Top 23 Plus Size Clothing Wholesalers for Your Brand in 2023

by Stanley


Although the fashion industry has come a long way in terms of diversity and inclusivity, particularly in the realm of plus-size clothing, finding reliable and affordable plus size clothing wholesalers can still be a challenge. 

As a plus-size eCommerce or retail brand owner, finding the right wholesaler can make all the difference in the success of your business.  

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 23 best plus-size clothing wholesalers for your brand in 2023. Our list includes wholesalers worldwide, offering a wide range of styles and sizes to cater to your customers’ needs. Whether you’re looking for trendy plus-size clothing or classic staples, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s jump right in!

1. J5 Fashion

J5 fashion

We’re starting this list with J5 Fashion – a well-known UK wholesaler with a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing, including plus-size choices.

Most of their clothing items come in packs, with ~5 units in each pack. Additionally, they deliver worldwide and you can order and pay from any country. 


All items in the J5 Fashion store come in packs. Usually, there are 5-8 units in each pack, but this number can vary depending on the product.

Key Features

  • Different product categories to choose from (dresses, tops, jeans, jackets, etc.)
  • UK-based
  • International shipping
  • Quick delivery within the UK
  • All currencies accepted
  • Payment with debit/credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal
  • 200+ SKUs available

2. FashionTIY

FashionTIY plus size clothing wholesalers

The second wholesaler on our list is FashionTIY – a famous supplier of everything from jewelry and accessories to men’s and women’s clothing. 

Some of the best things about this marketplace are their cheap prices and the fact that they’re the sellers of the products, similar to Amazon. This means that they check and vet their supply, and you can feel safer than working with individual suppliers. 

All in all, FashionTIY could be the perfect supplier for those looking for wholesale plus size boutique clothing. 



Key Features

  • Affordable prices
  • Zero MOQ
  • Possibilities for customization
  • 100,000+ products to choose from
  • Different plus-size categories (dresses, suits, tops, bottoms, intimates, swimwear)
  • Worldwide shipping

3. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is based in Los Angeles, California, and it’s an established wholesaler and dropshipping partner. 

Being US-based, Tasha Apparel can be of great help if you don’t have a US presence yet but your US customers want shorter delivery times. 


No MOQ. However, most of their products come in packs, each containing 6 units or fewer. 

Key Features

  • Lots of plus-size choices and categories
  • Dropship-friendly
  • Free shipping over $300 within the US
  • In-store pickup available
  • Multiple payment options

4. Alibaba


The next great place where you can find plus size clothing vendors for any type of clothing and body type is Alibaba. This well-known B2B marketplace is full of Chinese suppliers with fulfillment centers in the US or EU and can deliver worldwide. 


The MOQs on vary with each Alibaba supplier. Every seller has their own policy. Some items come with zero MOQs, while others, typically cheaper ones, have higher MOQs. 

Key Features

  • Thousands of SKUs from many different plus-size categories
  • Lots of different suppliers
  • Varying MOQs for everyone’s budget
  • Low prices

5. Fashion-Book


Want a customized “Made-in-England” plus size clothing brand? If your answer is yes, check out Fashion-Book. 

Fashion-Book specializes in curvy and plus-sized clothing, which means they can understand exactly what you need. Plus, they offer the possibility for white labeling and adding your brand and label to clothing, which makes them perfect if you’re just starting out. 


One pack – each pack contains either 3 or 6 pieces/units. 

Key Features

  • Worldwide shipping
  • England-based
  • Possibility for customizing, white labeling, and branding
  • 1-pack MOQ only
  • Many different product categories and models to choose from

6. Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith isn’t just a wholesaler, but also a clothing manufacturer, designer, and distributor. They’re UK-based, so they are perfect if you’re ordering anywhere in Europe.

Regarding the quality of their products, it’s worth noting that they work with established retailer partners like Zalando, Asos, Namshi, etc.

In terms of clothing types, they carry different categories of plus-size women’s clothing and regularly have new SKUs. 


You’ll need to purchase one carton containing 5 to 48 pieces, depending on the product. 

