24 Best Private Label Products with High Profit Margins in 2023

by Stanley


If you’re searching for private label products to sell for your eCommerce business, you’ve landed on the right spot. This list will surely give you a product idea!

When sourcing products to resell for a profit, there’s a big difference between private labeling and selling generic products.

Private label products enjoy a higher profit margin and all other benefits that come with having a brand – recognition, customer loyalty, and more. 

So, let’s jump right in and check out the best private label products to sell in 2023!

What Is a Private Label Product?

Private label products are those manufactured by third-party manufacturers and then customized according to the buyer’s request. Private label products are always branded and usually come in branded packaging as well. 

In other words, private labeling is a way to develop a unique product and differentiate your brand from the rest of the sellers in your niche. 

These private label products are exclusively produced and branded for the third-party buyer and nobody else can buy them as such. 

Private labeling as an online business model is best suited for tested and winning products that you can confidently sell to an audience ready to buy. 

How Does Private Labeling Work?

Here is how a typical eCommerce business owner would go about launching a private label brand:

Step 1: Product Idea and Market Research

First, you need to do a fair amount of research and find a good niche. A high search volume/low competition niche is ideal. 

Of course, in product development, it’s hard to design and think of a brand new product. However, you can find ways to improve or features to upgrade and create a superior product. 

For instance, you could go through products with 3 or 4-star reviews on Amazon and see what customers dislike about the product. This will often give you a good idea of what you can improve. 

Also, don’t forget to research your competition and define your target market. Building an ideal buyer persona can help you understand your buyers and adjust the product according to their needs.

Step 2: Find Private Label Manufacturers

The second step is finding private label manufacturers for your products. 

You have many different product sourcing options:

Note that your initial contact with the manufacturer is crucial and you need to ask all the right questions. For example:

  • Private labeling service conditions
  • Wholesale product price (necessary for calculating your profit margin)
  • Bulk discounts
  • Lead time
  • MOQ
  • Product quality expectations
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Production capacity
  • Certificates or permits (if needed according to the product category)

Step 3: Design Your Brand and Product

Internally or together with your private label manufacturer, you have to specify your product’s features, design, raw materials, branding, etc. 

Be as precise as possible with your product specification sheet and include everything important:

  • Product design
  • Color codes
  • Materials
  • Sizes or dimensions
  • Logo and branded packaging needs
  • Models and blueprints
  • The product uses or applications
  • Quality standards and expectations

You need to specify all these things upfront to ensure that you communicate all your product and branding needs correctly. 

Step 4: Order Product Samples

Next, you want to order your first product samples. It’s best to order more than one sample to check the quality consistency. 

In cases of private labeling, your manufacturer might not be able to send you a branded product to start with, but they can send you the generic products or the base that they’re going to start upgrading.

Step 5: Place a Bulk Order

Once you receive the sample and decide you want to proceed, it’s time to place your bulk order. 

When sourcing products, outline everything in advance – all the conditions of your agreement that need to be fulfilled such as the MOQ, price, lead time, payment terms, etc. 

Step 6: Organize Inventory Storage

As soon as you place your bulk order, you need to think of where to store it. You have several options:

  • Rent a warehouse space
  • Use a room from your home for storage (if the space allows you)
  • Work with a sourcing agent with warehouses close to your customer base

Step 7: Set Up Order Fulfillment

Your next step is to consider order fulfillment. This will be closely connected to your warehousing solution.

For instance, if you decide to work with a full-service sourcing and dropshipping agent, they can fulfill orders to your end customers. 

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with storage individually, you’ll have to either ship the orders manually or find a 3PL service to do it for you. 

Step 8: Take Product Photos

As soon as you receive your products, we recommend hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality and unique photos. Often, manufacturers can also provide you with product photos, but those always look generic and unattractive. 

A picture speaks a thousand words. Show all the best sides, angles, and features of your products.

Step 9: Set Up an Online Store

Once you have your product photos ready, it’s time to write the product descriptions that you’ll need for your listings. And, of course, you’ll need an online store. 

Usually, eCommerce business owners choose Shopify or WooCommerce as website builders. Alternatively, you could also try listing your products on other sales channels like Amazon.

Step 10: Start Promoting and Selling

Once your products are listed, it’s time to launch, market, and sell! 

Choose the best social media channels to engage with your target market and start promoting your private label brand. 

Brand awareness is crucial to your success. 

24 Best Private Label Products to Sell (List)

Let’s dive into the main part of this guide – the 24 best private label products to sell in 2023. 

