles of leggings but they tend to have a slightly higher MOQ. You need to place an order of at least 200 pieces to avail a wholesale deal.  

10. Baiwe Leggings

Baiwe Leggings, as the name suggests, is a dedicated manufacturer of leggings located in Guangzhou, China. They have been in this business since 1998. 

Baiwe Leggings

They also claim to have a very strict environment for making high-quality leggings. They have mentioned a number of quality certifications on their website that validates their authenticity in making quality leggings. 

In addition to that, they also claim to have the latest machinery and equipment to manufacture the leggings on the latest designs. 

You will find the following leggings categories on their website. 

  • Fitness leggings 
  • Printed leggings 
  • Capris

With all those exceptional products and services, they rightly call themselves “Your #1 Leggings Manufacturer”. 

The only drawback with their website is that they have not included many product details and images. You just have to contact them for your inquiries. 

11. NDH Leggings Supplier 

New Dong Huang Garment Co. Ltd has made the website with a simple name of NDH Leggings Supplier so it will be easier for you to recall. They have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing leggings. 

Leggings Supplier

They also claim to have very strict principles for their quality standards and R&D procedures. They have mentioned the quality certifications on their website to validate their quality claim. 

They consider themselves one of the top leggings manufacturers and wholesale partners in China. 

They have mentioned that they produce activewear and yoga products but their website has a single category of leggings. 

The best part about their website is that it is easy to locate the leggings of your choice. You can find the leggings as per their features mentioned below. 

  • Leggings by the manufacturing process.
  • Leggings by fabric 
  • Leggings by length 
  • Leggings by texture 
  • Workout leggings 
  • Plus size leggings 
  • Kids leggings 
  • Yoga pants 

These categories are also expandable to show further classification. 

The products also have a reasonable description for your convenience but you have to contact them for pricing and other discussions. 

12. Apparel CN

ApparelCN is a huge manufacturer of garments located in Zhejiang, China. This company is a part of the popular Shine Bright Group in China. They have been manufacturing garments for over 20 years. 

Apparel CN

They manufacture different types of clothing including leggings as leggings are one of the main categories on their website. 

They have shown the pictures of the factory on their website to give you the confidence that your business will be in safe hands. 

The good part of this company is that they offer custom clothing solutions. So, it is a great opportunity for you to include this company in your list of private label leggings suppliers. 

They seem to be focused on their R&D operations. They also claim to have a number of designers to make clothes with the latest designs. They offer discounts on bulk ordering. 

They have divided the leggings into two subcategories as follows. 

  • Custom leggings 
  • Printed leggings 

They have mentioned the sizes against each legging and they also suggest the retail prices for each legging. 

Amazing, right?

Their leniency towards MOQ is probably their best differentiator. You can order 2 pieces as spot wholesale quantity. 

13. Strench Fitness 

Strench Fitness Wear is a part of Sameco Group in China. They are the manufacturers of gym clothing and undergarments. They are located in Yiwu City, China. 

Strench Fitness

Although they started in 2014, they have managed to earn a big name in the gym fitness wear industry. That’s because they have over 20 years of manufacturing different products. 

You can find leggings in the gym clothes section. The good part of this website is that it has an option to compare two leggings. 

You will have a detailed description of each legging. Their MOQ is around 300 pieces per design. 

They also offer leggings customization as per your guidelines. 

They claim to have strict QC processes and every shipment is checked before dispatch. 

14. Activewear Productions

Activewear Productions is a manufacturer of various clothing types. Their factory is located in Fujian, China. 

Activewear Productions

They have different types of clothing to offer. They claim to have special imported fabric for manufacturing leggings. 

They provide the opportunity of getting 100% customizable leggings along with other products. 

You will observe that their leggings are quite different and unique from the rest of their competitors in terms of fabric, design, and style. 

You will find leggings under the category of activewear. There is plenty of information about leggings on their product page. You can take help from their description if you need to update the description on your retail website. 

15. DKS Sports

DKS Sports is a sportswear manufacturing company located in Dongguan, China. Although this company has been working since 2017, it has gained substantial success in attracting international customers for wholesale. 

DKS Sports Wear

They offer different kinds of sportswear including leggings. The best part about this website is that in addition to high waist women’s leggings, you will find a lot of designs for men’s leggings too. 

The categories are not clearly mentioned on this website but you can search for them easily. 

Just contact them to discuss your business proposals and prices, etc. 

16. Seamless Leggings 

Seamless Leggings is a wholesale leggings manufacturer in China. They were established in 1999 and are a part of the MAES group. 

Seamless Leggings

They have mentioned a detailed process of how carefully they make the leggings for their customers. They also offer to make customized leggings. 

