Top 10 Wholesale Streetwear Suppliers in the USA and China

by Stanley


Selling clothes is one of the widespread businesses in stores and online. A retailer can turn clothing into the most profitable business by offering the latest, trending, and unique items like streetwear, casual, or urban clothing.

All you need to do is to find a reliable wholesale supplier, and you’ll be all set to break your sales records. But where to buy high-quality streetwear at affordable prices? That’s a million-dollar question. 

In this article, we will share a list of wholesale streetwear suppliers you can rely on. You’ll learn a brief overview of each supplier, location, MOQ, and key features. At the end of this article, choosing the best supplier that meets your needs will be easier for you. 

Let’s start

1. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is a popular name in women’s wholesale clothing. It has a huge variety of women’s clothing in multiple niches, including streetwear. 

If you want to sell fashionable clothing with relevant accessories to impress your audience, Tasha Apparel would be worth trying. 

You need to register a wholesale account on their website to make transactions. Prices of the products are mentioned for a single unit and a pack. 


California, USA


6 units 

Key Features 

  • Ideal for finding wholesale clothing for women. 
  • Huge variety of sizes, colors, and designs. 
  • Plus sizes are also available. 
  • You can filter out products according to their prices. 
  • Special wholesale deals are announced throughout the year. 
  • Free wholesale shipping for orders over $300. 
  • Also supports dropshipping. 

2. Royal Apparel 

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is a wholesale clothing supplier in the USA. They provide clothing for men, women, and children. It is one of the best suppliers of “Made-in-USA” wholesale clothing. 

It is also a great option if you prefer to sell sustainable clothing items, as you will notice a great stress on eco-friendly clothing on their website.  

Prices of the products are not mentioned on their website. You need to create an account on their website to access all the features. 


New York, USA



Key Features 

  • They offer weekly deals for discounted items. 
  • They suggest retail prices of their products to ensure their retailers earn decent profit margins by sourcing their products. 
  • They have written excellent product descriptions for each clothing item.
  • You will find all the required specifications and detailed sizing charts. 
  • You can shop by categories to refine your search. 
  • New and trending clothing items are regularly updated. 
  • In addition to pictures, product videos are also available for some styles for ease of marketing. 
  • They dispatch products within one business day for orders within the USA. 

3. Activewear Manufacturer 

Activewear Manufacturer

As the name suggests, Activewear Manufacturer is a clothing wholesaler of activewear products in the USA. Being a manufacturer, they can provide you with your custom clothing requirements. 

In addition to the USA, they are present in major countries worldwide, including Canada, the UK, Australia, UAE, and Europe. You can contact them to run or expand your business in these parts of the world. 

In addition to the variety of activewear clothing for men, women, and kids, they specialize in providing high-quality streetwear hoodies. 

Their website doesn’t show the prices of the products. You have to inquire about each product. 


California, USA 


Depends on the product. You have to contact them for MOQs and prices. 

Key Features 

  • They have around two decades of experience in manufacturing clothing products. 
  • A great option to source all kinds of activewear clothing at wholesale prices. 
  • Unique clothing items like clothes for dancing and running are available. 
  • Clothing accessories like socks and bras are also available. 
  • Ideal option for starting a private label streetwear clothing business. 
  • Some products only have pictures without any further information on product details. 
  • They have a special focus on sustainable clothing. 
  • Premium quality materials are used in manufacturing clothing items. 

4. USA Clothing Manufacturers 

USA Clothing Manufacturers

USA Clothing Manufacturers is a wholesale supplier of fashionable clothing for men, women, and children. They provide outstanding clothing items for all clothing niches, including streetwear. 

In addition to their presence in the USA, they are spread worldwide. They have branches in the UK, Europe, UAE, and Australia. 

The prices of the products are not mentioned on their website. You have to contact them for pricing and other details. 


California, USA 


No MOQs are mentioned on the website. You have to contact them to discuss MOQs on your required products.

