7 Types of Packaging Boxes to Invest in for Your Brand to Grow

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The first impression you make in the market is critical for any business. Every retailer recognizes that the packaging option they select will either make or break their business.

Customers will gravitate toward products that are attractively packaged, even if they have never used them before. So, for any business to succeed, packaging boxes must be top-notch and embody the company’s core values.

Read on and follow this guide to learn about the various types of packaging boxes best suited to your needs. 

Types of Boxes Used for Packaging

Types of Packaging Boxes

There are several packaging solutions available on the market. However, only some are right for every product. Below is an in-depth look at the different types of packaging boxes to choose from.  

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the preferred packaging solution for a wide range of products. The box has three layers: an outer layer, an inner layer, and a fluted middle layer. These layers contribute to its strength, making it an excellent choice for heavy products.

Corrugated box material is extra strong, allowing it to remain intact even in the harshest of conditions. The box is one of the best for packaging products subjected to force and environmental conditions. However, it cannot protect products in extreme conditions.

Furthermore, it is appropriate for both shipping and retail packaging.


  • Lightweight – even though they carry heavy goods, they are pretty light. It is the best box for shipments to distant destinations as they don’t add much extra weight to the luggage.  
  • Sustainable – corrugated boxes are made from trees as the primary raw material. They are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Moreover, the box has the least wastage percentage among packaging solutions. 
  • Customizable – corrugated boxes allow various customization options, meaning brands can use them for marketing. They can be made in different sizes, shapes, and designs to fit with your products and represent your brand.
  • Budget-Friendly – the production of corrugated boxes is very cheap. Manufacturers obtain the raw material at an affordable price, and the production cost is also low. Additionally, being the most recyclable packaging box, the raw material is readily available. 
  • Customer Satisfaction – When you package goods in a corrugated box, most customers will appreciate the products’ condition, the box’s sustainability, and the ease of handling it.

Folding Carton 

Folding Carton

Paperboard boxes/cartons are other names for folding cartons. The boxes are commonly used for packaging cosmetics, food, electronics, and medicine, among other things. Folding cartons can be corrugated (three-layered) or single-ply.

It goes through production steps like cutting, creasing, and gluing to achieve a specific shape. Typically, these boxes are brought flat to the manufacturing location. They will then be unfolded and put together during the packaging process.

Examples of folding boxes include the following;

  • Auto-lock bottom box
  • Straight tuck box
  • 1-2-3 bottom box
  • Sleeve packaging 
  • Reverse tuck box
  • Two-piece boxes 


  • Highly customizable – folding cartons are versatile. Brands can personalize the boxes in any shape and size to suit their products. They also allow for printing and using various dyes that go with your brand.

Folding boxes are perfect for branding.

  • Eco-Friendly – using eco-friendly packaging solutions is a growing trend that every retailer and consumer wants. For this reason, utilizing folding boxes for your products will give you an edge over your competitors. 
  • Cheap – apart from offering ideal features, the boxes come at an affordable cost. Additionally, their shipment is also cost-effective since they are transported flat. It is the ideal packaging option for businesses, especially start-ups. 

Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes, also known as set-up boxes, are typically used in packaging high-end products. To make the boxes sturdy, they are usually made of thick paperboard that has been highly compressed.

The result is a very resilient and durable packaging box that ensures product preservation even in harsh conditions. Luxury brands package their products in rigid boxes to ensure that the goods arrive in perfect condition to their customers.

Additionally, it is the perfect way to leave a good impression on your customers since the boxes arrive intact and undamaged. One major drawback of these boxes is their cost; they are pretty expensive. Their manufacturing process necessitates more expertise and time than others.

On the other hand, brands that use these boxes are guaranteed to get value for their money. Jewelry, cosmetics, and electronic devices are among the products packaged in rigid boxes.


  • Strong and Durable –the boxes are very sturdy and non-collapsible. They are ideal for packaging items such as gadgets that require more protection. 
  • Marketing – rigid boxes are applicable for marketing purposes. Big brands use it as a tool for presentation purposes. When customers get their items in these boxes, it further cements their position in the market as a luxury brand. 
  • Sustainable – like other boxes, rigid boxes are also environmentally friendly. Since they are durable, most of them are reused by the consumers reducing wastage. Furthermore, if they end up as wastes, they are biodegradable. 

Telescope Boxes

Telescope Boxes

Telescopic boxes have two parts: the lid and the base. These components are essentially regular boxes that fit perfectly together to form a seal for the package. Telescopic boxes are predominantly used for packaging long items like sports equipment.

The boxes are available in different sizes to accommodate products of varying lengths.

Examples of telescope boxes include;

  • Interlocking double-cover boxes
  • Double cover boxes
  • Full telescope design boxes
  • Full telescope half-slotted boxes
  • Design style boxes with cover


  • Customizable – telescope boxes can package any size of the item. It accommodates different lengths, widths, and heights. Also, you can print on it and paint it any color of your choice. 
  • Easy Manipulation – the boxes are usually shipped flat. It is easy to handle during assembly and does not require special skills. 
  • Presentation Purposes – like rigid boxes, telescope boxes are also utilized by luxury brands in packaging their products. It is easy to promote your brand to the high-end market if you want to venture into it.
  • Environmental Friendly – the most popular raw material for telescope boxes comes from wood, making it a sustainable packaging solution. 

