15 Best Private Label Knife Manufacturers

by Stanley


The kitchen industry is worth millions of dollars. Focusing just on selling knives online can be a game-changer for your business. 

But to build a brand around selling knives, you need reliable private label knife manufacturers–the ones who offer quality knives at competitive prices with fast shipping.

This article reveals a list of private-label knife manufacturers, so you don’t have to search for them. You will learn a brief introduction to each manufacturer and their pros and cons. 

Let’s jump right into the list. 

1. Everwealth Kitchen Knife


Everwealth Kitchen Knife is located in Guangdong, China, and specializes in manufacturing all kinds of kitchen knives. 

You can get quality knives with metal, plastic, and wooden handles. 

They claim to work with over 20 knife brands. So, it can be a great option to private label your knife business. 

Key Features

  • OEM/ODM service
  • Good R&D practices 
  • Custom packaging 
  • Quality control practices 
  • End-to-end service from design to delivery
  • Aftersales and warranty services


  • Good options for custom knife manufacturing
  • Experts in manufacturing kitchen knife sets
  • Longlasting knives will earn you positive customer reviews
  • ISO certifications to ensure quality
  • You can offer Everwealth’s 3-year warranty to your customers to gain their trust


  • Only limited to kitchen knives
  • Price range is not available 
  • US-based fulfillment centers are not available

2. LeeKnives


LeeKnives is one of the renowned private label knife manufacturers located in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. 

You can find a huge range of knives at wholesale prices. They also provide dropshipping services. 

They are the experts in making custom knives as per your requirements. If you are looking for handmade or stamped knives, you can consider LeeKnives. 

Key Features

  • Over 30 years in knife manufacturing
  • A home to all kinds of kitchen knives
  • Chinese, Japanese, Western and Asian styles are available
  • Strict quality measures 
  • MOQ of 50 pcs per item
  • Up to 45 days for a custom knife manufacturing
  • Sample testing is available before bulk buying


  • You can sell knives in Amazon Handmade products
  • A great sourcing partner for dropshipping knives
  • Knife accessories are also available
  • Good product pictures with detailed description
  • Custom packaging
  • 24/7 customer service
  • You can return the products for required changes
  • Worldwide shipping with fulfillment centers in China and the US


  • Limited to kitchen knives only
  • Price range is not available
  • No warranties are offered

3. R. Murphy Knives

R. Murphy Knives

Started in 1850, R. Murphy Knives is a reliable name in knife manufacturing 

They proudly manufacture quality knives in the USA. So, it can be a great option to procure knives to sell in the US market. 

You have a huge variety of knives on this website and can also get gift sets made of knives and accessories. They manufacture knives for kitchen, home, and industrial purposes.

In addition to the private labeling services, you can get pre-made knives at competitive wholesale prices. 

Key Features

  • A large variety of knives are available
  • In addition to knives, they also offer some related kitchen tools
  • Handcrafted knives 
  • Strict quality checks
  • Free shipping on orders over $100


  • Logos are printed beautifully on the knife handles
  • High-quality pictures of the knives are available
  • You can also get your logo engraved on the knife blades 
  • Huge variety of wood handles are available including oyster wood, recycled plastic 
  • Price information are available


  • You have to pay a one-time fee of $85 for artwork
  • Large MOQ requirement of 144 pcs per product
  • Dropshipping services are not available

4. Halpern Titanium

Halpern Titanium

Started in 1997, Halpern Titanium is another great knife-manufacturing company in the USA. 

It began as a company to provide a huge variety of knives. Over time, it grew to become a private label company that only provides custom handles and parts of knives. 

So, you can use this company to engrave your company’s name or logo on the knives you are selling. 

