Where Are Hoka Shoes Made? A Comprehensive Guide for Shoe Sellers

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Known for their ultimate comfort, low heel drop, and minimal weight, Hoka footwear has made quite an impression in the market. 

As a seller looking for shoe manufacturers for your business, you may be intrigued by the success and shoe manufacturing of Hoka.

Understanding the manufacturing processes and locations can be crucial information for aspiring sellers like you who are searching for reliable and high-quality shoe manufacturers to partner with.

So, in this article, we’ll shed light on where Hoka shoes are made, providing valuable insights for your own business endeavors.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the secret behind Hoka shoes’ unique appeal and popularity.
  • Learn about Hoka shoes’ manufacturing origins and factory locations.
  • Gain valuable insights for sourcing reliable shoe manufacturers for your business.
Where are Hoka shoes made

The Unique Appeal of Hoka Shoes

As a seller looking for shoe manufacturers, it’s essential to know about brands that have made a significant impact in the market. 

One such brand is Hoka, widely known for its maximalist cushioning and innovative designs. 

The unique appeal of Hoka shoes could be what your customers are looking for, and understanding their manufacturing process will help you make better decisions for your business.

The primary reason behind the growing popularity of Hoka shoes is the exceptional comfort they offer. With their thick and superior cushioning, Hoka has transformed the running and athletic shoe market. 

These shoes are particularly favored by athletes and runners, as they provide support for a variety of foot types and running styles.

The unique appeal of Hoka shoes

Hoka’s innovative designs also contribute to their unique appeal. The brand focuses on creating lightweight shoes without compromising on the cushioning, making them suitable for both long-distance and everyday runs. 

Additionally, Hoka stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the footwear industry to offer cutting-edge products to its customers.

In summary, Hoka shoes have gained a considerable following due to their maximalist cushioning, lightweight designs, and adaptability to various running styles. 

As a seller looking into manufacturers for your business, considering Hoka’s manufacturing locations and process can be a wise move for the growth of your venture.

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made?

Hoka shoes are manufactured in several locations to ensure high-quality production and efficient global distribution. Let’s take a closer look at these locations to understand where your Hoka shoes come from:


A major part of Hoka shoes are made in China, mainly because of the country’s abundant skilled workforce and excellent manufacturing quality at relatively low costs. 

China is known for its well-developed infrastructure, making it a popular choice for many international brands.


Another key production location is Vietnam, where Hoka shoes are made utilizing the same skilled workers and manufacturing quality found in China. 

As Vietnam has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to China, it has become a go-to production hub for many footwear companies, including Hoka.

Hoka manufacturing location in Vietnam


Hoka also operates factories in Cambodia, mostly due to its competitive production costs and improving infrastructure. 

While the production volume in Cambodia is lower than that in China and Vietnam, it’s increasingly becoming a preferred location for international footwear brands.

Dominican Republic

Some Hoka shoes are made in the Dominican Republic, which is known for its strategic geographical location and convenient trade agreements. 

Even though the production volume in this country is relatively small, manufacturing here helps Hoka maintain quicker access to the American market.


Lastly, Hoka also has factories in the Philippines, another emerging player in the global footwear production landscape. With a skilled workforce and competitive costs, the Philippines is well-suited for footwear manufacturing.

Behind the Scenes: Hoka Factories

When you’re on the hunt for shoe manufacturers for your business, it’s essential to know where your products are being made. In the case of Hoka shoes, most of their manufacturing takes place in China and Vietnam. 

To a lesser extent, Hoka operates factories in the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, and the Philippines, accounting for less than 10 percent of their production operations.

Behind Hoka's manufacturing

As you explore the world of Hoka factories, you’ll find that the working conditions in these manufacturing centers aim to maintain high-quality standards. 

In Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City, for example, Hoka has streamlined its production processes to meet global standards.

In creating a pair of Hoka shoes, multiple processes are involved. The core component of their design is the superior cushioning, which provides athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with the support they need. 

Various techniques are applied in producing these innovative shoes, from cutting and assembling materials to sewing and bonding parts together.

Key Considerations for Shoe Manufacturing

1. Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality of your shoes is crucial for customer satisfaction and your brand’s reputation. Look for manufacturers with a proven track record in meeting quality standards.

2. Production Capacity

Understand your manufacturer’s capacity to meet your desired production volume. Make sure the manufacturer can handle potential increases in demand to avoid delays or stalled growth.

3. Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing Practices

Collaborate with manufacturers that prioritize ethical and responsible practices, including fair wages and safe working conditions for employees. Not only is this morally important, but it can also enhance your brand’s image.

4. Product Range

Evaluate manufacturers’ ability to produce a diverse range of products to meet your business needs. A wider variety of offerings can help you cater to different market segments and expand your customer base.

5. Customization

If you require customization options for your shoes, such as unique color schemes or branding elements, find a manufacturer that can accommodate these needs efficiently.

Customization of shoes

6. Legal Compliance

Make sure your manufacturer complies with relevant laws and regulations, including those related to labor, safety, and environmental standards. This can help prevent potential legal issues and financial consequences.

7. Certifications

Look for manufacturers with industry-specific certifications that demonstrate their commitment to quality, sustainability, and adherence to best practices. These certifications can lend credibility to your products and reinforce consumer trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Company Is behind Hoka Shoe Production?

Hoka shoes are produced by Deckers, the same company that owns Ugg and Teva shoe brands. They have quickly gained popularity in recent years and achieved impressive sales figures.

Are Hoka Shoes Made in the Same Factories as New Balance?

Hoka shoes are primarily made in factories located in China and Vietnam, but also in some other Asian countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. 

It is not confirmed whether they share the same factories as New Balance, but both brands have some manufacturing operations in the same regions.

What Other Footwear Brands Are Made in China?

Many popular footwear brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Puma, have manufacturing operations in China. China has a well-established shoe manufacturing industry, making it a popular destination for various footwear brands. 

How to Partner with Hoka for Retail Business?

To partner with Hoka for your retail business, you should reach out to Deckers, their parent company. 

They may have specific guidelines and requirements for retailers that would be interested in selling Hoka shoes. 

Ensure that you meet those criteria and are well-prepared in terms of professionalism and planning before approaching them.

What Are Some Popular Shoe Manufacturers in China?

China has numerous well-established and popular shoe manufacturers that work with various international shoe brands. 

Some of these manufacturers offer comprehensive services, from design and development to mass production and quality assurance. 

If you are interested in exploring shoe manufacturing options in China, you can find a list of shoe manufacturers to consider for your retail business. 

Be sure to research and vet any potential manufacturers thoroughly before entering into a partnership for your business.

Sourcing Shoe Manufacturers in China

Though Hoka shoes are made in a few countries, a significant part of their production takes place in China. 

Sourcing shoe manufacturers in China can provide several benefits for your business, especially when considering the vast manufacturing resources available. 

By outsourcing production to China, you can access cost-effective solutions, advanced technology, and high-quality production capabilities.

Partnering with a sourcing agent like NicheSources can be extremely beneficial for small businesses looking to navigate the process of finding and working with reliable manufacturers. 

We can help streamline communication, negotiate contracts, monitor production, and ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Since many brands outsource their production to China, it’s essential to find the right manufacturer for your product and ensure that they meet quality standards. 

Request a free quote from us and let us help kickstart your search for reputable shoe manufacturers in China and take your business to the next level.

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