11 Best Replica Websites Worth Exploring

by Stanley Nieh


Every shopper desires quality products that can adequately meet their needs and last for a long time. Unfortunately, top-tier items are often expensive and thus not easily accessible to all customers.

Replica products serve as a bridge for this market gap. While their quality may not match that of the originals, they are a welcome compromise for shoppers working with a tight budget. 

Would you like to start sourcing replica products for your store? Then you have found the right blog. Read on as we review some of the best replica websites, what they offer, and also discuss some pertinent issues to consider about selling replicas. 

Let’s begin. 

Best Replica Websites

What Are Replica Products?

Replica products are goods made in a design that is almost identical to that of a more established brand. 

For example, when it comes to sneakers, brands like Nike and Adidas are well-known all over the world and sought after by most shoppers.

However, the quality of materials used to make such shoes and the prominence of the brands makes them more expensive than other run-of-the-mill sneakers. 

In contrast, replica sneaker manufacturers imitate the designs of authentic Nike or Adidas sneakers. They, however, use alternative materials that are much cheaper. In turn, they offer shoes that can easily pass for the authentic brands but at a much lower price. 

With that cleared up, let’s turn our focus to the websites. 

China Watches

China Watches

China Watches manufactures replicas of designer watch brands like Breitling, Hublot, Patek Philippe, Omega, Rolex, among others. Its website is well-organized and watches are conveniently organized based on brands to make it easy to find what you need. 

In terms of quality, China Watches uses quality materials such as titanium and raise gold for its clasps. Its watches are thus likely to be more durable and it is easy to see why they qualify for a AAA replica rating(more on this below).  

You can shop and pay for the replica websites online. China Watches offers worldwide shipping.

China NOOB Factory

China NOOB Factory

China Noob Factory is located in Guangzhou, China but has a network of resellers in the USA, the UK, and multiple European countries. It specializes in manufacturing replicas of Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Frank Muller, Cartier, and lots more. 

Aside from its impressive replica watch catalog, this company also stands out due to its commitment to quality. It runs extensive quality checks on the appearance and performance of every watch.

Additionally, the China Noob factory can make up to 100 watches a day and is thus able to fulfill wholesale orders. You can order via email or WhatsApp. 

YGFashion Luxury

YGFashion Luxury

YGFashion Luxury manufactures replica sneakers, belts, sunglasses, watches, and handbags. Its products are replicas of leading brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga, Nike, and Rolex. 

You can shop on the YGFashion Luxury website from anywhere in the world. The products come complete with branded packaging and tags to deliver a superior customer experience just like buying the originals. 

Nevertheless, there is no provision to pick and add items to your cart. Instead, you would need to send links of the products you want to the indicated contact numbers and the customer care team will help you process your order.

iTiffany Jewelry

iTiffany Jewelry

iTiffany Jewelry manufactures ornaments that are replicas of the renowned Tiffany jewel store. The ornaments include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and jewelry sets. 

The website has a minimum order quantity of 1 piece for most items. The order process starts with an inquiry to ensure that the item is in stock. The customer care team will then send you a quote and process your order once this is confirmed.

iTiffany ships to most countries in Asia, Australia, the USA, the UK, and Europe within 4-7 days of receiving your order. It accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, or Western Union.

Diya Wholesale

Diya Wholesale is a one-stop-shop for dressing replicas. It manufactures replica shoes, clothing, scarves, accessories, and handbags.

Diya Wholesale

The product designs are inspired by Versace, Nike, Burberry, and Channel. Notably, this firm also replicates niche brands like Thom Browne, McQueen, and Kenzo. 

The order process is similar to most websites on this list. You first need to make an inquiry, receive a quotation, confirm the order, pay, and await shipment.

Diya Wholesale ships all over the world within 24 hours of receiving your order if the item is in stock. It accepts Western Union, Money Gram, and bank transfer payments. 

XinFuLai Trade Co.

Xinfulai Trade Company

XinFuLai Trade Co. is another great option if you would like to shop for different product replicas from the same vendor. The website showcases a variety of shoes, coats, jeans, watches, beachwear, belts, wallets, and a whole lot more. 

This company’s products are replicas of countless international brands. They include RayBan, Givenchy, Victoria’s Secret, Amiri, Berluti, Dior, Versace, and many others. You would, therefore, have no shortage of varieties to choose from. 

The website recommends that customers send product links to the indicated numbers so that the customer care team responds with quotes. Unfortunately, factors like product prices and minimum order quantities are not indicated so you will be shopping blind. 



Dolabuy is based in Hong Kong but sells its products online to more than 60 countries. It maintains a very refined website that is pleasant and easy to shop on. All items are categorized in an orderly way, clearly labeled as replicas, and their brands specified.