Key Features

  • Advanced CNC machining 
  • Better finish and manufacturing accuracy
  • Orders ship within a week


  • Only focused on private labeling
  • High-quality titanium knives
  • Large-scale manufacturing 
  • Excellent option for stainless steel and carbon fiber knives


  • An MOQ of 500 pcs per order
  • Doesn’t provide finished knives

5. Knife Roll Company

Knife roll company

Knife Roll Company is a private label knife-rolls manufacturer in Canada. It is a reliable option if you sell knife accessories to protect your premium knives. 

In addition to private labels, it also provides dropshipping services. 

It claims to use only the finest quality leather in manufacturing knife rolls. So, you can be sure of its quality. 

Consider working with this company if you want to sell leather knife rolls and waxed canvas. It also offers leather knife bags, cases, and accessories. 

Key Features

  • A family-owned business
  • Every order is carefully handcrafted
  • Strict quality measures


  • A hundred-year purchase coverage
  • You can offer a hundred-year warranty of knives to your customers
  • Ideal for selling in the North-American market
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited product variety

6. Felix Solingen 

Felix Solingen

Are you a fan of German knives? Felix Solingen is a great option for sourcing private-label knives made in Germany. 

The company started in 1790 and has been providing quality knives worldwide. It claims to use only premium raw materials to manufacture knives that last longer than usual. 

They have a rigorous production process. A knife goes through multiple procedures until it is ready to leave the production line. 

Key Features

  • Knives with POM and wooden handles are available 
  • Excellent quality blades are available 
  • A home to punched blades and forged knives 
  • Convenient payment methods
  • 5-year warranty 


  • One of the oldest manufacturers of quality knives 
  • Huge variety of knives
  • Laser engraving 
  • Best for kitchen and professional knives 
  • Perfect finishing 
  • A great option for handmade knives 


  • An MOQ of 500 pcs per piece

7. Klever Solingen

Klever Solingen

Klever Solingen is another worth-mentioning knife-manufacturing company in Germany. It also hails from Solingen, a famous area in Germany known for manufacturing quality kitchen items. 

Klever is a family-owned business. So, they take quality very seriously. 

It can be the best option for your private label business as you can get customized knives with your logo on the blades, handles, and packaging. 

Key Features

  • 80+ years of experience in manufacturing knives
  • A huge variety of types and colors of knives 
  • Custom coloring is also offered
  • Works with famous knife brands 


  • Attractive knife series
  • Knives are available in 14 trendy colors 
  • Items related to knives are also available – peelers, etc. 
  • Decent customization options are available 
  • Multiple custom packaging options


  • Information on MOQs and prices are not available

8. Habur-Saws

Habur Saws

Habur is yet another German company for customized knives. It started in 1938 and went on to produce quality blades for knives. 

If you want to focus on knife blades, Habur is the company to work with. 

Many customization options are available. You may contact them to discuss your product requirements in detail. 

Key Features

  • 80+ years of experience 
  • Multiple knife blades available 
  • Rigorous blade-production processes 
  • Uses latest laser technology 


  • High-quality blades for knives 
  • Unique blade styles available 
  • Best for engraving logos on blades
  • Long-lasting knives


  • MOQs and pricing are not available
  • Detailed product descriptions are not available 

9. Wholesale Chef Knife

Wholesale Chef Knife

Wholesale Chef Knife is a one-stop solution for all your kitchen items. It started in 2005 and is based in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. 

It claims to offer the best pricing due to being a direct manufacturer. With no middlemen or advertising costs involved, you can get custom knives at the most affordable prices. 

Creative designs are also available. They claim to use quality materials for manufacturing knives to last longer. 

Key Features

  • Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing knives 
  • It is open to manufacturing the knives as per your requirements
  • Experts in using the right machinery and tools for manufacturing knives
  • 200+ knife handles are available for customization 


  • Pre-made knife inventory is also available 
  • Customer-focused approach 
  • Great customer service
  • Handmade knives are also offered 
  • Customized branded packaging is available


  • Only limited to kitchen knives 
  • MOQs and pricing is not mentioned 

10. Luk Knife 

Luk Knife private label knife manufacturers

Based in China, Luk Knife is a promising manufacturer of different kinds of knives. 