Key Features 

  • An excellent option to source unique and trending clothing items. 
  • In addition to general and streetwear clothing, they also provide flannel and workout clothing. 
  • They provide customized streetwear for men. 
  • They manufacture clothing items using sustainable ways. 
  • One of the ideal suppliers for starting a private label clothing business. 
  • High-quality product pictures are available in multiple colors and angles, but most products have no descriptions. 
  • They possess many quality certifications that speak volumes about how they ensure the quality of manufactured clothing items. 

5. Visionary Manufacturing

Visionary Manufacturing

Visionary Manufacturing is a specialized supplier of customized clothing, especially for streetwear. They claim to be a one-stop solution for sourcing high-quality clothing items, as they have a liaison with manufacturing facilities worldwide. 

They have generally displayed product pictures to give an idea of their product range. You have to share your product specifications for your customized streetwear requirements. 

In addition to clothing products, they provide accessories, including bags, boxes, hats, etc. They provide complete support from designing to printing your clothing items. 


Nevada, USA


50 units per color.  

Key Features 

  • An ideal option to source private label streetwear products. 
  • They provide branding label options. 
  • They provide custom pricing for every query separately. You will have more chances to get products within your budget. 
  • They provide street-style photography and videos of demand. 
  • They also provide a coloring book for streetwear essentials. 
  • They haven’t provided product descriptions. 

6. 8&9 MFG

eightand9 MFG wholesale streetwear

8&9, aka Eight&9, is a specialized brand for streetwear clothing items. It sells tops, bottoms, and accessories, including hats and bags. 

Although this brand sells streetwear products on a retail model, you can contact them to inquire about wholesale prices. 

Unlike other suppliers that provide clothing items for multiple niches, 8&9 MFG only deals in selling streetwear products. 


Miami, USA


You have to contact them for MOQ details. 

Key Features 

  • A premium streetwear brand selling high-quality products. 
  • Multiple high-quality product pictures are available. 
  • They have written decent product descriptions. 
  • Returns are accepted within seven days of delivery. 
  • Plus sizes are available up to 4XL. 

7. Beianji Clothing 

Beianji Apparel

Beianji is a streetwear manufacturer in China. It offers many street clothing products for men, women, and kids. Their main products include t-shirts, shorts, dresses, hoodies, tops, and pants. 

They have not mentioned the products’ prices. You have to contact them to inquire about prices. 


Guangzhou, China


MOQs vary as per demand. 

Key Features 

  • Over 5 years of experience manufacturing streetwear products. 
  • They have a strict QC department to focus on manufacturing high-quality clothing. 
  • An excellent option to find custom streetwear in low quantities. 
  • They have a good technical design team to manufacture using the latest trends. 
  • You can ask them to develop products on your demand. 
  • Plus-size clothing products up to 6XL are available.
  • They also provide customized packaging
  • Limited product pictures and descriptions are available. 

8. Hongyu Apparel 

Hongyu Apparel

Hongyu Apparel is a one-stop clothing manufacturer in China. They manufacture multiple types of clothing items, including streetwear. Additionally, they provide loungewear, swimwear, and sleepwear products. 

The product prices are mentioned on their website. They also accommodate custom pricing depending on the requirements. 


Guangdong, China


100 units per style per color.

Key Features 

  • An ideal choice to source customized streetwear clothing items. 
  • You can find tops, t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, and dresses. 
  • Ideal supplier to find plus size and western clothing. 
  • They also provide clothing for different sectors, including corporate, medical, and sublimation.  
  • Good choice to find specialized clothing items like maternity clothes. 
  • Multiple product pictures are available for a single style. 
  • Detailed product specifications and size charts are available. 

9. XmenGo 


XmenGo is a wholesale supplier of men’s clothing. You will find a massive variety of wholesale clothing items on this website. You can buy all kinds of tops, bottoms, and sets from them. 