Gable Tops Carton

Gable Tops Carton

If you are dealing with liquid food, a gable top carton is the best option. They are cartons that package milk, cream, juice, and beverages.

A triangular top is its signature style. Gable top cartons are commonly used for fresh and extended shelf life (ESL) products. They are appropriate for both ambient and cold chain products.


  • Eco-Friendly – it is an eco-friendly packaging option as it is mainly made with recyclable, reusable, and renewable materials. 
  • Appealing – gable top cartons appeal to most of the population. Its shape is easy to spot and lures in consumers. Also, since it is associated with fresh products, using this carton for your products will keep you ahead in the market. 
  • Customizable – you can personalize the carton easily to match your brand. It permits several kinds of customization.
  • Efficiency – its efficiency starts from transportation and storage. It is easy to handle during shipments and even easier to store on shelves at a store. 

Regular Slotted Carton

Regular Slotted Carton

The standard packaging box in the manufacturing industry is the regular slotted carton (RSC). It is a single-piece box with stapled, taped, or glued joints. Its flaps meet in the center, and tape seals the product inside.

Regular slotted cartons come in various styles, including:

  • Full Overlap Cartons – instead of meeting in the middle, its flaps overlap each other. It provides a secure seal to prevent its contents from leaking. 
  • Half Slotted Cartons – this is a regular slotted one without the flaps. The open top can be covered by anything i.e., a tray. It is mostly used for displaying consumable goods.


  • Affordable – during its production, less cardboard is used to make it, which translates to the final price. Also, consumers will get the final products at a cheaper cost due to an affordable shipment.
  • Sustainable – since less material is used to make the carton, there is minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, the raw material is also compostable in case of disposal. 
  • Storage – the RSC is known to occupy less storage space, which makes it a good choice for many businesses, especially those dealing with storage space. 

Shoulder Boxes 

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes, like rigid boxes, are commonly used for premium and luxury goods. Their primary applications include product packaging, presentation, and storage. The main distinction between a shoulder box and a rigid box is the part between the base and the top (the shoulder).

Since the shoulder is usually attached to the base, it is very easy to open. The shoulder design also gives the box an eccentric appearance that appeals to most customers.


  • Customization – although it does not offer many customization options, brands can print and use various colors to make their box stand out. Also, the shoulder can be used for color contrast to make the box even more appealing. 
  • Durable – it is made with strong materials to preserve product quality. 
  • Lightweight – the box is lightweight, making transportation cheap and fast. 
  • Recyclable – you can recycle the boxes or repurpose them for other uses. 

Importance of Packaging Boxes

Importance of Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes play a vital role in the retail industry for both retailers and consumers. Some of the most crucial benefits they offer are as follows.


Protection is the primary use of packaging boxes. Packaging offers protection right from the manufacturer to the retailer. And when in store, it offers further protection from human and environmental interference. The item reaches the end user in perfect condition. 


The packaging you choose for your products affects your sales directly. Customers feel a sense of trust when they see familiar packaging on the shelves. Moreover, the right packaging solution will attract prospects to your products. 

Various companies have used packaging options as marketing tools to reach out to more people. If you want your brand to grow, then investing in the right packaging is a step in the right direction. 

Brand Identity 

Most consumers will associate a brand with their packaging. For this reason, ensure you capture important aspects of your brand and product in the packaging to create awareness of your company.

Besides that, using the packaging will be much easier to identify your products from your competitors. 


Although there are different types of packaging solutions, using sustainable ones will help your brand. Most packaging boxes are made using eco-friendly materials such as cardboard and recyclable paper.

These materials allow the boxes to be repurposed after use, and when there is a need for disposal, they are either compostable or biodegradable. This is a crucial quality that most consumers use to choose brands they associate with. 


Is Corrugated the Best Packaging Material? 

Yes. It has been established that corrugated boxes are the best for packaging different kinds of goods. It is lightweight and still offers additional protection to the products, ensuring they reach their destination in perfect condition. 

Which Is the Best Packaging Box for My Brand?

If you are a luxury brand, the best packaging box will be a rigid, shoulder, or telescope box, depending on the product properties. For regular brands, every type of box is applicable according to your preferences and product quality.

Contact sourcing agents to help you find the right manufacturer applicable to your brand. 

Which Custom Options Are Available for Packaging Boxes?

Most packaging boxes permit design, shape, and size customization. These are the most requested specifications for any packaging option. You can also personalize the boxes with different prints and colors to reflect your brand. 

Are Packaging Boxes Eco-Friendly?  

Yes. Most, if not all, packaging boxes are eco-friendly. Packaging boxes are made using sustainable materials which are either compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, or all the above.

However, some packaging boxes are made from plastic and other non-biodegradable material. You are advised to reuse these, or better yet, avoid them if possible.

Also, you can find manufacturers who deal with sustainable packaging to partner with them.


Every business owner worldwide has to make tough decisions that affect their company. Some of the things you need to think about are suppliers, production, marketing, and products. Most people tend to ignore that the packaging solution is a deal breaker.

Well, now you are in the know. Packaging boxes play a vital role in how customers may perceive your products in the market. Retailers should invest in the proper packaging solution for their products if they want to remain in business for generations.

Reach out to us to get proper insights on where to find the right packaging box manufacturers that will complement your products and brand. Get started with a free quote and watch your brand grow steadily.

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