Key Features

  • Different plus-size categories available (jackets, coats, knitwear, tops)
  • Free UK delivery for orders over 400 pounds
  • Collaborates with established partners
  • Delivery to your warehouse in 3 to 5 business days

7. Paris Fashion Shops

Paris Fashion Shops

Paris Fashion Shops is a B2B marketplace that collaborates with many different wholesalers selling all types of plus-size and regular clothing for both men and women. 

On each product listing, you can find reviews, sizes, colors, and measurements. That’s great for plus-size clothing and shopping for a specific body type. 


There’s a minimum order value of 100 EUR per seller.

Key Features

  • Has an MOQ of a minimum of 100 EUR (or more depending on the seller and product)
  • Possibility to brand products with your label
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Sizes, colors, measurements, and availability are clearly displayed on each product page
  • Payment is with credit cards or bank transfer

8. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale is an LA-based wholesale clothing distributor of women’s apparel and plus-size clothing. They’re wholesale- and dropship-friendly. 

Best of all, Bloom Wholesale has really beautiful and stylish plus-size pieces at affordable prices. 



Key Features

  • Plus-size tops, bottoms, and kimonos
  • Stylish clothing yet affordable prices
  • US-based
  • Wholesale and dropship-friendly
  • 300+ plus-size SKUs to choose from with new ones dropping regularly

9. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is a B2B wholesaler based in Miami, Florida, USA. Contrary to many suppliers on this list, they don’t carry too many SKUs, but the ones they do are always amazing in terms of looks and quality. 

So, if you’re going for quality, not quantity, check out this wholesaler! 


You’ll need to purchase one pack – usually comes with 3 pieces/units in it. 

Key Features

  • International shipping in 3-7 business days
  • No dropshipping service
  • Carries plus sizes ranging from XL to 3XL
  • Lots of plus-size categories to choose from – tops, bottoms, sets, dresses, jumpsuits, plus-size swimwear, etc.

10. Giti Wholesale

Giti Wholesale

Giti Wholesale is a US-based wholesaler of women’s plus size clothing and beachwear. Once you open their website, you immediately notice how stylish and high-end their clothing looks, unlike the typical plus-size clothing which is often traditional and older looking. 


One pack containing 6 pieces or units.

Key Features

  • Plus-size dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, sets, and beachwear
  • 1-7 days shipping within the US
  • International shipping available
  • Stylish and unique models

11. Wholesale Fashion Trends

Wholesale Fashion Trends

Wholesale Fashion Trends is another US-based plus-size clothing wholesaler. If your business or customers are in the USA, they can be a perfect supplier since they ship all their orders from their US warehouses. 

In terms of product offering, they don’t have too many SKUs but offer only quality products that look amazing. 


One pack containing 4 to 6 units. 

Key Features

  • Plus-size tops, dresses, bottoms, jumpsuits, sets, and outerwear
  • Free mainland US shipping on orders over $300
  • International shipping available

12. Ivory Pose

Ivory Pose

Dedicated to mid- and plus-size fashion, Ivory Pose is a well-known UK-based wholesaler that’s all about celebrating curvy women.

Unlike other sellers on this list, Ivory Pose is a brand launched by a woman who understood the lack of choice for plus-sized women and decided to do something about it. Hence, the birth of Ivory Pose.


One pack of 4 or 5 units.

Key Features

  • Dedicated to mid- and plus-size women’s clothing only
  • UK-based (delivery within the UK in 2 to 4 business days)
  • International shipping available
  • Stylish and trendy models

13. Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is an LA-based wholesaler of women’s, kids’, and plus-size clothing and accessories. 

They have an impressively wide choice of models that fit everyone’s needs and budgets. However, their clothing is a bit more traditional-looking. 


One pack, which usually contains either 3 or 6 pieces.

Key Features

  • Plus-size dresses, tops, bottoms, denim, jeans, outerwear, rompers, sets, etc.
  • A large number of SKUs to choose from
  • Fast shipping within the US
  • International shipping available

14. IndiaMART


IndiaMART is India’s largest marketplace that connects wholesalers from all industries to buyers worldwide. They’re an established platform with a wide choice of wholesalers and SKUs in the plus-size clothing category. 