The Dolabuy catalog includes replica handbags, luxury shoes, hats, ties and scarves, as well as accessories like trinkets, belts, and phone cases. Their designs are based on brands such as: 

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermes
  • Gucci
  • YSL
  • Goyard
  • Celine
  • Dior
  • Balenciaga
  • Prada

All items bought from this website have a 3-month warranty. You can add items to your cart and check out just like in most online stores.

However, payment is only via Western Union or bank transfer. You may also notice that prices on this website are comparatively higher. This is because Dolabuy specializes in top-quality replicas. 



AliExpress hosts countless suppliers and thus it is easy to search and find replica products on the platform. Such products range from clothing, shoes, toys, watches, bags, and even consumer electronics. 

Moreover, it is a well-known website with rules that govern buyer-seller interactions. As such, it may be a much safer option than other less-known websites. 

Nonetheless, it is important to use the right keywords as you run your searches. For example, if you are looking for replica watches, you can use specific keywords like ‘Rolex replica watches’. 

Given the legal questions surrounding replica products, most suppliers do not highlight such items very clearly. However, if you look at the product pictures and descriptions, you may have an easier time finding the supplier you need. 

It is also worth mentioning that AliExpress is mostly a retail online marketplace. Consequently, it may mostly be suitable for shoppers looking to buy in small to average quantities. If you are looking to buy in bulk, Alibaba may be a better option.


Alibaba is pretty much the same as AliExpress. The only difference is that Alibaba hosts wholesalers with higher MOQ stipulations. The bigger the size of your order, the better the prices sellers are likely to offer. 

Finding replicas on Alibaba also works the same way as on AliExpress. However, if your supplier is a manufacturer, you may be able to request a few customizations on the products you order. You may also be able to negotiate things like branded packaging.



DHgate is an online marketplace just like Alibaba and AliExpress. The website is easy to use even on mobile devices and you can search and click on items to view them or learn more about the supplier. 

Replica products on DHgate cover almost all grooming items. Whether you need replica shoes, scarves, bags, t-shirts, sweatpants, or even dresses, you will likely find them on this platform. Some brands just happen to be easier to find than others.

Placing orders is easy as you only need to add them to your cart and check out. You will, however, need to set up an account to fully process your order. Ensure to only use the payment methods recommended by DHgate and aim for highly-rated sellers.

DIY Trade

DIY Trade

DIY Trade may not look as sleek as DHgate but it is a treasure trove for replica items. This B2B website offers a wide range of shoes, jewelry, bags, watches, scarves, and more. 

Unlike on other online marketplaces, the prices of goods on DIY trade are not always indicated. You, therefore, have to make an inquiry with the indicated supplier and then proceed with your order based on their response. 

How to Find Replica Products on Websites

Websites that sell replica products are e-commerce platforms. They organize products in categories and usually have a search bar that you can use to find specific items.

Browsing through product categories can be a good way to discover trendy replicas you may not know about. On the downside, it can be time-consuming and does not always lead you to what you are looking for.

In comparison, using the search bar is a quicker and more direct approach. The only catch is that you need to use the right keywords to ensure you get relevant search results. You can formulate keywords using words like: 

  • The brand name and the replica product you are shopping for I.e LV handbags
  • The replica rating+the brand+the product name I.e AAA Dior bags
  • The replica rating+the brand name I.e AA Dior

For better insight on what keywords would be best, skim through the menu and see what descriptive names or product tags the website uses for different items. They will likely be the same terms used to label the items in the website’s database. 

Once you run a search and get an array of results, do not hesitate to use filters. They can help you whittle down the results to only what is relevant. Some filter options allow you to sort the results using factors like price or brands too thus making it quicker to see the results you are looking for. 

Other Ways to Find Wholesale Replica Products in China

Buying replica merchandise online is convenient but it is not the only way. You can also find wholesale products in China by:

Visiting Wholesale Markets for Replica Products in China

If you plan to visit China you could visit various markets designated for different kinds of replica products. The term market here refers to mall-type buildings partitioned into stalls where different vendors sell their products. 

The ideal replica market for you will depend on what area of China you are visiting and the type of product you are looking for. Some of the options include:

  • Shanghai Taobao market- if you are around Shanghai this market offers a wide selection of replica products that are designed to a higher standard. The bargain prices from sellers are also a big plus.
  • Guangzhou Wholesale Garment Sector- this market is home to hundreds of replica clothing vendors. It may be worth your time because the clothing items are export quality and most sellers offer great prices if you negotiate well.
  • Shanghai Hongqiao New World Pearl Market- this market is famous for selling replica jewelry made using pearls, crystals, and other stones. This would also be an ideal shopping venue if you require accessories like scarves and belts.
  • Beijing Silk Market- this is a one-stop market for replica clothing, jewelry, shoes, and even sportswear. It offers a decent quality of products and there are numerous shops that you can compare to find the best quality items within your budget.