The best thing about XmenGo is that it has no MOQ requirements. But it does offer volume discounts. You get a 5%-12% discount on spending $100-$800 on their website. 

The prices are mentioned against each product. You can shop by category to save time. 

Although XmenGo is a men’s clothing store for men, it has got you covered if you want to source inclusive clothing products. XmenGo has sister companies for clothing items for women and children, namely SheStar and KissKissing, respectively. 


Guangdong, China 


No MOQs, but discounts are available for increased order value. 

Key Features 

  • Over 30 years of experience in wholesale clothing. 
  • Huge variety of clothes at affordable prices.
  • Fast and reliable shipping at affordable cost. 
  • You will find the latest and trending streetwear items on this website. 
  • In addition to clothing, you can also buy shoes and other accessories. 
  • You will find products in almost all sizes, including plus sizes up to 9XL. 
  • Size charts are available for all items. 
  • They also provide an option to compare two products for easy decision-making. 
  • You can filter products according to price, color, material, size, and season. 
  • They provide the option to download their images to be used on your websites. 

10. LoveYou Wholesale 

LoveYou Wholesale

LoveYou Wholesale is another great supplier of wholesale streetwear and other clothing items in China. This supplier provides a complete solution to retailers selling clothing products.

In addition to streetwear items, you can find activewear, swimwear, jumpsuits, and leggings on this website. 


Guangzhou, China



Key Features 

  • Over 10 years of experience selling wholesale fashionable clothing. 
  • Thousands of streetwear clothing items are available in different sizes, colors, and styles. 
  • They provide free shipping for orders over $300. 
  • In addition to clothing, you can also find shoes and other accessories, including hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. 
  • Provides clothing for special occasions, like Easter, St. Patrick’s, and Valentine’s Day. 
  • They offer easy returns within 30 days of purchase. 
  • Short but beautifully written product details.
  • Multiple pictures of clothing items are available. 
  • You can shop by clothing styles, including gothic, punk, and hip-hop. 
  • They have separate categories for clothing according to seasons. 
  • Supports wholesale and dropshipping solutions. 

FAQs about Wholesale Streetwear Suppliers 

The following answers to the most frequently asked questions will broaden your perspective about finding the right wholesale streetwear supplier for your retail business. 

How to Select the Best Wholesale Streetwear Supplier for Your Business?

While you can find a list of wholesale streetwear suppliers online, choosing the best supplier may be tricky. First, you must be clear about your target audience and what they want. 

Streetwear has a specific set of audiences that is choosy about what they want to wear. If a supplier doesn’t have those products, other factors like price and MOQ become irrelevant. 

There is a huge variety in streetwear; every supplier may not have the products your audience requires. You must follow the latest trends in the streetwear niche and check if a supplier offers those products. 

Having the right products is crucial in selecting a supplier. After that, you may research the prices, MOQs, lead time, etc. 

What Is the Best Way to Source Wholesale Streetwear? 

Finding a streetwear supplier is a difficult, lengthy, and tiresome task. Plus, you will not be sure if a supplier you just found out is the best option. There may be many better suppliers out there. 

So, the best and safest way to source streetwear clothing is by hiring a professional product sourcing agent. As China is truly a world leader in providing clothing and other items, it would be best to hire a sourcing company like NicheSources to help you find the best supplier. 

A good sourcing agent will also ensure to safely deliver your streetwear to your desired shipping address. So, you will have less headache and more time to look after other important tasks of your retail business. 

Final Words

Streetwear is a highly passionate niche. It has every potential to turn into a long-term profitable business. If you get a true audience, it is more likely to get repeat orders too.

Unlike general clothing suppliers, streetwear wholesale suppliers are difficult to find. That’s why we came up with the list of top 10 streetwear suppliers, so you can save time searching for them. 

Check every supplier shared in this article and choose the best one for you to start a profitable streetwear clothing business. If you want us to help you source quality streetwear products at affordable costs, ask for a free quote now, and one of our experts will guide you through every step. 

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