Top 15 Jeans Wholesalers for Retailers in 2023

by Stanley


Jeans are a permanent member of the evergreen club. No matter how advanced the fashion world goes, jeans will always have consistent demand. 

Online shoppers tend to buy jeans as additional items even if they already have many jeans articles in their wardrobes. In addition to the general stores, jeans are a must-have for online stores selling clothing and fashionable items. 

In this article, you will find top jeans wholesalers in different parts of the world, so you always have the option to source quality jeans at affordable prices and MOQs from your preferred wholesale supplier. 

Let’s jump straight into the list. 

1. Wholesale7


Wholesale7 is a popular website for sourcing quality clothing items at reasonable prices. This company provides many jeans items, including the latest, trending, and regular jeans styles. 

While they also offer clothing items to the end-users, you can contact them to inquire about your wholesale or dropshipping needs. 


Guangzhou, China


MOQs vary from product to product. 

Key Features 

  • They offer over 800 jeans styles for women and over 200 for men. 
  • Offers interest-free payments in installments. 
  • Excellent search options to find your desired jeans quickly. 
  • You can also find other clothing items, including beachwear, shoes, and bags. 
  • Provides customization options. 
  • Mobile app for ease of use. 

2. Hi Halley 

Hi Halley

Hi Halley is a wholesale-only website that provides a variety of awesome jeans at reasonable prices. You can find multiple designs on this website, including skinny, bell bottoms, and ripped jeans for men and women. 

You will also find many denim styles for kids, like rompers. 


Quanzhou, China 



Key Features 

  • Huge variety of jeans for all age groups. 
  • Multiple sizes are available, up to 5XL. 
  • They also offer custom jeans manufacturing. 
  • In addition to jeans, they offer denim shorts, jackets, and jumpsuits. 
  • Worldwide shipping to over 80 countries.
  • Fast shipping to the US within five business days. 

3. Xmengo 

Xmengo jeans wholesalers

Xmengo is a promising entry into the list of jeans wholesalers from China. It specializes in offering high-quality jeans for men. 

You can find wholesale jeans for women from its sister company named Shestar and wholesale jeans for children from another sister company named Kiskissing. 


Hong Kong, China 


No MOQs, but you can get discounts for orders above $500. 

Key Features 

  • A huge variety of sizes are available, up to 4XL. 
  • Heavy discounts for bulk orders
  • Latest fashionable designs are available. 
  • In addition to jeans, you can also find other clothing items on this website, including shoes and accessories. 
  • They also offer dropshipping solutions. 

4. Goal Running 

Goal Running

Goal Running is a jeans manufacturer in China. They run four factories in China to manufacture jeans where you can find all kinds of denim jeans. 

They have been exporting jeans globally for over eight years. You can find jeans for men, women, and children on their website. 


Guangdong, China


No specific MOQs. They deal with every inquiry independently. 

Key Features 

  • Extensive experience in manufacturing quality jeans.
  • Private label option to get the jeans manufactured according to your demands.
  • Huge variety of jeans in multiple sizes.  
  • Popular jeans designs are available. 
  • You may also find denim jackets, shorts, and sportswear. 
  • One-stop solution for your jeans sourcing requirements. 

5. V Design Fashion 


V Design Fashion is another great option to source your pre-made or private label jeans from China. They specialize in offering denim products for men, women, and kids. 


Guangzhou, China 


Variable MOQs depending on the product. Discounts are available for bulk quantities. 

Key Features 

  • Over 15 years of denim manufacturing experience. 
  • Jeans factory with a substantial monthly production capacity of 50,000 pcs. 
  • Latest and unique jeans designs are available. 
  • Multiple product pictures per item. 
  • You can also buy shorts, jackets, and t-shirts. 
  • They also offer dropshipping services. 

6. Rioco Kidswear 

Rioco Kidswear

The list of jeans wholesalers is incomplete without a wholesale supplier for kids. Rioco Kidswear specializes in supplying jeans for kids, including girls and boys. 