Markets in China have a semblance of order and offer great wholesale deals. Yet, at the same time, they are riddled with con men that can sell you thin air or extort you if you are not keen to negotiate a fair price.

So, be very discerning if you choose to use this method or seek the services of a trusted local guide. 

Using a Sourcing Agent

The websites you can find online for replica designer clothing, shoes, or accessories are only the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other replica manufacturers and vendors in China. They simply keep a low profile to avoid legal scrutiny from major brands  

Using a China sourcing agent is advantageous because they understand how the local replica industry operates. They also tend to know or are better-placed to find manufacturers that offer the replica products you are looking to buy. 

Further, a sourcing agent can also:

  • Negotiate fair prices on your behalf
  • Perform quality inspections to ensure the products meet the import standards of your country 
  • Organize collection and warehousing 
  • Organize shipping to your nominated  destination 

Sourcing agents charge some fees for their services. This extra cost may, however, be better than dealing with shifty sellers in markets or even online.

The Risks of Buying and Selling Replicas

Replica products violate intellectual property laws. Subsequently, selling them presents a myriad of risks including: 

Legal Challenges

Replication of authentic products violates intellectual property laws. Taking part in the sale of replica items is thus illegal and could leave you open to facing legal prosecution. 

Tarnishing Your Brand Name

Various businesses and brands take exception to physical or online stores that sell replica goods. 

PayPal, for example, often declines to handle payments for businesses that sell replica goods. It is why most replica websites in China only accept payment via bank transfer or Western Union.

When other businesses are unwilling to associate with you in this way, it can be difficult to grow your business to its full potential. 

Additionally, customers may easily begin to associate your brand with knock-offs. This may persist and negatively impact your sales even if you venture into selling authentic merchandise later on. 

Advertising Limitations

Advertising Limitations

Marketing replica products is a fragile balance. If you mention the brand names online or make your physical store stand out, it could invite lots of scrutiny and even legal problems. Platforms like Facebook also prohibit the marketing of replica products.

On the flip side, if you do not market the products you have to offer, customers may never learn of your store, and sales could be dismal. 

To put it briefly, this niche of goods requires very careful marketing. Make an effort to research how other successful replica businesses are doing it and borrow a tip or two.

FAQs About Replica Websites and Replica Products


Is It Illegal to Sell Replicas?

Yes, it is.

Different countries impose different punitive measures on businesses found to be selling replica items.

You could be liable for a fine or even jail time if you are found to be selling replica items. It all depends on the legal systems in your country. Some countries are also more lenient in enforcing these laws than others.

What Is an ‘AAA Quality” Replica?

Replicas differ based on the materials and production methods that a manufacturer uses. Consequently, there is a ranking system that is used to indicate the quality of different replicas. Its ranks are as follows: 

  • 1:1
  • AAAA
  • AAA
  • AA
  • A

1:1 is sometimes also known as mirror quality. It is the next best thing to an authentic design and is made using high-quality alternative materials and top-standard craftsmanship. An untrained eye may hardly ever notice the difference.

The quality of materials and workmanship gradually gets lower as you move from AAAA, AAA, AA, and A. The prices also decline in the same curve with 1:1 being the most expensive and A being the cheapest. 

What Is the Difference Between Replicas and Counterfeit Items?

Replicas are sold on the basis of full disclosure. They are imitations of the original designs but all parties are fully aware that they are not the real thing. Even the pricing reflects this and is often based on the ranking system we have discussed above. 

In contrast, counterfeits are fake goods whose sellers try to pass them off as originals. It is a fraudulent line of trade because customers are often charged high prices while under the false impression that they are buying authentic merchandise. 

While selling replicas is mostly a moral and intellectual property issue, selling counterfeits is fraud and can have severe legal consequences. 

How Can I Ship Replica Products?

Shipping replica products is no different from shipping any other goods. You and your seller simply need to agree on shipping terms that work for both parties. 

However, it is advisable to do your due diligence and find out if there are any customs requirements for such products in your country. You may find that you require a product inspection certificate indicating whether the replica goods you are importing:

  • Meet the product safety requirements in your country.
  • Are made using an acceptable standard of materials.
  • Are free of any chemicals or ingredients that are banned in your country.

In Conclusion

The truth is that replicas fill a vital gap that is present in most markets. However, their necessity does not override the fact that it is morally and legally unacceptable for replica manufacturers to imitate and profit off of the hard work of original brands.

We, at NicheSources, provide comprehensive product sourcing services. However, we do not source replica goods for our clients.

Instead, we can help you develop unique products for your brand that can compete with other high-flying brands. Alternatively, if you would like to avoid product development, we can source quality white label products and handle product branding on your behalf.

These options still enable you to fill the market gap that replicas fill. The difference is, you can sell private label or white label products with a clear conscience and they can open up tremendous growth opportunities for your brand.

How can you get started? Send us a list of your sourcing requirements and request a free quote and we will promptly get back to you. 

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