We will see the MOQ and potential profit margins of each product. Furthermore, we’ve checked Alibaba to see their wholesale price and Amazon for their average sales price. So, we did all the research for you!

1. Water Bottles

First, we have water bottles. They are easy to source and customize, and with the right strategy, you can have a great profit margin. 

There are tons of suppliers that offer customized bottles in bulk on Alibaba and similar B2B marketplaces. 

However, note that this is a saturated niche, so find something that makes you unique. For instance, sell a sustainable bottle, add a new feature, improve the design or material, etc. 

Water Bottles

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $2 – $4
  • Sales price range: $20 – $40 
  • MOQ: 10 – 500 pieces
  • Potential profit margin – $16 – $38

2. Travel Bags

The next item that’s great for private labeling is a travel bag. In this category, you can choose between different designs of duffel bags or sports bags.

Travel bags are great for private labeling since they are easy to customize in terms of adding more compartments (for instance, a compartment for shoes), or improving the material and making it waterproof. The sky is your limit when it comes to the design and customization of travel bags. 

Travel Bags

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $4 – $15
  • Sales price range: $20 – $40
  • MOQ: 1 – 300 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $36

3. Makeup Brush Sets

Makeup brushes and brush sets have one of the most impressive sales margins we’ve seen. You can find them on wholesale websites like Alibaba for an affordable price of around $5, and sell them branded for over $50. 

Expect a lot of sellers in this niche, so find your positioning on the market carefully. Find a spin to your product and add features to make the brushes unique – ethical hairs, perfect blending, sustainable materials, an unusual brush bag, etc.

Makeup Brush Sets

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $2 – $8
  • Sales price range: $10 – $100
  • MOQ: varies (3/5/100/1000 sets)
  • Potential profit margin: $2 – $98

4. Organizers and Storage Boxes

This product niche is great since you can find really affordable products and customize them easily according to your product plans. 

You could think of selling products like fridge organizers, storage jars, drawer organizers, spice jar racks, food containers, can racks, and more. 

Organizers and Storage Boxes

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $1 – $10
  • Sales price range: $20 – $60
  • MOQ: 200/500/1000 pieces/sets
  • Potential profit margin: $10 – $59

5. Smart Backpacks

Smart backpacks are simply awesome! They can come with waterproof materials, USB ports, charging stations, an anti-theft mechanism, and much more. 

They’re a great investment for the buyer, and a great opportunity for a private label seller to design a unique product that’s better than what’s already out there. 

Smart Backpacks

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $5 – $20
  • Sales price range: $40 – $150
  • MOQ: 5 – 500 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $20 – $145

6. Camping Tents

Our next choice is camping tents. These can be good for any season, and they’re easy to customize. You could make them waterproof, improve the interior spacing, make the design more attractive, or perhaps make them easier to set up. 

Additionally, they have a great selling price range which can be great for your profit margins. 

Camping Tents

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $5 – $20
  • Sales price range: $50 – $200
  • MOQ: 5 – 20 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $30 – $195

7. Yoga Mats

Our next category for private labeling is yoga mats. But, be careful since it’s a pretty saturated niche, so you will need to get creative with your product development and customization. 

If you do it right and create a reputable brand, yoga mats can be incredibly profitable private label products to sell. 

Yoga Mats

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $1 – $10
  • Sales price range: $15 – $80
  • MOQ: 10 – 100 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $79

8. Skincare Serums

Skincare serums are another attractive niche for private labeling since you can customize not just the branding but also the formulation. 

If this is your idea, you can search for sellers that offer both ODM and OEM services

Your choices are endless – you can sell serums with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol, peptides, etc.

A word of advice – your seller will probably need certificates and permits proving the safety of the products. This applies to most skincare and hair care products, food, supplements, and beverages. 

Skincare Serums

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $1 – $5
  • Sales price range: $15 – $50
  • MOQ: 50 – 1000 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $10 – $49

9. Activewear

Clothing is a popular private label product category, but it’s very saturated. So, we recommend drilling down your niche to activewear. 

These are things like yoga pants, workout and gym sets, elastic shorts, crop tops, shirts, etc. Plus, you have an abundance of great private label activewear manufacturers to choose from. 


Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $5 – $15
  • Sales price range: $20 – $90
  • MOQ: varies (1/10/20/50/100 pieces)
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $85

10. Supplements

From vitamin gummies to probiotic bags and capsules with different plant extracts, your supplement choices are limitless. 

As long as your seller possesses the right permits and certifications, private labeling supplements is a great product idea. 


Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $1 – $15 (depending on the type and quantity)
  • Sales price range: $20 – $100
  • MOQ: varying (boxes, pieces, sets, bottles, etc.)
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $99

11. Essential Oils

According to Google Trends, the demand for essential oils has been steadily growing over the years. 

They smell great, reduce stress and anxiety, and have many medicinal properties as well. So, why not make a private label brand out of them?

Essential Oils

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.50 – $5
  • Sales price range: $10 – $30
  • MOQ: 1kg or 50 – 1000 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $29.50

12. Party Games

Our personal favorite – party games. Private labeling party games and making a brand out of them is an amazing idea since it’s an underserved niche. 

Party games are things like card games, board games, adult drinking games, truth or dare, and similar. 

If you are creative by nature, try to design a new, original game. People are constantly on the search for new games that are actually good. But, no worries. Private labeling an existing game only improved is also a good route to take. 

Party Games

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.50 – $5
  • Sales price range: $10 – $30
  • MOQ: 500 – 3000 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $29.50

13. Beard Oil

Men’s grooming products like beard oils, wax, and balms are also great for private label sellers. They have a very affordable wholesale price; you can even buy them by kg. 

You can try to find a supplier on Alibaba since they have a lot of private label beard oil sellers. 

Beard Oil private label products to sell

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.30 – $3
  • Sales price range: $10 – $30
  • MOQ: varies
  • Potential profit margin: $7 – $29.70

14. Phone Accessories

Another favorite product category among private label sellers is phone accessories. These are phone cases, phone holders, wireless chargers, and similar things. 

The most impressive feature in this product category is definitely the profit margin. You can buy phone accessories for just a couple of cents a then resell them for a good profit. 

But, like any other category, there’s also a downside here – the niche is one of the most saturated ones on the market. So, you’ll need a lot of creativity and expertise to succeed.

Phone Accessories

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.20 – $3
  • Sales price range: $6 – $20
  • MOQ: 50/100/500/1000 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $3 – $19.80

15. Pet Supplies

To private label pet supplies, go directly to wholesale pet supply manufacturers. They will give you the best price and the most customization possibilities. 

You could develop and sell products like collars, leashes, slow feeding bowls, pet beds, car covers, or even brand your own cat litter if you want to!

Pet Supplies

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.50 – $20
  • Sales price range: $5 – $100
  • MOQ: 10/20/50/100 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $4.50 – $95.50

16. Eyewear

You can purchase eyewear frames for wholesale prices as low as $2 on Alibaba and then customize and brand them to resell them at an amazing profit margin. 

Plus, eyewear can be great for a private label brand since it allows you to add products to your palette easily. These can be different designs, break-proof frames, and even decorative chains for your eyeglasses. 


Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $1 – $8
  • Sales price range: $15 – $150
  • MOQ: 2/10/50 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $7 – $149

17. Wooden Toys

Wooden blocks or other non-toxic wooden kid toys are great for private labeling and easy to market and sell. 

These come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, and serve not just for playing but also to improve children’s early cognitive development. 

Wooden Toys

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $1 – $15
  • Sales price range: $25 – $80
  • MOQ: 50/100/500/1000 pieces/sets
  • Potential profit margin: $10 – $79

18. Sneakers

Sneakers are an attractive product category for both genders. This is both a pro and a con. The advantage is that the customer base market is so big that there will always be people buying sneakers. 

But, that’s also a disadvantage since entering a competitive niche comes with higher advertising costs and more effort to get your customers’ attention. 

So, in this niche, creativity, and thinking outside the box is a must if you wish to succeed and be profitable as a private label seller. 


Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $4 – $30
  • Sales price range: $40 – $200
  • MOQ: 10/20/100 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $10 – $196

19. Scented Candles

Starting a private label candle business is a lucrative idea in 2023. Why? Candles are easy to source, modify and customize, and attractive to sell. 

Plus, with the right branding and features, you can have a great profit margin. 

We recommend going directly to private label candle manufacturers for the best customization possibilities. Working with a factory has a lot of pros in terms of ODM or OEM services.

Scented Candles

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.40 – $5
  • Sales price range: $15 – $90
  • MOQ: 100 – 1000 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $10 – $89.60

20. Ready-to-Assemble Furniture

According to Statista insights, the global size of the ready-to-assemble furniture market is projected to reach a value of $18.4 billion by 2025. So, why not jump on that train while it’s still not too saturated? 