The company claims to have worked with many brands selling knives. Most of the knives go to European and American regions. 

You can get multiple types of knives, including Kebab knives, food processing knives, slitting knives, etc. 

Key Features

  • Over 30 years of industrial experience 
  • A great team of engineering professionals 
  • They have shipped to over 90 regions globally 
  • High-quality material is used 
  • Advanced machinery for manufacturing knife blades


  • Unique designs of knives 
  • Knives are available as per the usage and industry 
  • Super cutting quality 
  • Affordable pricing 


  • No information on pricing and MOQs
  • Website is not optimized for English regions

11. Gooda Home 

Gooda Home

Gooda Home is another great knife company in China. It claims to comply strictly with your specifications

With over 20 years of experience, they have specialized in manufacturing various kitchen knives.

They also claim to have worked with many European and American knife brands as their manufacturing partners. 

Key Features

  • Modern manufacturing system 
  • Premium quality knives 
  • Kitchenware product series is available to add SKUs
  • Unique designs of knives 
  • Sells to European and American brands 


  • Best for manufacturing kitchen knife sets 
  • Ideal option for stainless steel knives 
  • Cost-friendly knives 
  • Pre-made knives are also available 


  • No information on pricing and MOQs

12. Ruitai

Ruitai - RT Kitchen Knife

Ruitai, also known as RT Kitchen Knife, is a knife manufacturer in China. It has over 18 years of experience manufacturing various kinds of kitchen knives. 

It offers customization services for knife blades, designs, and handles. You can share your detailed requirements to discuss possible solutions. 

If you are looking for stainless steel and forged knife handles, Ruitai can be an excellent choice. 

Key Features

  • OEM & ODM custom services
  • Strict quality measures 
  • Latest machinery for cutting and shaping knives 
  • Aggressive and continuous R&D
  • Experienced staff 
  • ISO certifications 
  • Convenient payment methods 


  • Huge variety of kitchen knives 
  • Customized packaging 
  • Beautiful designs of knives 
  • High-quality pictures
  • Good product descriptions
  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent customer service 


  • You have to send an inquiry for pricing 

13. Ontario Knife Co (Inactive)

Ontario Knife Co

Ontario Knife Company has been purchased and relocated to Virginia. Please pardon our disruption in service while the relocation is completed. We will be in contact with you as soon as OKC is open for business agai

Ontario Knife Company

Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Co, aka OKC, is an excellent option to get quality knives manufactured in Canada. 

OKC can serve your purpose if you sell knives for hunting, camping, bayonets, etc.

Being manufactured in Canada gives you satisfaction with quality. So you can confidently resell them on your online store. 

They also sell their pre-made knives in their online shop. You can get special quotes at wholesale prices with private label options. 

Key Features

  • Legacy over 100 years
  • Premium knives 
  • High-quality raw materials are used in manufacturing knives
  • Knives are available for multiple purposes, including tactical, home, garden, hunting, and camping purposes


  • Ideal for selling in the North American region
  • High-ticket knives 
  • Beautiful shapes and designs 
  • You can use their high-quality images on your online store 
  • Better profit margins 


  • A little expensive knives 
  • They are not operational right now

14. Maniago 


Maniago is a famous knife brand in Italy. It has been manufacturing specialty knives since 1960. 

You can find multiple types of outdoor, tactical, rescue, and gentleman knives. You can also ask them to manufacture knives for hunting, fishing, agriculture, and gardening purposes. 

It is a trustable name in Italy and can be a good choice to get your ideal knives manufactured by them. 