Although IndiaMART is majorly dedicated to wholesale, you can also purchase single pieces. However, you will get a better deal for bulk orders. 


Single units and bulk orders available. 

Key Features

  • A large choice of sellers
  • Lots of SKUs to choose from
  • Affordable prices
  • Account and login required to place an order

15. Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing

Named “Best Value Plus Size Retailer”, Yours Clothing is a long-established US brand dedicated to curvy, mid-, and plus-sized women. 

They ship within the US and internationally, and you can buy one piece or place a wholesale order, which is really great for testing products. However, the product prices here are higher than other wholesalers on this list. 


No MOQ. 

Key Features

  • No MOQs but discounts for wholesale orders
  • Higher single-unit prices
  • Lots of product categories and SKUs to choose from

16. Praslin Clothing

Praslin Clothing

Next on our list is Praslin Clothing – a UK-based wholesaler specializing only in plus-size women’s clothing. On their platform, you can find many different product categories and SKUs, all sold in packs. 


One pack, containing 4 or 5 pieces.

Key Features

  • Free UK shipping for orders over 300 pounds
  • Sizes 16 to 26 available
  • Dedicated especially to plus-size women’s clothing
  • Many product categories – tops, bottoms, dresses, nightwear, loungewear, knitwear, coats, jackets, jumpsuits, etc. 
  • International shipments available

17. Wholesale Plus Size

Wholesale Plus Size

Wholesale Plus Size is an online wholesaler that works with approved and registered stores only, so you’ll need to send an email and submit your registration, together with a company ID, sales permit, or other documentation based on your location. 

Once approved, you can access their online shopping platform and place orders. 


You’ll need to place a minimum order value of US$500. 

Key Features

  • You need to apply for an account and get approved to see prices and orders
  • Available sizes from 14 to 36 (1X to 6X)
  • No dropshipping service

18. Q Clothing

Q Clothing

Based in London and Shanghai, Q Clothing is a well-established clothing supplier and wholesaler of women’s, men’s, kids’, and plus-size clothing and apparel. 

If you’re a large buyer, you will benefit from discounted prices if you purchase more than 200 pieces from a single SKU. 


One pack – which typically contains anywhere from 5 to 10 pieces.

Key Features

  • Free UK delivery for orders over 100 pounds
  • International shipping available in most countries
  • Plus-size product categories available are tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, and coats

19. Wholesale7


Wholesale7 is a Chinese wholesale marketplace with a pretty extensive offering of plus-size clothing. 

Shopping on Wholesale7 comes without minimums, but you do get discounts for wholesale orders. This makes Wholesale7 great for both dropshippers and retailers wanting to buy in bulk. 



Key Features

  • Possibility for personalized labels and product customization
  • No MOQ but discounts on orders over 50 pieces from the same style
  • Worldwide shipping and delivery
  • All products are shipped from China

20. Stylish Wholesale

Stylish Wholesale

Stylish Wholesale is a US wholesaler that offers women’s standard and plus-size clothing. 

Their range of products for plus-size women is really broad and all look trendy and modern. However, they only carry sizes up to 3X, which might not be suitable for larger women. 


One pack (usually containing 6 pieces). 

Key Features

  • Free mainland US shipping on all orders from $300+
  • International shipping available
  • Sizes from 1X to 3X

21. Wholesale Shopping UK

Wholesale Shopping UK

Wholesale Shopping UK is a Manchester-based wholesaler of men’s and women’s clothing, including plus-size models. They have great Trustpilot reviews and are an established and reliable supplier. 

Regarding product range, they have great choices but not as many as some other sellers on this list. 


One pack of 6 or 12 pieces. 

Key Features

  • Free UK shipping for orders over 300 pounds
  • Not too many plus-size SKUs
  • Worldwide shipping available

22. Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy

The next plus-size clothing wholesaler on our list is Apparel Candy. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for plus-size jeans since they have tons of models to choose from. This enables you to find the right fit for each different body type and cater to more customers.  

Additionally, they have a wide range of tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, outerwear, leggings, and other types of plus-size models. 


Products are sold in packs of 6 or 12 pieces. One pack is the minimum order. 