Furniture is a high-ticket product category, so you can really enjoy high profits here. However, these products can also be bulky, so plan your shipping and inventory expenses accordingly. 

Ready to Assemble Furniture

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: varies (from $10 for a nightstand to $100+ for a couch)
  • Sales price range: varies (from $40 upwards)
  • MOQ: 1 to 10/20 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: varies 

21. Jewelry

Jewelry is a saturated category. However, it’s also a very broad category which means there are many unsaturated sub-niches to choose from. 

Additionally, we’ve found there are many great private label jewelry manufacturers on the market that you can use for sourcing products. 


Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: varies (from $1 to $30+ for silver jewelry)
  • Sales price range: $50 – $200+
  • MOQ: varies 
  • Potential profit margin: varies ($20 – $200+)

22. Knife Sets

Selling wholesale knife sets is another great private label brand idea. And, the best thing is that you can choose between so many different types of knife sets:

  • High-carbon stainless steel knife sets
  • In-drawer knife block sets
  • Knife block countertop sets
  • Self-sharpening block sets
  • Knife roll sets

For customizing knives, we recommend getting in touch with a product sourcing agent in China who has a relationship with factories and helps you develop a product with supervision. 

What we love the most about selling knives, cutlery, and knife sets is the ability to buy them at an affordable price yet still set a solid profit margin. 

Knife Sets

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $3 – $50
  • Sales price range: $90 – $500
  • MOQ: 20/100/500 sets
  • Potential profit margin: $40 – $497

23. Hats

The next product category we believe would be good for private labeling is hats. 

In terms of sourcing products, you can find many great private label hat manufacturers on the market. So, all you need to do is find your sub-niche and think about the type of hat you want to develop and brand. 


Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $0.50 – $6
  • Sales price range: $15 – $50
  • MOQ: 20 – 100 pieces
  • Potential profit margin: $9 – $49.50

24. Intimate Apparel

Last but not least, we have intimate apparel. Surprisingly, it’s one of the top-selling categories across different platforms. 

Finally, we love branding this product because there are many private label intimate apparel manufacturers to choose from, and the profit margins can be incredible. 

Intimate Apparel

Key Features

  • Wholesale price range: $2 – $10
  • Sales price range: $15 – $100
  • MOQ: low (1 – 5 pieces)
  • Potential profit margin: $5 – $98

FAQs about Private Label Products

As always, let’s go through all the most frequently asked questions on the subject of private label products to sell this year. 

Which Market Is Best for Private Label?

Clothing is the most popular market or niche for private labeling, but we wouldn’t say it’s the best one since it’s very saturated. In private labeling, we believe that the best niche is the one that gives you a competitive advantage. 

So, use the fact that you’re customizing a product to upgrade it, improve it, and add features the customers have been missing. That’s the key to succeeding with a private label brand regardless of your niche. 

Is Private Label Profitable?

Yes. Private labeling is more profitable simply because of the higher profits you can earn by selling branded instead of generic products. 

However, note that to become a real brand is more than just slapping your brand logo onto a product. It’s about actually improving a product, its design, materials, and use to be able to justify your higher pricing. 

Where to Find Private Label Dropshipping Suppliers?

Not many private label suppliers will agree to dropship, simply because they’re used to selling in bulk, and dropshipping is not their business model. However, you can check Alibaba or AliExpress by including the word “dropshipping” in your search. 

The best way to get private labeling and dropshipping as services is to work with a full-service sourcing agent that will take care of everything for your brand. 

Other than that, you can:

  • Check Alibaba and similar B2B marketplaces
  • Google for private label suppliers for your product
  • Work with a dropshipping agent
  • Visit China trade fairs

What Are the Best Private Label Manufacturers?

There are many great private label manufacturers and platforms where you can find ones:

  • Alibaba
  • ThomasNet
  • AliExpress
  • NicheSources
  • Modalyst

Check out our list of 40 best private label manufacturers to find more private label manufacturers in different niches.  

How Much Does It Cost to Private Label a Product?

The cost for private labeling depends entirely on your product category, price, MOQ, and customization service needed. In the broadest sense, expect anywhere from $500 to $2000 upfront, depending on all the variables mentioned. 

To Sum It Up

Hopefully, this list has helped you find some great ideas for private label products to sell this year. However, if you have a product idea that’s not on this list, don’t hesitate to implement it. 

As long as you add unique features and upgrade or improve the product use or design in any way, you should see success with your eCommerce business. 

If you’re still doubting your choice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer OEM and ODM services and can help you find great private label products to sell. Get a free quote with zero risk today!

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