You can find the latest and trending jeans for kids from this supplier. If you run a kids’ store, consider sourcing denim items from them. 


Guangzhou, China 


No MOQs, but you can get discounts for higher quantities. 

Key Features 

  • Excellent source for the kids’ niche stores. 
  • Multiple sizes and styles are available. 
  • Jeans available for kids in all age groups. 
  • Specialized jeans for maternity. 
  • Provides jeans for special occasions,  like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.
  • Excellent 24/7 support. 
  • High-quality product pictures.
  • Detailed description and specifications with dedicated size charts. 

7. LA Style Book 

LA Style Book

LA Style Book is our first entry from the USA. It is an excellent option for sourcing women’s jeans. It is a subsidiary of Hankook Trading company that imports denim products and other items in the USA. 

They offer wholesale jeans at affordable prices and MOQs. They also offer branded jeans at wholesale prices. 


California, USA


MOQs vary from 6 to 12 pcs per SKU.

Key Features 

  • Huge variety of women’s jeans.
  • Products are updated every week. 
  • Plus sizes are also available. 
  • Unique variety of jeans is available, including floral prints, palazzo pants, and denim skirts. 
  • Most jeans are available at special sale prices. 
  • Free shipping to 48 states in the USA. 

8. Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy is an excellent choice to source jeans for women. They specialize in offering closeout jeans and pants. They offer the latest styles of jeans at affordable costs. 

Their website is meant for wholesale only. They don’t offer products at retail or dropshipping model and only sell jeans for women. 


California, USA


12 pcs 

Key Features 

  • Latest and fashionable designs for women. 
  • Premium quality jeans in multiple sizes. 
  • In addition to jeans, they offer a wide range of apparel and clothing items. 
  • Other than apparel, you can find fragrances, sunglasses, handbags, and accessories on this website. 
  • They offer easy returns. You can offer the same returns service to your customers by sourcing from them. 

9. Denim MFG 

Denim MFG

Denim MFG is a custom denim manufacturer specializing in private label clothing. You can ask them to design jeans of your choice for men and women. 

They also manufacture custom hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, and sweatpants. 


Los Angeles, USA


120 pcs per style and wash. The minimum quantity of knits is 240 pcs per style and 60 pcs per color. 

Key Features 

  • Simple ordering packages are displayed on the website. 
  • Short lead time of 4 to 6 weeks after order confirmation. 
  • They have designed jeans for many famous denim brands. 
  • You can order multiple sizes of jeans up to 40 inches. 
  • They have three manufacturing facilities in the USA and one in Pakistan. 

10. Blue Age

Blue Age Jeans

Blue Age is a popular denim and jeans wholesaler in the USA. They offer the latest and most fashionable jeans for men and women. Their website is only meant for wholesale buying. 


California, USA


15 pcs 

Key Features 

  • Multiple high-quality pictures per item. 
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Fast delivery service via UPS or USPS. 
  • Detailed size charts. 
  • You can also buy vests, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, and pants.
  • Offers payments in four interest-free installments. 

11. Price US Wholesale 

Price US Wholesale

Price US Wholesale provides various products at wholesale prices, including jeans. They are focused on helping small and medium businesses by providing affordable wholesale products, paving the way for profitable reselling opportunities. 


New York, USA 


12 pcs for jeans

Key Features 

  • A complete wholesale marketplace in the USA. 
  • Ideal for finding men’s jeans at wholesale prices. 
  • Fast shipping within the USA. 
  • Provides jeans for all ages and sizes. 
  • Only works at a wholesale model. 

12. Fashion GO


Fashion Go is one of the leading wholesale marketplaces in the USA. You can find a whole lot of fashion-related products on this website. They offer products from multiple vendors at a single place for retailers at wholesale prices. 


California, USA


MOQs vary depending upon the products and suppliers. 