Key Features

  • Over 60 years of experience
  • New products and styles are regularly added 
  • All knives are made in Italy
  • Quality of knives is guaranteed by the company 
  • Worldwide shipping 


  • Beautiful and unique styles of knives 
  • Best option to sell knives in Italy and Europe
  • Related items for personal care are also available
  • Prices are mentioned to have an idea of retail margins


  • You only have to contact them to discuss your private label options

15. Knives Ship Free

Knives Ship Free

Based in the USA, Knives Ship Free is an excellent option for selling your favorite knives. 

The website gives you an idea of retail and purchase prices. So, you can get estimated profit margins by procuring knives from this manufacturer. 

This website has smart filters and options to facilitate visitors. You can search knives by makers and types. Selling branded knives with your name is possible with them. 

You can contact them to discuss your private labeling options. 

Key Features

  • Free shipping within the USA
  • Premium quality knives 
  • Made-in-USA knives
  • Seasonal sales and discounts 


  • New and trending styles are regularly updated 
  • Best for high-ticket selling 
  • Better profit margins 
  • Competitive advantage
  • Unique styles of knives and handles 


  • A little expensive knives 

How to Find Private Label Knife Manufacturers?

So, you have gone through the list of private-label knife manufacturers. All of them are great options for your private-label knife business. 

If you want to explore more knife manufacturers offering private label services, you can get help from the following guidelines. 

You may also try the traditional methods of searching for them on search engines, social media platforms, and trade shows. We are only sharing the most important methods. 

Chinese B2B E-commerce Platforms

As the world relies heavily on Chinese manufacturers, you will find many private label knife manufacturers on B2B e-commerce platforms. Some of them are listed below. 

The shortest way to get competitive quotes from private label manufacturers is to raise an RFQ on these platforms. Remember to mention all the required specifications so the most relevant manufacturers contact you. 

Manufacturer Directories 

If you want to dig deeper to look for private label knife manufacturers from the countries of your preference, you can search for them in manufacturer directories. 

Following are the trusted directories of manufacturers.

  • Thomas Net
  • MFG
  • IQS Directory 
  • World of Manufacturers

You will also find some manufacturer directories specifically for knives, like Knife Magazine.  

Product Sourcing Agent 

You may skip doing all the hard work in finding trustable manufacturers. Hiring a specialist product sourcing agent like NicheSources will help you in many ways. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Sourcing knives directly from the best manufacturers in China
  • Negotiations about costs and services on your behalf
  • Liaising between you and the manufacturer for better communication and understanding of your specifications. 
  • Serve you with their expertise in product branding and development
  • Order fulfillment and worldwide shipping 

By the way, NicheSources is a one-stop solution for reselling wholesale knives and swords

FAQs about Private Label Knife Manufacturers 

We get a lot of questions about private label knife manufacturers. So, we have answered the most frequently asked questions in the following. 

Is Selling Private Label Knives Profitable?

Yes. Selling private-label knives is a lucrative business. But you don’t jump into selling private label business models from the start. 

You may consider reselling general knives to test the waters. If that business goes well, you can scale it to start selling private-label knives. It will bring you better profit margins. 

Can I Source Private Label Knives from Famous Knife Brands?

Probably not. Most famous brands selling branded knives don’t have manufacturing facilities. They rely on a manufacturing partner. That’s how this business model works. 

So, you may have to find a manufacturer that offers to make knives with your brand’s logo imprinted or engraved on knives. 

Which Countries Are Most Famous for Making Knives?

Germany and Japan have been known for making quality knives with accuracy for many decades. Like many other products, China is also famous for making knives. 

The best thing about souring from China is that you get exactly what you want within your price range. If you want higher quality knives, China has all the machinery and equipment to manufacture them. 

If your budget is low, you can also get good quality knives at competitive prices. 


Searching for private label knife manufacturers can be a hectic process. It may take much time and effort to find a reliable knife manufacturer. 

Many private-label knife businesses trust this article’s list of knife manufacturers. You can contact them individually to determine which manufacturer provides the services that suit your business needs. 

Are you interested in kickstarting a private-label knife business? Ask for a free quote today, and we will assist you through every step. 

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