They have divided their range of seamless into the following categories. 

  • Workout leggings 
  • Ombre leggings 
  • Activewear leggings 
  • Athletic leggings 
  • Capris 

Their website lacks information on MOQs and product details. So, you will have to contact them to discuss these aspects. 

17. Omi Sport

Omi Sport is a sportswear manufacturing company located in Fujian, China. They have a vast manufacturing experience of over 10 years. 

Omi Sport wholesale leggings china

They offer different kinds of products including leggings. You will find leggings under the categories of Yoga Wear and Seamless options. 

They have great leggings designs but their MOQ for leggings is 300 pieces. 

You can contact them to negotiate prices, MOQs, and wholesale deals. 

18. China Fitness Clothing

China Fitness Clothing is a fitness and sportswear manufacturing company located in Zhejiang, China. They are a part of Maishi Group and have over 20 years of manufacturing experience. 

China Fitness Clothing

They offer amazing leggings designs with customization and dropshipping options. They have multiple quality inspection facilities. 

The best part of this website is its high-quality pictures and detailed product description. 

19. Twinall

Yiwu Towinall garments Co. Ltd, aka Twinall, is a professional and experienced garments manufacturing company located in Yiwu City, China. They were established in 2012. 


They offer multiple products related to sportswear and fitness wear. You can find the dedicated option of seamless leggings in the categories. 

They offer customization solutions too and they seem to be strictly careful about their quality. 

They have decent leggings designs. The MOQs are mentioned on the website. So, you need to contact them to discuss the details. 

20. YC Leggings

Yancheng Leggings, aka YC Leggings, is a professional leggings manufacturer located in Jiangsu, China. They have been in this business since 1992. 

YC Leggings

They manufacture other clothing products along with leggings. You will find leggings as one of their main categories. 

They seem to provide leggings at cheaper prices as you can get leggings for as low as $1 to $10 per piece. They also offer an affordable MOQ of 10 pieces per style. 

When you open the leggings section on this website, there will be a whole lot of leggings types under the subcategories. That way, it will be easier for you to find the leggings of your choice. 

They also offer leggings as per the occasions and festivals. For example, you will find leggings for Halloween and Christmas, etc. 

They also offer leggings customization. So, you must consider keeping YC Leggings on your list for exploring the private label options. 

The best part of this website is that they also offer dropshipping solutions. 

FAQs about Buying Wholesale Leggings from China

Following are the brief answers to the top 3 frequently asked questions about buying wholesale leggings from China. Read them carefully to have further clarity on the topic. 

How to Find the Best Wholesale Leggings in China Online?

You can find wholesale leggings in the following online ways. 

  • Google 
  • Social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. 
  • B2B e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and Made-in-China, etc. 
  • Online business directories like Mfg and Thomasnet. 
  • Online trade fairs like Canton Fair and Yiwu Fair, etc. 

What Is the Best Place in China to Buy Wholesale Leggings?

Yiwu market is probably the best place to buy wholesale leggings at affordable prices with end-to-end customer service. 

That is because the Yiwu market is China’s biggest wholesale market for buying multiple items including clothing. It is where you can find leggings suppliers too. 

So, if you are on a visit to China, this is the place you should visit to buy wholesale leggings. 

What Things to Look for While Buying Wholesale Leggings from China?

If you are buying wholesale leggings from China for the first time, you need to be careful with many things. 

Consider the tips below before you finalize the wholesale leggings deal in China. 

  • Check if you are buying from a direct factory in China or you are buying from a middleman. You will get the best deal from a direct manufacturer. 
  • Check if your wholesale supplier is ready to give end-to-end service. You need to make sure that your wholesale leggings are delivered to you at your address. 
  • Check for the credibility and previous experience of your wholesale supplier. 
  • Double-check for the insanely low prices. You need to be careful about the wholesale pricing that raises your eyebrows. 

What Is the Safest Way to Buy Wholesale Leggings from China?

The safest and carefree way of sourcing from China is to hire the services of a professional sourcing agent in China. 

A good sourcing agent like NicheSources will be your eyes and ears in China. You will just have to share your requirements and everything will be taken care of. 

That way, you can save time and hassle of reaching out to Chinese manufacturers and negotiating with them while facing issues like the language barrier, etc. 


Leggings have been in fashion and will have their relevance in the years to come. That is why it has emerged to be one of the most lucrative businesses. 

If you are planning to sell leggings online, you must take help from the list of top wholesale leggings manufacturers in China that we shared in this article. 

Do let us know if you want any assistance in sourcing leggings from China. You just have to ask for a free quote and we will be right there to help you with everything. 

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