Key Features 

  • Robust jeans designs for men and women. 
  • Their jeans & denim category for women have over 42,000 products. 
  • Hosts over 2,000 sellers. 
  • You can find jeans from famous brands at wholesale prices on this website. 
  • Thousands of products are added every day. 
  • In addition to jeans, you can also find shoes, jewelry, bags, and other accessories for fashion and beauty on this website. 
  • They have a separate website for dropshipping. 

13. Clothing Supplier 

Clothing Supplier

Care to have a clothing supplier from Turkey? Consider Clothing Supplier, a leading jeans wholesaler in Turkey. You can rely on this supplier to source jeans for your target markets from its surrounding markets in Europe and Asia. 

They offer jeans for men, women, and children. All prices mentioned on their website are wholesale prices. 


Istanbul, Turkey


They have a minimum purchase amount for wholesale, depending on the products. They offer free shipping and a 5% discount on orders above $1,000. 

Key Features 

  • In addition to jeans, they offer multiple clothing and accessories. 
  • Big-size jeans are also available. 
  • Provides international shipping to over 150 countries. 
  • Expedited shipping with premium courier partnerships. 
  • They also offer dropshipping services. 
  • High-quality product pictures that you can use on your online store. 
  • All products are made in Turkey. 
  • Detailed size charts are available. 

14. Trends Jeans 

Trends Jeans

Trends Jeans is a group of manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Laos. They have a huge monthly production capacity for jeans. They manufacture custom jeans at low prices and MOQs without compromising on quality. 


Thailand and Laos 


250 units per style, fabric, and wash.

Key Features 

  • Simplified customer order manufacturing process. 
  • Complete freedom of choosing gender, fit, fabric, wash, and designs for jeans. 
  • They have a lookbook to get ideas for jeans designs.
  • They have manufactured jeans for many renowned denim brands. 
  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience. 

15. Abrand Jeans 

Abrand Jeans

In search of a jeans wholesaler in Australia? Consider Abrand Jeans. This is a jeans brand that works on B2B and B2C models. 

You can find their stores in Australia and also contact them for wholesale deals. 




They don’t have specific MOQ requirements. You must fill out their wholesale form and negotiate prices and MOQs when they contact you. 

Key Features 

  • Works on retail and wholesale models.
  • Deals in jeans for men and women.
  • You can also find shorts and t-shirts.
  • Option to select jeans by color, size, and waist.

FAQs about Jeans Wholesalers 

Following are the answers to the most frequent questions retailers ask while looking for jeans wholesalers. 

How to Find Jeans Wholesalers?

In addition to the jeans wholesalers mentioned in this article, you can consider the following methods to add more wholesale jeans suppliers to your list. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Jeans Wholesaler?

You may consider the following factors while choosing the best jeans wholesaler for your business. 

  • Variety, styles, and sizes that your audience requires. 
  • Quality of the jeans fabric. Don’t forget to ask for the specifications and raw materials used in jeans. 
  • Affordable prices and MOQs that fit your business needs. 
  • Fast and reliable shipping, especially during peak season (Q4).
  • Aftersales services, like tracking and returns so that you can offer the same services to your customers. 

What Is the Most Efficient Way of Sourcing Wholesale Jeans?

Finding the right jeans suppliers can be a tedious task. You won’t know which supplier to work with, especially while ordering jeans in bulk quantities. 

The best option is to hire the services of a sourcing agent. A professional sourcing company like NicheSources knows exactly where to find specific products, keeping all the important deal breakers in mind. 

Instead of spending hours researching for the best jeans wholesalers, you should consider hiring a sourcing specialist that will save you time, money, and effort to provide hassle-free sourcing services at great prices. 


The wholesale world is getting entirely competitive. While this sounds good news for retailers, finding and maintaining a perfect backup of jeans wholesalers has become even more challenging. 

You can refer to this article whenever you need to find jeans wholesalers for your business. Don’t forget to check for the preferred location of the wholesaler while selecting one for your business. 

If you want us to help you source quality jeans at affordable prices from China, ask for a free quote today. One of our jeans-sourcing experts will contact you right away. 

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