Key Features

  • Worldwide shipping 
  • Free mainland US shipping for orders over $299
  • Based in the US
  • A great selection of plus-size jeans

23. Orange Shine

Orange Shine

Last on our list is Orange Shine. They’re a wholesale marketplace comprised of many different vendors. However, to see the pricing and MOQs, or place an order, you’ll need to create an account. 

The plus-size women’s clothing category has everything from tops, bottoms, activewear, loungewear, and sets, to lingerie and swimwear. So, they’re definitely an interesting choice when you need to order several different pieces. 


Varies, depending on the vendor. 

Key Features

  • Order fulfillment service available
  • 700+ vendors
  • Most vendors ship internationally. 

FAQs about Plus Size Clothing Wholesalers

Now that we’ve covered all the vendors on our list, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject of plus-size clothing wholesalers. 

Is There a Demand for Plus Size Clothing?

Yes. According to a recent Future Market Insights report, the plus-size clothing market was estimated at US$ 276 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 288 billion in 2023. So, there’s undeniably a growing demand. 

Personally speaking, we can also testify to this trend as more and more of our clients decide on launching plus-size brands as this is an underserved market. 

How to Find Good Plus Size Clothing Wholesalers?

Here are several options for finding reliable plus-size clothing vendors:

  • Bookmark this list and come back to it when you’re ready;
  • Check Google for “plus size clothing wholesalers” and browse through the results;
  • Check B2B marketplaces like Alibaba or IndiaMART;
  • Visit trade shows in China;
  • Partner with a good product sourcing company and let them take care of suppliers;

What Are the Best Plus Size Wholesale Vendors in the USA?

Some of the best plus-size wholesale vendors in the USA are Tasha Apparel, Bloom Wholesale, Magnolia Fashion Wholesale, Giti Wholesale, Wholesale Fashion Trends, Wholesale Fashion Square, Yours Clothing, Apparel Candy, Stylish Wholesale, and more. 

Note that many Alibaba sellers also have warehouses or fulfillment centers in the USA. Likewise, as a sourcing agent, we also have our own fulfillment centers in the USA. So, if you want to reap the best of both worlds – Chinese prices and US delivery – try out NicheSources

What to Consider When Choosing Plus Size Clothing Vendors?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when picking a plus-size clothing wholesaler for your business:

  • Product quality vs. price: Choose vendors that offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. The piece of clothing has to provide a good value for your customers. 
  • Style varieties: Consider wholesalers that offer a range of styles, from classic staples to trending pieces, to cater to different fashion preferences.
  • Location and shipping: Look for vendors that provide reliable and timely shipping and delivery options to ensure your inventory is always stocked and ready to sell.
  • Branding or product development: Ask if the plus-size vendor offers additional services you might need such as customization, white labeling, private labeling, etc. 
  • Size and measurements: Ensure that your vendor offers a range of sizes to cater to your target group. 
  • Minimum order quantity: Does the supplier’s MOQ align with your business goals and budget?
  • Customer service: Partnering with suppliers who care about their clients and promptly answer or solve their clients’ queries is crucial for an efficient business. 

Which Country Is the Best for Buying Plus Size Clothing Wholesale?

In terms of price vs. quality, China is one of the best countries for buying any type of clothing wholesale, including plus-size. The next suitable country would be India. 

The reason almost every big retailer turns to China is the fact that most products are simply manufactured here. That means that going to third-party suppliers will only add to your price. Instead, retailers prefer to tap directly into the source and get their products not at wholesale, but at factory prices. 

Wrapping Up

As the clothing and apparel industry continues to become more inclusive and diverse, eCommerce and retail brand owners need to keep up with the trends and cater to the needs of all customers, regardless of their size.

By partnering with the right wholesaler, brand owners can provide their customers with the latest trends in plus-size fashion while also growing their business.

So, we sincerely hope that our list of these best plus size clothing wholesalers will serve you as a valuable resource to launch or grow your plus-size clothing business in 2023 and beyond.

If not, this is where NicheSources comes in. We deal with local suppliers and manufacturers. We also help to design and produce exactly what you need. 

And the best part? You can start with zero risks and obligations by asking for a free quote today! 

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